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Comment Re:RTFM (Score 1) 315

Yea, I had this problem with my mazda as my wife didn't have a remote and was always setting it off. You need to put your manual key in and turn the car off and on 3 times to reset it. Might be different for your ford. Then I read that there was an alarm "reset" button in the fusebox. So I found it, and taped it down... no more alarm. So I ripped out the stupid button and soldered the leads together so I'd never have to bother with it again. You want to steel my car? I'll give you my friggen address.

Was there a happy dance to do too? I know the need for security, but that borders on the ridiculous. All that is missing is the ctrl-alt-delete key.

Comment Re:Mass-Media Report (Score 3, Informative) 470

I read a few articles showing benefits of intestinal flora transplants from one individual to another. For example, this article discusses how it was shown to ease Parkinson's in certain cases (just the abstract, sorry):

Comment Re:Color me unimpressed (Score 2) 108

There will always be an initial cost, but this is usually paid back in a specied timeframe. My general expectation is that you don't break-even for two years. I also believe that captilism sometimes benefits from a government investment at the right level. In this case the government pays for the general infrastructure, but in doing so allows for competition at the ISP level. Competition prospers, users get choice, business gets to concentrate on service and in general everyone wins.

I believe in general government is good for investing in large scale projects that are deemed to risky for private enterprise, but whose benefits can be leased or licensed out to private business, once the biggest risk factor has been taken care of.

Comment Re:Vroom Vroom! (Score 2) 186

I have a 6 MBit connection, which is good enough for HD video from Netflix.

The only reason I keep it is because, beyond the odd throttling, I don't have cap. If I have to go capped with a higher speed connection, then I need to have 300GB minimum. Its not so much I download that much, but I don't want to be stressing about going over the limit and be gouged.

As for the selection with Netflix in Canada, is you aren't really paying for a US or Canadian account. You are simply paying for Netflix and then getting the selection for the geographic region in which you are currently located. This means if you go on holiday in the USA, then you get the USA content selection and if someone from the USA comes to Canada, then they get the Canadian selection. This aside, I don't know whether the poor selection in Canada is down to Netflix not making the same effort to negotiate the rights or whether it is down to the content companies in Canada just being more difficult.

Comment Just missing a white delux edition. (Score 1) 174

I am torn. I want the delux edition, but I want it in white.

Getting the white edition as is makes no financial sense, since once you have added all the extras, including a base game, in the delux edition you are $100 over the price of the black version. Once there is stock I may end up grudgingly getting the black version. I can understand why thy did this, since it is clear which is which, but that doesn't men I like it.

Rant over

Comment Re:What about egypt's border? (Score 1) 560

Why does egypt have a closed border with Gaza? Why does Jordan have a closed border with the west bank? Israel isn't the only party guilty of blockading the palestinians.

True, but part of the reason is that it makes the politics with Israel less complicated. Remember Palestine hasn't even been recognized as a proper country in the UN and is treated more as Israel's back yard or a reserve. Palestine is very much in survival mode and doesn't have much opportunity to develop a stable society. All the politics in the countries around Palestine is just more fuel that Hamas needs to justify its terrorist existence.

I don't claim to know the solution, but the Jewish colonies certainly isn't one of them - quite the opposite really.

Comment Re:The GOP is very divided. (Score 2) 176

In many ways this is why there needs to be a reform to the political system to make it easier to have more than to parties. A binary system is not very realistic, given the variations of view points - sure it is easy to understand, but it means more infighting than there needs to be.

In terms of presidential systems, France may have it better? There you have two rounds, with the second round being dependent on the first. Essentially in the first round you vote for the party you want and if no party gets more than 50%, then the two front runners of the first round go into the second round and you vote for them. The reason I like this is that there should be less risk of a 'lost vote'. Also, the congress would be populated by a clearer variation of view points, based on the various parties. In this scenario the tea party would be able to represent themselves, instead of hampering the GOP, for example.

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