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Comment Re:Oh great. (Score 1) 227

This is around the time where they cancelled Farscape, their highest rated show ever, claiming nobody was watching it. When they got over a million fan letters asking them to reconsider, they said that "rating figures don't correspond with that many people watching the show".

So they were saying all kinds of things that made no sense.

Though one might postulate that perhaps they thought "SciFi" appeals to males, so they were divesting from that.

Comment Re:Oh great. (Score 1) 227

I couldn't get into The Expanse and never even tried The Magicians. Killjoys is fun, but honestly the SyFy Low Effort is visible in it. I think the only way these shows are at all decent is the cheapo CG they use has finally got to the point where it looks decent.

Comment Re:Oh great. (Score 1) 227

I lost all respect for "SyFy" when they changed their name to that "to appeal to women".

Also when they cancelled Farscape to churn out crappy movie after crappy movie.

That said, I did enjoy Childhood's End, but to call it "pretty dang close" to the book is pretty far off. "Inspired by", maybe. "Kind of similar", perhaps. "Shares some plot-points", definitely. But it also varies immensely from it, and while some of the story might be the same, it tells a completely different narrative.

Comment Oh great. (Score 4, Interesting) 227

I'm going to assume this is going to be a "Based On The Novel By" kind of thing, where they basically have a couple of plot elements from the book and nothing more. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the book, nor that it's not an important book in science fiction history, but I'm not really sure the story holds up for the 21st century. Some of the themes that were controversial at the time, and which I'm sure Heinlein thought that by now would be the norm, kind of went the other direction, too.

It's one of those times where they should just call it something else rather than name it after a famous work.

Comment Excellent (Score 3, Informative) 153

Red Dwarf is one of my favourite shows, ever.

Yeah, series 8 was... well, bad, and most people are content to ignore (mini)series 9. But season 10 was pretty good and had some really, really funny moments (Lister's Father's Day thing, for example, took one of the more hilariously messed up aspects of the show and built on it).

So more Red Dwarf? I'll take it.

Comment Re:Not if I can't upgrade my own laptop. (Score 2) 238

EVERY manufacturer charges insane amounts for their own RAM and HDD upgrades. If I buy a Lenovo or HP or Acer or whatever, they'll likely charge you $400 (or more) to go from 8 gigs to 16 gigs, even though I can get 16 gigs on Amazon for well under $100.

Apple has become way more extreme about making their laptops unupgradable. They claim this is in the name of design and efficiency, and yes, to a degree it is. Doesn't make it OK for me, though.

Comment Not if I can't upgrade my own laptop. (Score 4, Interesting) 238

I'm writing this on an Early 2011 15" Macbook Pro, which is frankly on it's last legs. In fact, it's at the point where I can't really move it around.

It would have been pretty unusable years ago, except that this is one of the last Macbook Pros that you could upgrade the RAM and harddrive on. I got this thing with the least amount of RAM and cheapest harddrive I could, and as time went on I added more RAM and an SSD. New lease of life. And that stuff all cost me about $250 rather than the extra > $1000 Apple would have charged.

I want (and pretty much need) a new laptop, and Apple makes great ones. Yeah, people say "Apple Tax!" a lot, but spec-for-spec, Apple laptops are pretty much equal to other manufacturers and the *usability* is *phenomenally* better. From the UI design to the friggin *trackpad*.

But if I can't upgrade my own machine... sorry, not happening. And that goes for any other laptop maker.

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