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Comment Re:Yeah, and? (Score 1) 40

His comment was that 2.4 doesn't travel very far, and 5ghz doesn't go as far as 2.4. I challenged that by posting over a 150+ mile link. What did you miss here? .

I didn't miss anything. Its an established fact that 5Ghz has less range than 2.4Ghs. Range of 5Ghs is usually less than half the range of 2.4.

So what he said was true.

And what you said didn't matter, because if that extreme example were repeated with 2.4Ghz devices it would be even more successful than the 5Ghz devices. So it was a complete non sequitur. (The test was also run in an environment where nothing else existed on 5Ghz. Those days are long gone.

Comment Re:It helps, but... (Score 1) 40

This presumes you can actually get those chipsets to make use of these additional frequencies with firmware. In the best of cases, firmware fixes for routers may be possible, (unless the chip designers built filters in silicone so that software would be powerless to do anything).

And it also presumes you can get firmware for all the chips in your devices, laptops, phones, tablets, etc. That seems less likely.
You essentially have to wait 5 years for for the product development cycle, all the way from software radio chipsets, up through smartphones before there will be a market for these bandwidths. Look how long it took 802.11N to catch on.

Comment Re:Yeah, and? (Score 4, Informative) 40

Wait, you challenge his 2.4ghz range assertion with a 5ghz range example?

What can be done in clear air with line of sight means nothing. The fact that 5ghz has very little building penetration is well known. Its great for single rooms (like restaurants or in the cubical-sphere of an office, but even around the house it can be problematic when trying to penetrate some walls.

This is great for apartment dwellers, because 5ghz means less interference from neighbors. But in a typical two story home it gets marginal.

What is needed is small cheap, low powered routers that you can put on each floor or maybe each room. 5Ghz might be just the ticket for that.

Comment Re:Yay, time for finger pointing (Score 1) 201

I'm skeptical of this story. They are basically saying that somehow the wiring got messed up in such a way that everything still worked, but the battery was improperly charged/discharged by the APU. The evidence they have is some lights that flickered. This seems fishy to me.

I tend to agree. The summary and TFA are so confusing, its hard to figure where exactly the miss-wiring was. Was it in the APU, or the APU's seperate battery, or the Main Battery, or what? They simply say the APU Battery was "incorrectly connected". Does that mean it was never intended to be connected to the main battery, or was reverse wired, or shorted or operates as a different voltages, or what?

So far Boeing is mum on this particular report.
Instead they are proceeding with insulation between battery cells and cooling.

Boeing’s plan would be to redesign the batteries to place insulation inside and around each of the eight cells to minimize the risk that a short circuit or fire in one of thecells could spread to the others, as investigators have said occurred on the battery that caught fire in Boston on Jan. 7. Boeing might also adjust how tightly the batteries are packed.

So no clue what caused it but if we insulate the battery a little better maybe we can contain it? Seems almost as fishy as the article mentioned above.

Comment Re:i like to limit my DHCP scope (Score 3, Informative) 884

Don't you have to crack the WPA2 before you can find one of the valid mac addresses?

Don't think so.

Stations brodcasts its mac address to the access point in clear text.

The stations may also send beacons, depending on how they are configured.

Comment Re:i like to limit my DHCP scope (Score 2) 884

Yeah, call the FBI. That will work. Chuckle.

As soon as these guys clone your mac address (which they can get easily with airsnort) then the only thing stopping them is WPA2.
And if you have a lot of machines connected, they will be able to sniff enough traffic to get your WPA2 password fairly quickly.

Comment Re:How about no? (Score 2) 166

Yup, way cheaper. Cheap Drones only costs $20,000 each.

No thanks, I'll take the pimply faced kid driving the beat up toyota delivering my pizza any day. If he gets lost he calls me on his cell phone, and delivers the pizza from a "hot-bag" direct to my door, not frozen in flight, and crashed thru my windows, or delivered three houses away because GPS reception is spotty.

"We Privates" do not want these things buzzing around.

Comment Re:the sky is falling (Score 1) 166

Right, fly a drone out, land it somewhere, and deliver an epi-pen somehow, to someone.
Because we all know every possible epi-pen is stashed on drones that are on orbit around a city 24/7.

Sending a chopper (or ambulance) full of Paramedics is PRECISELY what you are going to be able to do in almost ALL situations.

In what situation could you not do the same with a simple ambulance dispatched from the nearest fire department, or by sending a helicopter? And when that ambulance or helicopter arrives it will not only have the epi-pen, but oxygen, a defibrillator, a, trache kit, plasma, bandages, most drugs you would ever need in the field, back board, stretcher, and, let me see, there was something else, what was it, OH YEAH, I remember now, TRAINED PARAMEDICS, and TRANSPORT.

Comment Re:International traties (Score 1) 221

"the activities of non-governmental entities in outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, shall require authorization and continuing supervision by the appropriate State Party to the Treaty"

Put the nail into any private exploitation loophole : if youa re american you are under the treaty under US supervision and therefore party of the treaty too.

What part of "shall require authorization and continuing supervision" prohibits private exploitation?
You need authorization and continuing supervision to drill for oil on land or at sea, yet that hasn't impeded private exploitation of the continental shelf or deep-sea drilling. This is an easy hurdle to jump. Just a few dollars in the right campaign donation bucket buys you all the authorization you need.

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