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Comment Once you pay the Froggeld (Score 0) 61

You never get rid of the Frog.

Poor show, Google. You had a chance to stare these dinosaurs down, and instead you chose to subsidise their legacy industry by giving in to their blackmail demands.

That is the way it's done in Europe, and in socialist France in particular, but I had hoped that Google of all entities would be an agent for changing that busted system.

Comment Re:DirectX is fine (Score 4, Funny) 256

So, were they lying then, or are they lying now? Either way, we seem to be getting different story from anonymous PR bunnies in unspecified divisions.

Me, I get the vague impression that Uncle Fester is losing his grip, and that Microsoft's System Lords are preparing to carve mini-empires out of the wreckage when it comes off the rails.

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