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Comment Good stuff... (Score 1) 378

That you don't need to be right, as long as you can explain whatever it is you're explaining in a technical way. I know very few judges that are going to be capable of following this kind of math, especially with some of the wild assumptions he comes up with in the paper. He's intentionally talking over their heads. He could be measuring the diameter and deceleration of a cream puff going to the moon for all they know. Well played.

Comment Re:Poppycock (Score 1) 230

The biggest problem I've had with it is getting away from my personal life, which lives at home, and generally stays there all day. If I could figure out a way to get some quiet for ten to twelve hours a day, I could manage it.

Comment Re:Missing Option (Score 1) 337

Calendar math is the most ridiculous thing. It's a math problem to solve a math problem, with it's own problems, that have problems of their own. I mean, it's amazing that it's gotten us by this last few hundred years since we last revised it. But I wouldn't be upset if they replaced it altogether with one of the newer calendar ideas.

Comment Because... (Score 2) 469

It's a centralized walled garden where you can't go off network, with no appeal to hackers because you had to have a license to create anything. It had no DNS, and was menu driven. If it had taken off, it would have failed too, due to limitations in the broadcast spectrum that they obviously didn't think about. That's why it didn't take off.

Comment Re:The problem with banning ALL GMO crops (Score 2) 183

Yeah, but we have no long term studies on what genetically engineered crops are actually doing in our bodies. All the consumer rejection of gmo foods isn't all about xenophobia. Some of them appear to be dangerous, and it's reckless and irresponsible of Monsanto and company to pour these things into the market before we have a good understanding of this. I think at the very least gmo food needs to be labeled so consumers know what they're buying. But China's move to ban genetically engineered rice is not an unwise one.

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