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Comment Re:Not really a big piece of news ... (Score 1) 51

It is the pay for plugin market that really is killing wordpress, but it is also what keeps it going. You have a million marketers saying that wordpress is the greatest thing since sliced bread, because that is how they get their bread. Last I looked at joomla, it was in the same sorry state. Drupal is still the only truly free cms.

Comment Re:No Store? (Score 1) 97

How is that not the same as:

Meanwhile, a different candidate rapidly built a large and complex web application that could have several undiscovered vulnerabilities (security experts call this a “large attack surface”). And not a single candidate returned my attempts to contact them about possible security vulnerabilities.


Isn't Shopify a large an complex web application. Has anyone done a security audit on shopify or reviewed its source code?

Comment seagate good drives IMO (Score 1, Informative) 297

I have 12 seagate drives in a raid array. I finally had one fail, but it was after 8 years or operation, but I think that was my fault because I moved the server to a new rack and it was offline for about 30 minutes and it failed about 30 days later. Data loss? Zero. Personally I think backblaze is the cause of the seagate drive failures.

Comment Acer laptops are great (Score 1) 417

Cheap and well built. I recently bought a $250 from the local Microcenter and first thing I did when I got it home was to take it apart. Let's just say I was impressed with the quality of the parts inside. Very much reminded me of Apple, expect it was easier to put back together, all the screws were the same size and had standard heads on them that didn't require a special tool to deal with. I buttoned it up and installed Linux. Go Acer!

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