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Comment Re:Your Errors (Score 1) 25

Can you say all that shit with a big, deep, booming radio announcer voice? You know, since you're already reciting their scripts, I figured, what the hell, see if somebody will pay you, like they do with that guy.. what's his name? See, for me, it's kinda like football, it's just not so exciting unless I got some money in it. Pickin' up what I'm putin' down my brotha?

Comment Re:Mein Kampf Leftist? (Score 1) 59


You un-retired again!! Welcome welcome!!

Anti-semetism... let's see... which side of the aisle does this fall on?

...There is a very strong tie between the left and support for anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, policies...

And look at that, so easy.. You know it is a lie to equate anti-semetism with anti-Israel. Why am I not surprised to see you stating such things? To whom do you pledge your allegiance? Hmmm?


Journal Journal: Heathens, Slashdotters, Paisanos...

lend me your haunting stares...
I come to bury pudge, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones..

Be that as it may, I do humbly request that you not ever mod him down. In fact, just the opposite, always mod up. In this little way you can attract more attention to him. And that is what is needed.

You've got to see the show,
it's a dynamo...

Comment Re:Nothing to add (Score 1) 102

...you provide evidence I said something else...

Very little ambiguity in the word "leaving". My somewhat more facetious term "retiring" is close enough for everyone but you, and your powers of inference certainly are defective, as you well illustrated. Keep on trying to wriggle loose from that crucifix I put you on so firmly. You are now a proven liar. If anybody has any doubt, this will serve as future, undeniable reference. It was like hearing Colonel Jessup's reply to whether he ordered the code red. "You're goddamn right I did!" Yep, you sure did. You lie like a rug. And it becomes more clear that you just can't help it. Thanks, pudge, for finally ending absolutely all doubt. You have reached nirvana. You may now rest in peace... but please, don't go.. not now, not ever.

That Obama shit was funny. It didn't make any sense, but it was still funny. You seem somewhat obsessed with the man. Sorry, I find him quite forgettable, just another guy sitting in a comfortable chair, even while he remains in the present tense.

All that's left to question is why you deleted the journal so quickly. Kinda like asking, *where's Jimmy Hoffa?*. We'll probably never know.

Some fatherly advice, take it as you please... If you don't want to be taken for a liar, there appears to be no other alternative than for you to exercise your right to remain silent.

Comment Re:Nothing to add (Score 1) 102

FYI: It doesn't matter when life "begins". The mother's rights as an adult*, living, breathing human being take full precedence over all else. The fetus, alive or not, is part of the mother until it is born. The government has no right to interfere with the mother's and her family's choice. It is a private matter. Very simple indeed. However, I shall let you all fight over how and which any elective procedures are funded.

*if she is a minor, then the family decides, never the government, unless she is a ward of the state (prison, asylum, foster care, etc.)

Comment Re:Nothing to add (Score 1) 102

Your ability to misinterpret the written word is incredible. So this is how you convince yourself you're not lying (oops, I mean typing lies), and your opponent is.... You see words that aren't there, and completely ignore the ones that are*, and from there you put your million monkeys on the keyboard... You truly do live a fantasy... Thus you never have to admit you're wrong, or expressing misrepresentations (lies). Now, if you are, as I suspect, an irrational person, then, of course you can be forgiven, as you don't know what you're doing. However, if you actually are acting reasonably or logically, then I would consider your untruths and accusations, and ad hominems to be malicious in nature. Which one is it? Are you nuts? or just a horse's ass? Clearly it's one of the two. Or you're just trolling to bring in those page hits. I will grant your talent for that. Like a stinking pile of poop, you can really draw the flies. Good for you! You are so fun to watch... most of the time. Your rants on local politics are quite dull and largely a waste of disk space. If we want to see that junk, we can always travel to your blog. I don't see any point in cluttering up Slashdot with that garbage. Just put a link in your bio, or sig, and leave it at that.

*And yet, you failed to provide a single example..

Exactly as I said, You choose to not see what is there and make up your own... er *stuff*. The links I provided contain all the examples needed. When you actually read the things you wrote (which are summarily debunked in the responses), you will understand.

Such as?

Your posts and journals.

Okaaaay, it's getting late, so let's review, shall we?

1) I said you deleted the relevant journal (which you, aside from the stupid game you're playing, knew exactly which one)
2) You said no such thing existed
3) I proved that it did
4) Conclusion, you misstated. If intentionally, you lied... and then maliciously (or irrationally) called me a liar.

It's one thing to express untruths pertaining to opinion and speculation, as you regularly do. But this here is a real physical fact, and now you got nailed to the cross over it. However, I am impressed by your tenaciousness in keeping the lie alive. You would make the ideal politician. You got all the bases covered.


Have that shoulder checked out...

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