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Comment Remote working can be very productive (Score 1) 165

FWIW, I work remotely with a team based in an office. The performance metrics such as number of stories completed, rate of tasks completed, story point difficulty and commit history metrics show that I'm actually the most production member on the team. I think remote working is great, you can do what needs to be done and work more autonomously, but the productivity would depend on the person being employed.

Comment Drupal rocks :) (Score 3, Informative) 55

As someone who has developed with Drupal for several years, I just want to add a positive perspective to balance the expected usual negative comments here. Drupal is a great CMS and web application framework. Extensible and flexible it can be adapted for many applications. Moreover, the Drupal community is knowledgeable and helpful. Growing from strength to strength with each release, I love working with Drupal. That is all.

Comment Drupal Commerce++ (Score 2) 37

Drupal Commerce is a well designed and crafted module suite. It fixes all the failings of the predecessor Ubercart as a complete rewrite and transforms it into a new and powerful ecommerce system. Drupal Commerce allows for the development of a flexible and secure ecommerce solutions. We've been using it for a while now on several projects and are very happy with it as a robust, reliable ecommerce system. Great stuff.

Comment Good model (Score 0) 38

Drupal is an awesome CMS framework for web development. It's widely used and has a thriving userbase and developer community ( see for a good list of Drupal sites. Such crowd-funding initiatives are a good way to enable users to "put their money where the code is" and support their favourite open source project.

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