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Submission + - Lax SSH key management a big problem

cstacy writes: Tatu Yionen, inventor of SSH, says he feels "a moral responsibility" to come out of retirement and warn that a "little-noticed problem" could jeopardize the security of much of the world's confidential data. He is referring to the management (or lack thereof) of SSH keys (i.e. "authorized_keys") files. He suggests that most organizations simply allow the SSH key files to be created, copied, accumulated, and abandoned, all over their network, making easy pickings for intruders to gain access.

Do you think this is a widespread problem?
How does your company manage SSH keys?

Comment Re:Drupal Logo (Score 2, Informative) 77

Yep, some tools just suck, until you find that it really is better to have the right tool than using your hammer for everything. In the web world, wordpress is like the first php script you wrote and told all your friends (from your basement), "Hey I connected to a mysql database." Joomla is your first attempt at making it better. Drupal is when you finally get smart, it is the toolbox you always open when you want to get work done.

Now that the Drupal core is going to incorporate a lot of the Symfony2 framework in version 8 it is going to rock even more. This is another reason I like Drupal, they aren't afraid to shake things up rather than just piling shit on top of shit (wordpress/joomla).


Submission + - Apple loses bid to exclude evidence in Samsung patent trial ( 1

__aaltlg1547 writes: Apple loses bid to exclude evidence in Samsung patent trial Apple Inc. lost its bid to exclude evidence presented by Samsung Electronics Co. at the companies' patent trial in California about a tablet computer developed more than a decade before Apple's iPad was released in 2010. Judge Koh strikes for sanity again.

Submission + - Fracking Fallout in Ohio: 'Throwing Up Until the Blood Vessels in My Eyes Burst' ( 1

bigvibes writes: "When Jamie Frederick bought her home outside Youngstown, Ohio, a little more than three years ago, she was unaware that her neighbor had already leased his land to a natural gas company. Neither did she know that the gas company had already fracked the shale beneath her home.

"I lay on the bathroom floor, night after night, thinking I would surely be dead soon. Throwing up until the blood vessels in my eyes and cheecks would burst. At that time, I did not know what fracking was, or that I was deliberately being poisoned. But I do now."

When she first started to get sick—blinding headaches, nausea, mystery illnesses that ultimately took her gall bladder—she had no idea the two were related. But they were.

While the human health impacts of fracking are still being documented, the natural gas industry shrugs off any such claims of a connection, contending there is no proof."

Comment If Apple were a car company (Score 3, Interesting) 362

We wouldn't have all these other fucking car brands here in 'Merica, but cars would cost $100K each, wouldn't have hoods and the fuel tank would slowly fill with sludge forcing you to buy a new one every few years.

I remember in the 90's when all the apple fanboi's were OS8-9 is the greatest and my power-pc mac is so much better than your pentinum running Linux.

I laugh everytime I see someone using any apple product, knowing that they paid too much.

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