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Comment Use of past participle is revealing (Score 1) 168

"...raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made..."

He's seriously suggesting that we had a constructive debate, made changes, and it's all in the past? What a joke.

Maybe he's right, only in the manner that the masses don't grasp it, and there's no chance at serious change in this broken system?

Suddenly I'm in the mood for some @Nihilist_Arbys

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 366

If we can cram 4-8GB in a smartphone form factor, with hundreds of GB of onboard memory, there's no reason they couldn't have done something along those lines. With however many millions they solicited, it wouldn't be _that_ hard to find something more stripped down than a phone, but with the capacity for more RAM and storage. It would be light, small, and perform far better. That said, it's still an utter failure in the software engineering portion.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 366

Bill Nye always inspires me to punch Bill Nye in the face. Anyone who calls himself "The Science Guy" should automatically be disqualified from accepting money to build spacecraft. This problem could have been solved 50 ways to Sunday. To begin with, do they seriously not have enough storage/ram to accomodate a 32MB file? There's no watchdog in place, no mechanism for archiving/deleting the oldest entries when it gets too large? And again, I just have to say, I had simple teeny tiny small form factor servers in rack upon rack, and even then we had a shit ton of storage per node. This is downright lazy, poor engineering/design, and implementation. Everytime I see him or hear his voice I just cringe. I knew he was going to fuck up Sagan's dream.

Comment Re:Just wondering (Score 1) 227

If they all really use the 2.4Ghz spectrum, then it's obvious the operator can't be too far away. Assuming the signal isn't encrypted, then possibly some kind of signal analysis would be possible, to simply detect the communication between operator and device? Frequency hopping provides another challenge all together. And waypoints make it even more difficult. It's indeed an interesting problem to solve.

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