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Comment Re: Markets, not people (Score 1) 615

Most people, though, can't afford that. Things that are affordable only by the affluent aren't going to save significant numbers of lives.

A more likely road to self-driving cars is trucks and cabs first. Once autonomous cabs are ubiquitous, the cost of a cab ride goes down by the cost of employing a driver. Cabs become a more often chosen transportation means. It will be autonomous buses for heavy-traffic routes (very cheap), autonomous cabs for most trips (still cheap) and cars (manual and autonomous) for wealthier people.

Comment Re:Won't save most of the 4000 lives (Score 3, Interesting) 615

It will help SOME. Automatic drivers will not suffer degradations of reaction time due to distractions or getting sleepy. But that might just prompt drivers to be even more risky around trucks because they assume it will always be able to react to whatever stupid shit they pull. (Physics be damned!)

Comment Re:Markets, not people (Score 3, Insightful) 615

I think the transition will take at most 2 to 5 years once the tech is commercially available, because the cost of a driver is $40k minimum per year. If you can outfit a truck with an auto-driver for $40k it starts to pay off really quickly.

It also lets you operate the trucks 24 hours per day (minus maintenance and refueling).

Comment Re:Some good data... (Score 1) 434

Many apps will restart after you force stop it.

On 5.0 and up you can DISABLE them and then they simply wont run until you re-enable them.

So it's not a perfect solution to bloat (never being there in the first place is the perfect solution) and not even as good as a complete uninstall, but it makes their presence unobtrusive. They don't even show up in the list of apps you can run until you re-enable them from the Settings menu.

Comment Re:Advice : do it from home exclusively. (Score 4, Insightful) 353

That doesn't matter. As an employee of the company the work you do for the company belongs to the company unless you have a contract that says it belongs to you and not the company.

If you have such a contract, it doesn't matter where you do the work.

Most companies will try to get you to sign a contract that says any work you do that's even remotely related to the work you do for the company belongs to the company, even if nobody at the company asked you to do it.

For some people, freedom to own your work is way more valuable than pay. If that's you, you need to negotiate a different working relationship and probably employee is not what you want.

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