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Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas Everyone 139

So I'm wandering off to my rapid-fire trio of family festivities today, but I figured before I hit the road I'd wish my slightly more extended family a Merry Christmas (or kurt@thepope.org or Annual Gift Giving Day or whatever the hell else you choose to celebrate or not celebrate around this time of year). Hope you get a day (or at least a few hours) off, and that you don't get snowed in (especially if you live in California). Hope Santa leaves you a wearable PC that is capable of running Linux, or an Aibo, or maybe a shiny new DIMM under your tree... or for the more paranoid, 600 gallons of pure drinking water and lots of ammo! Best wishes to all of you (except the flamers: may you get a lump of coal).
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Merry Christmas Everyone

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  • Merry Christmas To All
  • For Annual Gift Givibg Day, I'm giving everyone plenty of Givibgs! Um, what is a givibg anyway? :) I'm off of work in an hour, so I guess I'll have a Merry Sleepmas! Hope you all are going to enjoy your day. :)

  • Best wishes to all of you.
  • Merry Christmas to all. =)
    Best wishes to all in coding, and life in general.
  • I wish a hearty Bah! Humbug! to all, but in an age when even folks on alt.gothic.parenting are posting the infamous 'Is there a Santa Claus' letter, I can find precious little support for not celebrating the holidays.

    I've resisted for four years now, perhaps it is time to face the inevitable and be assimilated.

  • by dattaway ( 3088 ) on Saturday December 25, 1999 @03:06AM (#1446188) Homepage Journal
    HO HO HO! Hope you got lots of toys under your tree, a bunch of kids ripping paper everywhere, and the kitty cats having a ball with the torn up paper, or dogs, or whatever you have around the house! Thanks for the cookies and milk! Yum, yum!

    Santa was here! hehehe...
    (don't forget to log out!)
  • Merry christmas to everyone that makes this page the best!

    The readers, the writers, the posters, the people who supplied the servers, and andover.net.

    I wish all of you good luck in the new year, and i hope you have a great time today!

  • Yay!!! It's Xmas day! Happy whatever you celebrate. Happy severely belated Chanukkah to all. And on and on and on. If anyone has a new board or processor they'd like to put in my stocking, feel free. :)
  • A few days late for Solstice, but what the heck.

    Talented as I am, I managed to develop an acude case of bronchitis sometime on Wednesday, and haven't slept since, but hey, we needed an excuse not to go see the inlaws.

    I hope everyone else is having a better time than me - it'd take a huge amount of talent to do worse!
  • by Issue9mm ( 97360 ) on Saturday December 25, 1999 @03:12AM (#1446192)
    Just kidding... Merry Christmas, Best Wishes, and happiest of holidays to all of you and yours (well, most of you)... May your segfaults be quick and painless, and your core dumps be merry.

    To those of you running Win**, may your BSODs be just a shade brighter, and your security holes be just a little smaller.

    Once again, happy holidays (applicable to whatever you celebrate).

  • May your holiday season be filled with happiness, family and love. May your socks never develop holes in the back part commonly known as the heel, and may your computer chair never become as uncomfortable as mine has. (Ow, ow, ow... SANTA, HELP!!!)

    Seriously, besides the copyright infringement that I hope Hallmark doesn't notice (or I'm in a world of hurtin), I want to wish all of you slashdotters a very Merry Christmas... don't forget your Y2K vows (never underestimate stupid people) and remain calm and happy.

  • Have a good one all of you...

    The next millenium will be GPL'd or won't be.

  • Thanks
    Have a happy and safe New Year.
  • As the LWN Linux year in review [slashdot.org]points out, it's been a good year for open source, and a good year for skilled coders.

    Among the many things I'm thankful for this holiday season is.

    1) A warm, caring loving family
    2) Faith
    3) Open source hitting major media.
    4) Open source hitting wall street.
    5) micros~1 finaly recognized as a monopoly
    6) Linus
    7) The thousands of programers world wide that make this comunity grow and thrive.
    8) A computer that just works (thanks to numbers 6 and 7)
    9) Triple digit Karma ;)

    How about you ?

  • awww, come on... it's [censored]! It's a time for forgivness and love. I suppose even the flamers and Natelie Portman Boy should have a bit of [censored] cheer!

    They can go to hell tomorrow, today is just too good a day!

  • I sent a letter to Santa for a SparcStation [sun.com] but all I got was a Packard Bell [packardbell.com] with Win98 preinstalled. Someone please shoot me? There's a copy of Win98 in it for you.
  • by jaxn ( 112189 ) on Saturday December 25, 1999 @03:36AM (#1446203) Homepage
    This week I was faced with the death of my grandmother and the death of a couple of friends. I guess I am starting to learn the value of friends and family. At the risk of sounding cliche...sometimes you really don't appreciate what you have until it's gone.

    I don't have a devote faith to any religion. I was raised Jewish by my step father. But by choice I am more a Humanist. I try to behave decent and morally without any expectation of reward or punishment in the after life. I have been doing a great deal of reflecting this week and next year I am going to start living more for the moment. I will try to appreciate what I have more, and never hold back the truth.

    This Christams/Hannukah/Festivus/WinterSolstice/NewYear s tell your family and friends that you love them. Tell them how much they mean to you. Don't waste a second you have with them. Don't panic for Y2K...Don't stock pile guns and ammo...Don't contribute to the hysteria. Don't take life for granted. Have a wonderful day today...and a wonderful week before the new millenium. See you all in postings.


  • Well, you may celebrate, or not, as you choose, but I'll still wish the blessings of Christmas on you and yours.

  • My virtual gift to all of you is a lump of coal...

    And a box of matches, a coin and a handful of grain... And this little bit of doggerel.

    Here's tinder and flint - so you'll not want for light
    Here's coal for your hearth for warmth in the night
    Here's grain for your larder and coin for your purse
    May the things that you want for be not of this earth.

  • by semis ( 14252 ) on Saturday December 25, 1999 @03:39AM (#1446206) Homepage
    Top 10 things I wanted for Christmas ... but didn't get :(

    1. triple caffeinated penguin mints

    2. semis@slashdot.org ;)

    3. A Hemos action figurine

    4. "Fear the Penguin" T-Shirt signed by bill.

    5. one of them things from fufme.com

    6. a new hotmail exploit on Bugtraq

    7. my shell to say "Merry Christmas - jackass" when I logged in

    8. "slashdot me, baby" boxers.

    9. a /dev/null that gives - and not takes

    10. A Picachu voodoo doll
  • That's what happened LAST year at my brother's house when his wife's sisters and families showed up, not to mentioned my parents and me. That was quite a morning of opening Christmas presents, dogs running around and eating a bit too much for breakfast and dinner (burp).

    Hope your holiday season is happy.
  • To Rob Malda, Jon Katz, Hemos and other people I don't remember who maintain Slashdot.org:

    Merry Christmas (may it be joyful), and have a Happy New Year 2000!

    Hopefully, when the Linux 2.4.x kernel is ready in a few months, Linux will finally get the mainstream success on the desktop it deserves.
  • Here's wishing everyone at slashdot/andover and all those who frequent /. a *very* merry christmas and a happy new year. I'd just like to thank you all for the hours of entertainment and sometimes thought provoking stories and comments. (thank god for /. ;-) Looking forward to another year of the same... Gord
  • I hope Santa was as good to all you slashdotters as he was to me.
  • So I'm not the only sad one surfing today, then :-) But I do have a couple of legitimate excuses:
    • I celebrate midwinter, not Christmas, so it's not such a special day for me.
    • I've got to try and find out some details about this fscking ICL monitor I'm using, so I can configure X to run at more than 640x480 :-)

    PS. Tried to post this using the Opera beta, but it crashed. It's probably a bit too early to be releasing it as a beta, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out when finished. Mozilla M11 was pretty good too, but it's becoming a bit of a bloated mess :-( It does at least render HTML 4.0 correctly, though, unlike most other browsers.

  • Kidding...
    I got almost nothing, but I gave. I gave my step-daughter a Playstation, cuz that's what she wanted. My daughter got a rocking panda, but she has no clue what she wants cuz she's only a year

    I hope some of you /.ers get to spend Xmas
    with some children. It rocks.

    Merry Xmas!

  • Never hurts to mention that today is, most importantly, Sir Isaac Newton's 357th birthday. "Eating apples (and dropping them) is popular." So merry Newtonmas to you all!
  • by Hemos ( 2 ) on Saturday December 25, 1999 @04:06AM (#1446216) Homepage Journal
    will be out soon - with fully articulating arms! And if you pull the string I'll say: "Nanotechnology - to infinity and beyond!"
  • I did NOT ask Santa for a lump of coal :) Merry Christmas, all!

  • All the rage for Xmas 2000, the Hemos action figure is perfectly timed to co inside with "/. the first movie"

    ;) enjoy the holiday

  • AHA! I knew it! Newton really is the true Messiah! No one believed me when I said that someone who could singlehandedly figure out all the laws of mechanics (within one frame of reference, yes...but still), invent higher math, and still have time to insert razors in his eye has to have some sort of divine intervention.....
  • I wish all a happy holiday season and prosperous New Year (sorry, the Millinium starts in another year). And would like to thank all the posters and story submiters for the education, I have been out of this for a few years and need your updating. Now I'm headed home to spend the day with my wife and daughter, working on holidays .....
  • Its so nice *not* to be told "Happy Holidays" (how boring). Merry Christmas to all.

  • Dear GOD, PLEASE tell me that www.fufme.com is a joke. PLEASE.

    I looked at the site, and there is *nothing* anywhere that says it is a joke. Please tell me it's not real.

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • hey, i *did* get a shinny new dimm! you must be some kinda psychic or somthing :) happy holidays everyone.
  • Season's Greeting to everyone.
  • Pagans, it's Pagans... *sigh* :)

    Blessed be ;)
  • True - nothing is nicer than watching the little ones rip through a pile of presents. ;-) You don't need to adhere to any particular religious belief (or any at all) to enjoy giving things to children.

    On that note, I'm off to pick up a carless stepdaughter and her small children. Our living room will soon be a storm of small bodies, discarded wrapping paper, and food, food, food.

    (My wife is a chronic holiday cook who always makes 10 times as much as we can actually eat...)

    So Merry (your holiday here). Hope yours is as warm and joyful as ours.

    - Robin

  • CmdrTaco, Hemos, Roblimo, and all the not-so-visible Slashdot Staff, Happy Holidays to you and your families.

    And Happy Holidays to all you intelligent posters out there.

    (Hey Sony! I'd like an AIBO for Christmas!!!)

    -- Give him Head? Be a Beacon?

  • by pen ( 7191 )
    Merry Christmas, everyone! Now, let's all kill a beautiful tree to celebrate the birth of Christ!


  • All I want for Xmas is some karma!

    Gee, all I wanted were some moderator points.

    [zapping posts]...zap...zap... Muwahahahaha...

    Ok maybe not... Have a good Christmas all!!!! And make the holiday season a great one! It just might be our last :)


  • Every Who
    Down in Who-ville
    Liked Christmas alot...
    But the Grinch,
    Who lived just north
    of Who-ville,
    Did NOT!
    ...Have a
    Merry Christmas...
    if you like that
    sort of thing.!
  • Send any leftovers my way:-) Thanks for all the good stories and take a day off why don't you?! Ditto on all the well wishes.../.....
  • I thought I would share some cheer, or at least laughter with all of you. I know many Slashdot readers have already found Strenua Inertia [bizland.com], but if you haven't, I suggest reading the current story arc [bizland.com].
  • Having read through the 50 or so comments that have already been posted this morning [even though it's only o-god-hundred hours here in California] it's nice to see that the flamers have chosen not to attack this article for any reason. There's just a bunch of nice "Merry Christmas's, Happy holidays etc" and a few funny comments on stuff, and the flamers have kept to themselves...

    Maybe there's hope for this planet after all?

    Or maybe the flamers are just sleeping in? Hope not..

    Merry Christmas all! Make it a good one...


  • This little fifteen year old boy would like to add something here -- I spent all christmas dropping hints about how I wanted gel rests for my mouse and keyboard as I slowly get RSI. (My folks aren't so good in the creativity dept.)

    They did me one better is what they did. I got a frikking Executive Leather Office Chair, and it's the nicest thing I've placed my butt on in a long time. That and my relatives got me enough cash to cover gel rests.

    It's been a good christmas, and some insightful giftgiving has made it great.

    Just felt like sharing.

    BTW, I insulted a Jewish girl in my school by saying merry christmas to her, so now I just say "Have a good thing"

  • Merry|Happy|whatever. I watch the christmas people do their thing, but I like the winter gift giving. Browser bloat - Netscape 4.7 approx. 14 Mb. and it renders some pages funny. I did download Opera. Nice to know it really is Alpha-1. Maybe one of the secret gifts mrs.quasi has stashed is a 'scsi with a bunch of gigs'. All you'all take care, -d

  • Isaac Newton!!

    To celebrate, I'm going up to the tallest tower I can find and drop large and small bowling balls off of it to reconfirm that all objects fall at the same rate!!!

    P.S. Who is this Jesus shmoe that everyone is talking about? Never did anything for me.

    P.P.S. Shabbat Shalom (Good Sabbath) and have a nice loooong Shabbos nap (the best type of nap there is) :-)

  • I should've gotten a tape recorder during "The Bazaar." You would've had yourself an action figure that will say "Cute Little Hemos!"
  • Festivus! A happy Festivus to all! May you survive the feats of strength and emerge victorious.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Penguins? What are Penguins doing celebrating holidays?
  • It turns out that the Norse God Thor is one of the sources of that complex sentance that we now call Santa Clause. And he used to give a lump of coal to stir the fires of imagination in those who needed it. That's the last thing we need from the ACs...or maybe it is a good thing...


    A token Celt in an almost all Norse ADF Grove!
    Silver Fox Grove, ADF
  • This year Santa left me a new IBM Aptiva under the tree. 500 PIII / 128 / 17 / 17" / 6x DVD / 4x4x8x CD-RW. Wow.....this is my best Christmas ever :)

    Anyway, I'm celebrating the end of the world. I'll be spending Jan. 1, 2000 underground in my refournished Nuclear Bunker with my new computer, AK-47 and a bunch of Mountain Dew. I wonder what will come out of it.....

  • You have some very good points here. It is sad that it so often takes tragedy and loss to make us realize what our family and friends mean to us. I lost my mother last month after a 3-year battle with cancer. It wasn't until the last year when I finally got rid of my pride and my anger and just talked to her, as often as I could.

    We only get one shot at life (well, i guess reincarnation is possible, but let's stick to just one for the sake of discussion). Love your family. Love your friends. Don't argue over piddly shit. If there's one thing I've learned from losing my mother, it's that there is really no point to fighting over things that just don't matter.

    If you haven't called your mom yet today, call her. Tell her you love her.

  • We at DoLinux.org [dolinux.org] want to wish all you slashdotters a Merry Christmas. 0ur present to you is the The Memory-HOWTO 1.0 [dolinux.org] which we just released. It discusses memory training techniques such as remembering names/faces, long-digit numbers, playing cards. It even shows you how to calculate rapidly the day of the week for any day in history..all in your head. :) Enjoy...
  • Here I am at my grandparents, and all I can think about is the fact their computer is too slow, runs Windoze, the monitor is the tiniest thing (why oh why did I give my laptop to my little brother), and they use dialup. I actually priced them a new system and inquired about ISDN for them (no dsl or cable modem in this town). Im thinking, if I can get a computer that has Windoze for them and FreeBSD for me, Ill visit more often.

    Hope you all had a lovely night ;)

  • by Soko ( 17987 )
    The best thing about this holiday is that it can trancend all faiths and walks of life.

    It's really about the best human virtues:

    Giving of oneself
    Sacrifice for the sake of others
    Loving you fellow human, no matter thier situation or short comings

    All the Season's Best to all. Life is the best gift all of us are given. Go in Peace. God bless us all.
  • by Electric Barbarella ( 23814 ) on Saturday December 25, 1999 @06:13AM (#1446253) Homepage
    Did anyone else notice, or did Rob just refer to us as family. *sniff*

    I love you guys.....

    -Andy Martin
  • Best of the season and the new year to all!
  • by Bassie ( 8574 )
    Merry Xmas to you guys (and gals) too!
  • It's a festivus for the rest of us! Hapy festivus to all! :)

  • Christmas already? Gee. It comes faster every year. I remember when I was like 10 counting down the days... 14 days... 13 days... 12 days... Now it's like: Hey, where did Christmas Eve go?

    But I'm just 17 so I am still on the receiving end. I have another year of being a bum so I'm making the best of it.

    Right now I am feeling awfully proud of this free software revolution... of what it has accomplished since 1986 (or whenever the exact year is). If there is anything like Christmas it would be the Free Software Movement. Sharing and caring for geek toys: software.

    Santa has been good to me this year. With gnu/linux systems going mainstream and all... Hey, I used some of my Christmas money and bought a gnu/linux distribution... at Wal-Mart of all places. Especially in my town out in the middle of no where. A linux distribution in Wal-Mart... there may be hope of World Domination yet.

    Well, these are my Christmas wishes for next season:
    • That software developers consider how their project integrates with other projects to give GNU/Linux that gloss; the whole is greater than the some of their parts
    • That the Linux-hype dies. Come on! These Press Releases that have nothing to do with LINUX putting LINUX in their PR just to increase their stock price is silly.
    • That GNU/Linux becomes a serious competitor for the Desktop without relying on propietary software.
    • For a hard drive big enough to compile Berlin and all its dependencies.
    • For a stable very usable Mozilla browser that remains competitive to Internet Explorer.
    • For the Mozilla Team to NOT rush their browser despite the pressure who want their browser *now*. Once it is stable and usable and you consider it a full release, call it BETA and freeze it for 6 months. Those of us find it usable will use it whether or not it is an *Official* release.
    • For me to contribute in many ways to the development of Free Software. I'll learn to code and modify some programs to fill my needs. I'll contribute documentation and other things until I can code.
    • World Domination

    Merry Christmas everyone. I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true. I certainly hope so for mine.
  • Hahaha, those computer generated images of peple having intercourse with their computers is pretty amusing!

    Maybe we should raise some issues withe the company. Personally I would have thought the devices would be more convenient in their portable state, though this may compromise leverage.

    Also, what about gay/lesbian models?

    AI to control things and give a more random aspect?

    What about if you cannot afford a connection to the internet, or dont have a partner? Can you elect to go it alone and leave things up to the software AI, or maybe control it with your keyboard?

    How about support for an orgy? Follow the online tutorial to configure the software exactly the way you want it...what goes in whos mouth... the professional version even has support for one-to-many relationships! One mouth/orifice serves two or more... or vica versa!

    The possibilities are endless! But somehow, I think for 599 + shipping and handling ill fall back on my right hand, as I have so many times before :)

    PS: wow, that certainly is a prety amusing site. The things people will register domains for these days! But I suppose the domain creates the whole reality thing... it is all a spoof isnt it? ... well?? They cant be serious about this can they?


  • Right back at ya pally.
  • Of course, in my previous post I so foolishly forgot to address the one real important question:

    Is this device Y2K ready?

    Wait, just as I wrote this I noticed that they indeed have done all the required testing for Y2K compliance of all their products.

    BUT...The warrantly clearly states that:
    "This warranty is void if:
    c) if the device is subject to abuse, neglect, lighting strike, electrical fault, improper packaging, or accident;"

    I guess I'll now have an excuse to buy that APC I've always wanted! When lightning strikes I'll be the one laughing... I wont have killed my $500 investment! (Though I could have lost allot more if I was actually using the device when the lightining hit :)

  • God I wish I could remember some of the 'Newton Carols' we sang in highschool...



  • Many years ago, I believe the National
    Physical Laboratory in the UK used to
    sell Newtonmas cards (since Isaac Newton was
    born on the 25th of December in at least
    one of the calendar systems in use at the time).

    I phoned them this year to see if I could
    get some and they said they don't do them,
    and don't remember doing them for at least 10
    years. Ah well.
  • Can this 'Christmas' thing be Beowulfed? What would the performance benefits be. Has anyone patented it yet (they could be on to a gold mine!). Finally, is there an open source version of 'Christmas', I hear the Microsoft version has some odd bugs in it.
  • Well, I don't know how many of you are at work...maybe a few of you. But for money, right? To take care of someone perhaps, either way you are making some form of progress in the financial area. Me? I workin seven am to to seven am, twenty-four hours of my ass in a chairs typing away some random stuff on this computer. It'd be nice if I even had some work to do, but I'm just here to fill a slot. Those of you familiar with the military understand this and if you are a bitter ex-miltary, then don't degrade me for it. Sympathize, I plan on retiring out. Only 19 years and 3 months to go. Care to wager on it? Well, anyway, I loaned out all my money to various coworkers who needed to pay their phone bill to call their kids, or buy their kids a gift. I paid for the gifts. Register a van to go see your girlfriend, or buy the turkey she's been begging for...forget it, ill pay for the sixteen pound turkey. Damn, im out of cigarettes. Hey don't worry, owe me a carton. Out of gas, here's my coupon, out food, have this can of ravioli.... And I am the least paid in this battalion. Aw hell... ill live....who says i have to like it though....
  • Did you check in your stocking? Maybe Santa left a bootable Slackware 7 CD-ROM there.
  • Heh, imagine the fun we could have with exploits on this device, if it was real..
  • May all have a Merry Christmas.
  • I'm somewhat amused that you took it for "jumping, but no matter; I'm actually in rare good humor today. :) I presume Taco is in a fine mood as well, so I'll assume that he will interpret it as the playful ribbing that it is. ;) Happy Holidays, everyone! :)

  • Merry christmas to everyone that makes this page the best!

    Thank you!
  • Heee ... Actually, it is rather sad what is happening here in US...
    Soon, our converstations will be completely generic and with no spice whatsoever..
    Oh well ..
  • The only person who relentlessly prevents me from coding yet still doesn't piss me off -- my 1.5 yr old daughter.

    Merry Christmas everyone.
  • 6. a new hotmail exploit on Bugtraq

    Ooops, I guess I should've not reported that one I did to secure@microsoft.com first, and made sure it was fixed.

    I fixed a huge Hotmail bug for Microsoft and all I got was this lousy polo shirt ;-)
  • But penguins are damned cute anyway...And they're the Linux mascot, therefore they can do whatever they want. Blessed Be from me too. :)
  • Merry XMass every1! Joyeux Noel! Let's hope terrorists are realizing they are on the other side of life's good things. May GNU/Linux have a long, succesfull life!
  • by rabidMacBigot() ( 33310 ) on Saturday December 25, 1999 @01:18PM (#1446294)
    BTW, I insulted a Jewish girl in my school by saying merry christmas to her, so now I just say "Have a good thing"
    She was insulted? That's too bad for her, I guess. It never even crossed my mind to be uncomfortable in the slightest when someone wishes me a merry Christmas; I appreciate it. It's not the words that matter, it's the wish.

    With that, merry Christmas to y'all!


  • by Anonymous Coward
    Actually, it looks like you got your wish... 4 whole karma points for Christmas... lucky! All I got were some lousy moderation points...

  • Newton was a great man, but remember your celebration has already occured earlier this year. The nerds convened in late October to witness the ceremonial dropping of two pumpkins from the top of a building [cwru.edu]. The ghostly presence of Isaac himself ensured that, although the orange fruits differed in size and shape, they hit the ground at the same time. Truly, the event was a deep spiritual experience.

    And Jesus shmoe is whatever you want him to be. I figure he's probably flexible like that, unlike the fundamentalists who have come after him. Merry Christmas

  • Happy Festivus!!!!!!!!
  • When the y2k flesh eating zombies come out, aim for the head.
  • Looks like the moderators have some Christmas spirit after all! ;)

    Merry Christmas and Joyous Holidays to all!
  • by PDG ( 100516 )
    Gee, my house burnt down last nite. Ever seen the sight of 12 melted servers? Its a sad sight. I feel like a certain Slashdot member.
  • We now take you to animated special: "The Spirit of Newtonmas"

    Kenny: mmrmf mff rrmff mmf.
    Cartman: Yeah, math is stupid.
    Kyle: Don't belittle my favorite subject, you fat fucker!
    Cartman: I don't have to take that crap from a goddamn calculus geek!

    Cut to a wide shot, where an Englishman in a powdered wig descemds from the heavens

    Englishman: Behold my glory.
    Stan: Holy shit! Sir Isaac Newton!
    Cartman: What're you doin' in South park, Sir Isaac?
    Englishman: I come seeking...retribution.
    Stan: Oh my God, Kyle...he's come to kill you because you forgot what the gravitional constant was!
    Kyle: Oh, fuck!
    Englishman: No, I love all who read my Principia Mathematica. I come seeking a place called...the math department.
    Stan: We'll take you there.

    Stan accidentally sets off in the wrong direction.

    Cartman: Hey Einstein, the math building is the other way.
    Stan: Dude, don't say Einstein in front of Newton.
    Cartman: Ah, fuck you.

    Cut to the math building. We see the kids lead Newton into the lobby, where some students are gathering around an old Polish mathematician.

    Newton: There he is.
    Leibniz: Ho, ho, ho...we meet again...Newton.
    Newton: I should be getting all the credit for inventing calculus, not you!

    Sorry, you'll have to script the rest...suggestions include:

    • "Oh my God! They differentiated Kenny! You bastards!"
    • "What would Alan Turing do?" (bonus points for whoever gets the sly joke)
    • (Sing to the "Draedel" tune): "dx, dy, dz, I solved you in a day..."

  • $
    s s
    $ $
    _-_$ $
    / \S S
    \| ___|
    ==========| ||_|
    #########|[] |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

    Best ASCII art lighter I can do, looked OK in preview... Just to prove I have no life at all, as if there was ever any doubt...

    Hmmm... Flamebait?

  • C'mon moderators, it "bent, but didn't break," so in my books, this is funny, not flamebait.
  • Happy Whatever To Whomever Wants To Have One...

    (There, is that PC or what?)

    Zontar The Mindless,

  • Was Q3A!!!! And I got it. Thanks Fry's Sacramento!
  • oops...didn't qualify that....Q3A for Linux (they had 50 copies, I was impressed)
  • Hmmn.. I am trying to figure out something worthwhile to share with you all before I just say Merry Christmas! oops. Anyhow lets see..
    Begins to think
    Hmmn. AHA Okay so this is not really cool but I got a kick out of it today. Chirstmas Dinner at my Grandmothers. Come down from school (Ga Tech for the curios minded!:-). Am sitting there and I have a hacker wanna-be for an uncle. He was telling me all of the 'cool' software he has.. NT 4.0 etc. etc. heh. I said. Oh yeah.. I have all things Microsoft.. I have Office 2000! "Whoa! You can burn me a copy of that?" lol. I said hmmn How about I send you a nice copy of Redhat 6.0. (Then mentally thinking to myself.. listen to your screams as you fry your hard drive.) Anyhow That just didnt have much of a point did it?.. Bleh.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, Even if I cant think of anything useful to say.

    Jeremy Allen
  • So we didn't get any snow here (Denver was unseasonably warm)...so I didn't get any techno-toys under the tree...I still thought it was a wonderful holiday.

    Merry Christmas to Rob, Jeff, the crews at Slashdot, BSI, and Andover.net (obviously they got something nice in their stocking!), and everyone that contributes to making Slashdot great. And, for those that don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Ramadan, Happy Midwinter's Day, or whatever you choose to celebrate at this time of year.

    And let's all do what we can to ensure that 2000 will be The Year of The Penguin!

    Eric (and Pamela)
    "Free your code...and the rest will follow."

  • What are you reading this for? The joke's over!

    Go 'way!

  • Fry's in Sacramento has a great Linux department. I did some shopping there a few weeks ago and it gets better each time I make the trip down there.

    No snow today in the Northern Sierra foothills, but it made it to 70 F -- record highs all week. We still had mistletoe, and holly and an oak Yule log. We decorated the mantle with cedar branches and tangerines; made a swag of Doug fir boughs for the wall; got a little spruce for a Christmas tree that we will plant in the backyard after the new year; watched the model train go round and round; listened to Christmas CDs; missed Mom and Grandma who've passed on; phoned loved ones in Oregon, Illinois, and Maryland; walked gifts to neighbor's houses; gave dogs and cats premium food instead of the every day stuff; fell asleep after dinner; woke up; turned on computer and read Slashdot.

    A simple and gentle Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Offtopic, but it was Galileo's experiment that you are referring to. Season's Greetings (for whatever you wish to celebrate) to my ext family out there.

    Devdas Bhagat.
  • maybe this is offtopic, but there's areally nice Linux inspired Xmas Newyear card at Ecard.kinetic.be [kinetic.be] ... go check it out ! send it to you favorite geek !
    Kris "dJOEK" Vandecruys
  • Uh, dude, I WAS one of the nerds who set that thing up. Check my user info. :-)
  • ..and a happy hogmanay (happy new year from Scotland) to one and all.

    Goodwill and peace to all

"How many teamsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?" "FIFTEEN!! YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?"