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Stop: Quickies Time 104

Kodi wrote in to tell us that MozillaZine is holding a vote for the new Mozilla throbber (free membership required). Also the LinuxWorld Expo call for papers deadline is July 6. They're also doing a $25k award for a community program at the show. hzo wrote in to note that you can now hack furby with your Palm V. cpfeifer has noted a Yoda Got Milk parody. rhet sent us a web based jar-jar-gonizer if you aren't overloaded with the wretched beast. Kurt Weinschenker wrote in to tell us that the 99 Darwin Awards nominees are online. S|ack noted that you can now get adminspotting t-shirts. Scorpeye sent us an article about Bachelors in the Silicon Valley and comments about eligible bachelorettes in NY and LA... hmmm... Finally, some articles about the Andover.Net acquisition of Slashdot: Here's Upside, wired (thanks Evro) Salon (thanks Super_Oogie). There were a few more too, but after I've read two I realize I say pretty much the same stuff each time anyway, so its hardly interesting ;)
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Stop: Quickies Time

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    I live in NY and I think that statistic is mistaken. There are slightly more women than there are men here but I don't think there are half a million more single women. Anyways, women here tend not to appreciate geeks. They may be hot as hell and sophisticated but they usually want to date some poseur artist or a twit i-banker. What do you expect from a city where the major industries (finance & media) are based upon appearances?

    A friend of mine had a female friend here who was moving to Silicon Valley (and she worked for a web firm as a designer). I mentioned to her that she would have her choice of men out there. She said that she didn't want to date that "sort of man".

    But then again, what made you think that women were attracted to intelligent, well-payed, well-adjusted men? Nah, much easier to date some wanker.

    Ok, maybe I'm a little bitter because I've been single for the last year here but I should really blame it on my stupid job and the long hours :) NY really is a lot of fun and the women are unbelievable. They're hard to approach (everybody is somewhat guarded and cynical) but those who have the tenacity do very well for themselves. You'll see models dating men who are WAY less attractive then them. Also, qualified geeks make a shitload of money in NY because most programmers here are corporate yes-men who think VB is a good language to develop with.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    If anybody deserves to become millionaires it's these guys. I've been reading ./ for the last year and a half and I can say that it's taught me a lot and it sucks up 30% of my work day (I'm not complaining). I appreciate the amount of work that goes into a site of this caliber. The fact that you guys can serve this many users off of one commodity machine with so little money (where were the VCs when you needed them?) is amazing. It says a lot about your technical talents and resourcefulness. It's inspiring to know that one can follow one's passion and make a buck at it. Kudos, and don't forget about us little people that allowed you all to become capitalist money-grubbers :)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    There's $14 million, and then there's $14 million.

    Here's my take: when asked pointblank if he's a millionaire, Rob says he doesn't know, then his new boss cuts in and says some things can't be talked about (no loss of creative control there!). So I believe he got perhaps a five-figure or six-figure cash advance to close the deal, plus he has stock worth (potentially) millions.

    I'm a millionaire myself, but here's the catch. I own 24% of a privately held company, which at its last valuation was worth $5 million, making me worth over $1 million. But only if I sell the stock. Which I couldn't do as one of two co-founders (who would buy all the stock from a co-founder?). So on paper I'm a millionaire, but its not liquid, and in real life I have my mortgage and my paid-off 1993 Honda. No caviar for me -- or Malda either.

    So Rob and Hemos have stock, but they can't sell it just yet, so they're millionaires on paper. Remember, their announcement lists all the cool groups they want to donate to eventually -- meaning they don't have the money yet.

    If goes out of business tomorrow (not likely), their stock is worthless and they just have their advance. If goes Yahoo! public, they're multimillionaires.

    Ah, well.

  • Come on, we have "quickie time", "throbber", and an inference to MC Hammer's pants all in the same paragraph.

    Malda, you need a girlfriend :-p.


  • Yeah, women do drain your productivity and your wallet, but you can't live without them... I had no idea what I was missing (or how much money can be wasted on her) until I had a girlfriend for a while. What a difference...
  • by Analog ( 564 ) on Wednesday June 30, 1999 @04:54PM (#1824080)
    Ah, I still remember the big announcement on Chips n Dips about Rob's secret new project. And the time he posted the news about Slashdot being mentioned on another site (unheard of at the time) from class while taking a test. The first try at message boards and the poll about whether or not to keep them. And a thousand other little things that have become Slashdot. A quick look at whois shows that it's been less than two years. It's come so far it seems like it must have been much longer.

    All the best, guys. It's been a fun time thus far, and I'm sure it will continue to be. Thanks!

  • I'm also deeply cynical and have come to the regrettable conclusion that what a woman says she wants and what a woman actually wants are usually not one in the same. That's why I'm still single.

    I second that.


  • That url was a bit off (the pictures and links are broken). This one's better []
  • by Tim Macinta ( 1052 ) <> on Wednesday June 30, 1999 @03:57PM (#1824083) Homepage
    Whoa! Check out what the Jar Jargonizer translate's "Microsoft" to. I typed kmfms. com into the url translator [] and was pretty surprised at what it spat out. Jar Jar is growing on me.
  • After wavering on the issue ever since elementary school, I decided I would never marry anyways several years ago. It's just too damn patriarchal. You don't love anything. You just act out a ritual involving a breadwinner and some female thing he's supposed to win the bread for and drag around like a slab of meatloaf. Maybe the 5000 engineers just didn't want to be breadwinners.
  • Hell, I third that.

  • Rob, are you really a millionaire? It's a very good possibility, as I'm sure you didn't pick a place that was broke. :)
  • Thats cool, where did you hear this from? Rumors can be spread quickly from non-reliable sources. :)
  • Are these Darwin Awards for real? It looks to me like someone's registered the domain in the hopes of making some money out of it. The Darwin Awards have traditionally been at [], although that's looking like it hasn't been updated in a while. Who knows. Ho hum...
  • I think the Darwin awards are amusing, and they are a great monument to stupidity of some in the human race.

    One problem I've always had with the Darwin awards is that they don't stick to their own criteria. The original description of the Darwin awards was

    "... awards for those individuals who better society by
    removing themselves from the gene-pool."
    If you know anything about Biology, any person, living or dead, with living desendants is still in the gene pool. I think all Darwin award nominees with living descendants should be disqualified.

  • It makes me happy to see Rob and the rest get rewarded for all their hard work.
  • Not a linux community, a nerd community. I agree.

    /. does an amazing job of representing exactly the interests of people like the (rising) sophomore CS class CMU.

    Still, the Holy OS is pretty important to this community. We spend a lot of time on our computers...and waste a lot of time configuring them... :)
  • by aheitner ( 3273 ) on Wednesday June 30, 1999 @03:33PM (#1824092)
    My browser couldn't find the internet due to momentary enormous stupidity, and decided to pull up its last cached copy of /., from late last year IIRC when I was at home and still used this machine.

    Jon Katz was ruminating unpopularly in the first of his articles playing with a linux machine and how weird and confusing it was.

    GNOME vs. KDE flamewars were going on fast and furious in the unmoderated comments.

    No one had heard of, or cared about, Linux the Holy OS or Open Sourceness or User Friendly or anything.

    Man, we've come a long way since then. I've been reading /. since nearly the beginning, but even I couldn't have imagined the community that grew up around the little Nerd News sight.

    I've posted a few stories myself. I've wasted a lot of time writing comments, and searching out comments by resident cool, funny guys Bruce Perens and Alan Cox.

    Now, it ain't news unless it's on /. You can wear the hat and the tshirt. I start my day off in the office with /., then UF. Everything I need in life is a /box. When we won IGF, the first thing I did after seeing the news in a more-or-less reputable story I could link to was skip class (251, no less) and post it on /.

    I'd be interested to see if anyone has a copy, HTML or PS or hard copy or whatever, of the earliest /. page we can find.

    This is user # 3273 ... I'll be back tomorrow morning, as always... man, I really am a nerd :)
  • So they sold Slashdot. More power to them! Their creation (and a bloody good one at that too), their descvision.

    You paid have nothing to read/participate in /. and hide behind AC, so deserve no say in the matter.

    IMHO, I say congrats to CT and Hemos.

    Now, C & H, I have this idea for a .......

  • Yup. I tested it on /. not 10 minutes ago and caught that. VERY funny. :) And to think I was so down on Jar-Jar.
  • He does. Last we heard. Standard CmdrTaco commentary/innuendo, though. gotta love it ;).

  • That friend of yours who moved to Silicon Valley, and said she didn't wanna date that kind of man... *I* would. Geez. Geek guys rock. It's just a matter of finding ones that aren't only geeks, but who have other interests as well, and who /act/ on these interests. I think a lot of women have the (hopefully a??) misconception that geek==nerd, and that He Who Loves Computers is synonomous (sp?) with Boring, which is utterly untrue. On the other hand, most women know nothing about computers, and don't understand the attraction of the Tech world; and are therefore bored by technobabble. The rest of the techies thrive on it :).

    as for this: "You'll see models dating men who are WAY less attractive then them."
    Huh. I can't explain this for you, but I think most people would agree that a compatible personality and INTELLIGENCE are (for me at least) hugely attractive qualities in a man/potential significant other. (That, and extreme knowledge of computers, which often go hand-in-hand.)

    On the other hand, maybe it's better NOT to both be obsessed with technology.

    Naw ;).

  • um, sometimes the woman earns the bread as well as, if not instead of, the male figure. Not that the men don't hold the majority in the breadwinner role, but this is a huge generalization here.

    I wannt to do some breadwinning, /and/ i want to get married. *i* think it's unfair that women are expected to either exclusively stay at home and raise the kids, or have to BOTH have a career and raise the kids. *shrug*

  • Yes. I think you're a catch. Not the write guy for /me/, perhaps, but i'll admit that, /and/ add that all of that makes you a well-rounded person with a heck of a lot going for you (if only i were more athletic and into eclectic movies, it'd be great. And a bit older.) That said, though, not all women say one thing and mean another. At least not /all/ the time ;).

    Best of luck to you (all).

  • ooh! hear, hear!

    This is key. listen to the married guy ;) (above). It's that whole "Men are from Mars..." thing. Women talk to men, men try to solve our problems for us, and then women accuse men of "not listening." Men then get frustrated. As far as I can tell, women don't want always want /answers/ to the problems, but rather, just someone to talk to who will sympathize and let them (us) vent for a bit-- let off steam. If we want advice on top of that, we'll ask. (i know, we're weird like that.)

  • (whoops, i should have said non-single guy, not married. don't mean to make assumptions about marital status.)
  • I don't think you're giving Rob & Jeff enough credit. Neither they nor anyone else has said that they did it alone-- it *is* all about the community. As you said, they couldn't have done it alone: it was "our" submissions that made it happen. They never denied this.

    Rob and Jeff deserve and /amazing/ amount of credit, and have earned every penny they got (okay, maybe not $14 million's worth, but...).

    Can any of us say that the average Joe (or AC) among us put in 80 hour weeks running something like slashdot, reading over 300 emails a day (no joke), *and* go to college full-time? I think we should cut them some slack, if not provide open praise for a job well done: here's to the two years they (and the 10+ who helped them as well) gave to The Community (so far), and the community that helped them.
    Kudos to you all.

    My $.02.

  • ah well enjoy yourself people

    Yes, you deserve it. Even though I'm happy that the right folks are going places, it puts my little non-life into perspective. I am at a loss as to what to do. I have no money, and what I do have, I can't spend. I'd love to hack away at Linux and perl and php3 and do neat things with mysql all day every day, but I'm stuck here wiping users' asses. I work absurd hours and get shit on for my efforts.

    (And I just heard from my co-worker that some guy's giving his whole staff BMWs (with insurance) just to retain them. I'm in the wrong fucking place.)

    Oh well, I'll crawl back into my hole and spare you the rest.


  • Because I know some positively adorable Canadian geekesses who would love to meet an intelligent man.

    Odd how not only my "intelligence" is a huge liability, I seem to be on the other side of the world from those who would even bother appreciating it. For the "stupidity" factor, non-geeks seem to have all the money and other assorted perks... hrrmm... oh well, I won't trade being a geek for anything else, damn it to Hell if I remain poor for the rest of my life.


  • but you can't live without them...

    I must really be dead, then.

    (Last "girlfriend" cost me lots of money (several thousand over a few years) in the "keep in touch" department, and I LOST anyway.)


  • I recorded my own version of adminspotting in one of my radio shows.... you can download the mp3 from spm/live_mpegs/adminspotting.mp3 [].

    It's a bit old now ..... but still amusing
  • Bah! The Darwin List is *much* better than the "Darwin Awards", from content to writing style. There's nothing like waking up in the morning, checking e-mail, and finding a a magnificant 5 page flame adressed to a tard that has defiled the sacred list.
  • This doesn't seem right to me, either. The original Darwins played their text completely straight, and this site tries to write jokes into the middle. Which makes it less funny: you can guess the punchline.

    Also, the site navigation sucks. Broken links, and the browsing seems to be working backwards. How annoying.

  • Geez. For such a group of "smart" people, you guys sure don't listen. I know damn well I'm not perfect, and I know I'm not the most attractive man around (well, surely someone would've told me if I was). I'm relatively certain that it helps to not be convinced I'm the ultimate man, every woman's dream and to not get bitter when no women agree with that opinion... :)

    My girlfriend's not as geeky as some, but I still love her more than anything in the world. I think it helps to just shut up sometimes. The woman posting isn't too far off either, as far as I've been able to tell. We've just gotta understand that we'll never completely understand, I guess...

    I'll stop rambling now.
  • A friend showed me what the Jar Jargonizer did to his web page. It was neat. It occurred to me that this kind of thing could be done very easily with a Perl script, so I wrote one.

    Here is a Perl script that with Jar Jar-ify any text fed into it. Because of the way it's set up, it's trivially easy to add more conversions or to modify it into a "borkifier" or any of a wide variety of other translators. If anyone takes offsense at its length, I apologize, but it's on-topic and I don't have a public web page to put it on :).

    # Define the substitutions to be performed.

    @WordList =
    "I'm", "meesa be",
    "I", "meesa",
    "me", "meesa",
    "you", "you-sa",
    "my", "meesa's",
    "your", "you-sa's",
    "myself", "meesa's self",
    "yourself", "you-sa's self",
    "am", "be"

    @SuffixList =
    "ing", "\'in",
    "er", "-a"

    @PrefixList =

    # Perform the substitutions on each line of input.

    while ($Input = )
    # Replace whole words.

    for ($Index = 0; $WordList[$Index]; $Index += 2)
    $Input =~
    s/(^|\W)$WordList[$Index](\W|$)/$1$WordList[$Index + 1]$2/i;

    # Replace suffixes.

    for ($Index = 0; $SuffixList[$Index]; $Index += 2)
    $Input =~
    s/(\w)$SuffixList[$Index](\W|$)/$1$SuffixList[$Ind ex + 1]$2/i;

    # Replace prefixes.

    for ($Index = 0; $PrefixList[$Index]; $Index += 2)
    $Input =~
    s/(^|\W)$PrefixList[$Index](\w)/$1$PrefixList[$Ind ex + 1]$2/i;

    # Print the modified line.

    print $Input;

  • When I first got on the Internet, I had the address of a proxy that would translate everything into Swedish Chef ..does anyone know one that still exists?

    Try The Dialectizer []. It does Redneck, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Moron, and Pig Latin. Better than Jar Jar, but then again, anything is. :)
  • And yet, I don't see you starting a Slashdot clone Anon boy.
    If you have a problem with it, don't ever come back, you and all your anon buddies can go post at ZDNet's Linux page or something for all I care.

    To Rob and Jeff, you put in the work and deserve a nice payoff. I wouldn't care if you made a billion dollars of this site, as long as it is run the way it always has, I'll keep coming back.

  • Let me clarify, I have no problem with people not logging in. Like you said, just type in a name and e-mail address and be done with it. It would be nice if more people did that.
    My problem is with the growing number of anons who seem to exist simply to put others down, attack slashdot (or the community in general), or otherwise just stir up trouble for no reason.
  • I wonder if some sorry company (running IIS) will attempt to sue because their server went to that big blue screen in the sky when it was referenced on Slashdot?

  • I've about had it with country music. I'll take a good broadway musical anyday.

    System is halted

  • rob still has the keyboard

    ah well ignor whats above try hosting a website and a life

    DB7 thats the car you guys want

    or a Lotus Elise £20,000 full spec

    £21,000 BMW 518 no funky cd player or radio for that mater nothing nda not a thing

    ah well enjoy yourself people

    and my place is cool if you want to crash in cambridge


    a poor student @ bournemouth uni in the UK (a deltic so please dont moan about spelling but the content)
  • The real trick would be to do this as a Yodaizer. Having to switch around the whole sentence structure and all...
  • The other thing about large urban areas: men get sent to prison at higher rates than women. In large urban areas, where young men are disproportionately likely to be sent to prison, this can skew the population a great deal. Since this is true of all large urban areas in the US, it explains much of the shortage of men in urban areas.
  • Most of my techie friends from college are still single. I've met some married techie guys since, but I think my friends from college are a better sample. I think most men I know who got married would made career sacrifices in doing so. It's easier to pursue a career if nobody has veto power over the moves you make.

    Recognizing when women are interested is next to impossible for me. I've been hanging out with friends who have said, "That woman who just walked by was interested in you." I've never noticed any such thing. After having gotten plenty of negative feedback, I'm becoming resigned to the fact that women in general aren't interested in me. If heterosexual women are attracted to men, I must not be male.

    BTW, I'm not the AC who's been posting in this thread; I'm a different bitter guy.
  • Quote from the article: "These men are not the beer guzzling, belching variety..." just shows how one-sided the sexism debate really is. I mean, what if I described the women here in Paris as "not the unmade-up, straggly-haired, visible-panty line variety?"
  • A quote from Jar-Jar's version of /. []:

    ... but aft-a Mee-sa've read two Mee-sa realize Mee-sa say pretty much the same stuff each time anyway, so its hardly interest'in ;)

    Could it be that Rob is getting to like Jar-Jar? Mee-sa hopin' not. ;)

  • You know what?I have come to the point, where I prefer to configure a computer than to actually use it. I don't know why but whenever I get my computer running beautifully, just the way I want it, I reformat my hard drive and try a new distribution. Anyway, I guess this has made me learn a lot more about computers than I ever learned in computer class geach
  • And don't let them trademark CmdrTaco (or Rob Malda, for that matter, remembering what happened to Famous Amos in the other thread...)
  • Well those elves got mad. Really mad. They got hold of their suit elven friends to sue ol' Wally. Those crafty elves bitch slapped Wally so hard that he lost everything. Even that stash that they had given him earlier. Even the ability to use his good name. Even to use the likeness of his face. I do not think that he can legally make a cookie anymore.

    I think he's making cookies again, but he can't use Famous Amos or even Wally Amos on them. He can't even advertise as "I used to be Famous Amos."

    When it was still Wally, he used to do commercials on a radio station I used to listen to (in like 1981!). I can still remember the phone number because of the way he sang it: 1-800-423-3114

    Oh, and I won't buy Famous Amos cookies because of the way he was treated.
  • ... Bill Gates, who is nerd supreme.

    I guess we are all in one basket according to the popular press.


  • Actually if you're running Windows you can change quite a few internal graphics and sounds in programs with a little prog called ReNovator. I wish I had an URL to find it but I can't seem to remember...
  • Forgot my comment! Those awards, what a definite OMG!
  • little nerds -er- people now. Your all big and growned up with all your millions. Its just a matter of time before you lose your taste for the 'finer things' in life like fast 'puters and stale twinkies outta a machine somewhere.

    You're too much a young 'un to know a guy called Wally Amos outta So-Cal. In fact, this was before Al invented the internet. It was when Apple II was in a garage. The TRS-80 model I was really cool then too.

    Wally had the most delectable creation of a cookie a human could taste. They came in a plain brown bag. He was known far and wide as 'Famous Amos'. I felt special when I ate them. They were 'my' cookie.

    Well then one day some elves wearing suits came by. They lived in a hollow tree. They flashed a big wad of green in Wally's face and that was more money than he'd ever seen at once. Well, he was real tired of all the business end of it anyway. He was good to go and he shook hands with the elves in suits.

    At first I didn't understand what happened. the plain brown bags were gone. I could'nt find them anywhere. Lots of time went by. I wondered what I could do. Then one day a yellow bag showed up with the name 'famos amos' on the side. I was so happy I couldn't wait to have one - wait but no - what is this??????? these aren't famous amos cookies - they were't even a good imitation. In fact, they tasted like cardboard with sugar. They were cardboard.

    Why would a company market such a vastly inferior product????

    The only thing I thought of is that those dammyd tree abusing greedy little elves make the cheapest piece of pastry possible so they can stash real dough away.

    Ol' Wally saw what was happening and said 'I know how to do better than this'. And so he went about making cookies again.

    Well those elves got mad. Really mad. They got hold of their suit elven friends to sue ol' Wally. Those crafty elves bitch slapped Wally so hard that he lost everything. Even that stash that they had given him earlier. Even the ability to use his good name. Even to use the likeness of his face. I do not think that he can legally make a cookie anymore.

    So every time I see the name 'famous amos' at the super market a strange sense of sadness reminds me of what once was. I can only hope that someone who worked in Wally's kitchen reading this will send me his recipe for the chocalate chip macadamia nut cookie.

    I really do hope you have your bases covered when dealing with the suits.

  • Hmmm...
    At first reading I thought that said 'Jar-Jar Agonizer'... Cool!!!
    So I went there expecting some sort of Shockwave Animation of 'ol Jar-Jar gettin' the Juice..

    'Aw, bummer it's just a text filter program'
  • Many of the men here who spend Friday and Saturday nights alone ``look and behave nothing like the now-married Bill Gates, nerd supreme,'' the report said.

    I'm sorry, but...

  • While Rob and Hemos have done a lot of cool things, it's been the COMMUNITY that's made Slashdot what it is. Without those of us who spent hours here every day reading and posting comments, and submitting stories, this site would not exist.

    Well the comunity has played a large part, but this site wouldn't exist without Rob and Hemos either.

    $14 million is a pretty lucrative sum, and I would have sold out for that much money in a heartbeat as well. But this kind of stuff has to end. We need to show the corporations of the world that they can't exploit the community simply by buying out 2 members of the community. We need to start a Slashdot clone. This should be pretty easy to do.

    As of now, I'm going to stop participating here. No corporation is going to buy me. It's very sad how they turned Rob into a pimp.

    How exactly did they sell out? They get to keep total creative control of Slashdot. And they aren't charging for it. This actualy keeps them from needing to charge because now they can afford to run the thing. I don't really see what there is to complain about. Two guys make a good geek news site, people go there and make it even better, than they make a deal to get payed for doing what they have been all along. It's a win win situation.
  • $14 million? Where'd you read that. I thought the amount was undisclosed. Good luck on finding your slashdot clone.
  • It's not the fact that you are our inferiors on the social ladder, that is simply the Social Darwinism created by the fact that you are below us on the intellectual ladder. If you were a little brighter, you'd realize that you can make it up the socioeconomic ladder without ever having to kiss up to anybody, if such is your desire. Note:I'm only replying to you because you've already been moderated down, so this conversation won't show up for most people.

    Geek-grrl in training
  • I thought the web servers were always IIS, but the backend was Solaris.. unless that has changed nothing special going on..
  • Ok i don't want to sound the like its different you're sell-outs. I mean the place is great, and even cooler for the guy's if they make some money. And even better if they managed to get a small fortune of out it!
    I mean the place was never comitted to... stayin-free of, profit. What im trying to say is... what it really matters is the content, and the spirit that it carries, along the interaction of a defined community.
    But i guess this whole mess has to do with the this last news, you guys wrapped up, like 4+ stories or whichever number it was in a single posting... with some :) and, am i the only one who missed "...Stuff that Matters"?

    Not that some where not important, just... organize... o0
  • My desires to keep cobras, steal from the church, tie my bike to my hand before going swimming, and make love in a running hearse won't win me a Darwin award now. I'm running out of ideas!
  • If you're gonna start an alternative clone of Slashdot, I'd suggest you not do it anonymously. ;)
  • Why not make it an option in the user's preferences. Be able to use any animated GIF or whatever it uses. Just fill in the filename and have Mozilla use that one. Then everyone can have their own.. websites could give their own out. Maybe have a little "/." up in the corner of the browser.
    I think it'd be pretty cool if they would let you set your own. I know you can already do that with IE5... just have to do some registry edits or replace a BMP, but it can be done... it'd be nice to see it under the "Options...".

  • But are the six-figure-men looking for women? Or are their computers named Pamela?
    Because I know some positively adorable Canadian geekesses who would love to meet an intelligent man.
    Actually we'd all like to meet an intelligent man.
    I was going to make some remark about the relation between numbers of intelligent men and numbers of unicorns, but that's sexist, mmHmmm?
    Ugh, I'm starting to sound like a bad comedienne.
    Time for bed.
    Happy Canada Day!
  • I can confirm the story about the Romanian football player and his wife (or was it girlfriend?) who died in the garage. It's been in the news here a few months ago. They even interviewed their parents (who obviously denied the part about the two not realizing what's going on because they were too busy screwing their brains out, but who believed them anyway)...

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