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Comment Because Smart TVs worked so well (Score 1) 80

The fundamental problem with "smart televisions" is that people tend to keep their televisions for many years, but companies are not interested in supporting their already-sold software for anywhere near as long.

We bought an LG smart television about six years ago. The only software updates we've seen over the past three or four years have been to remove apps which are no longer supported.

In the end this was probably a good thing, though, since it motivated me to disable the network connection.

Comment Dev deserves nerdly kudos - however (Score 5, Interesting) 94

I'm not sure if there's a practical point to this. Perl is going to be at least as widely supported as Java, so it's not a question of availability. And the dev makes no claims regarding speed... actually the dev makes no claims whatsoever, other than "here it is" and "most perl scripts won't work". If speed were actually the goal, I don't think Java byte code would be the target.

From the standpoint of being a cool nerd project, though - most definitely. This does seem like a throwback to the "news for nerds" catch phrase.

Comment Back to the Future (Score 4, Interesting) 112

Back 10-15 years ago, Microsoft had a reputation for getting their products into businesses seen as having Microsoft-resistant tech folks by completely bypassing those tech folks... wining and dining VPs or even the CEO, who then mandated that the company was going to implement Exchange (or whatever). This just seems like a variant of that older playbook.

Comment Re:Biased (Score 4, Funny) 171

I'm still trying to figure out how this is an appropriate slashdot topic.

RTFA. Ultimately Jane Jacobs stopped Robert Moses by planting crypto-ransomware on the sole computer where he kept the plans - Moses was notoriously bad about backing things up. The ransom she demanded was high enough to bankrupt the project and stop it cold.

Comment Re:Tech-rich people need to do more consultation (Score 1) 118

It will solve traffic for the rich, but make barely an impact for anyone else.

Well let's face it - while Elon pays lip service to "eventually" having a network of these tunnels, he's really only interested in his own journey between his business and the airport.

Generally relevant stories from the past: Eric Schmitt saying "privacy is dead, get over it"; then getting upset when his own private information is made available on the web. Or Mark Zuckerberg talking about solving society's problems, but buying all the houses around his own so he doesn't have to deal with those pesky neighbors.

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