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Comment Re:Party line (Score 1) 551

It is entirely possible to vote straight party and be doing it right... but in general I agree with you. I don't vote for parties. I vote for candidates. I also protest vote against certain candidates which might mean casting my vote for a candidate/party that I don't particularly agree with. I used to vote consistently against a particular Governor of my state due to a broken promise he made early in 1st term in office even though that meant voting for candidates who belonged to a political party that I did not particularly agree with.

Comment Re:no dimocrats (Score 1) 551

That's total crap.
As anyone knows words have multiple definitions that are influenced by their usage in a particular context. The definition your giving for responsibility is not the correct one to use when the conversation is about personal responsibility. By qualifying the responsibility with the personal the definition has to mve away from "having control over someone." Having control over someone else is not personal responsibility. Try this definition:

a moral obligation to behave correctly toward or in respect of.
"individuals have a responsibility to control personal behavior"
synonyms: trustworthiness, common sense, sense, maturity, reliability, dependability
"let's show some social responsibility"

See how that works? Freedom and responsibility are not in opposition. Unless you just want to choose the most narrow definitions you can find for argument's sake.

Comment Re:When does a phone become a tablet? (Score 1) 258

Which is precisely what I did.
I switched from a Galaxy Note 2 to using a Nexus 7 (2013) LTE. I don't make a huge number of phone calls but what I do make I use VOIP with a Samsung Bluetooth handset (the size and shape of a ink pen.)
Yes... carrying a 7 inch tablet can sometime be awkward. But I did the math. I was paying $40 to Verizon (in addition to my plan costs) for the Galaxy Note 2. The Nexus 7 costs $10.00 a month.
Now that Hangouts on Android supports voice calls over my old Google Voice number the arrangement has been pretty sweet.

Comment Re:Not Forgotten (Score 1) 192

I was a military journalist working at the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service detachment in Iceland when I got my Amiga 500. Partly because I was already loyal to Commodore (I had a C64 and later a C128 as a kid). I also partly bought it because of the influence of many of my coworkers who were hyped about Amiga and NewTek. Another big contributor was the fact that the only computer you could buy at the Naval Exchange was the Amiga 500. Sadly, the only software you could buy was the the PC. Can you tell that the government was running things?

Comment RE: All of it (Score 1) 187

By "Media" I'm assuming music/movies/tv shows.
If you use Netflix - that's movies and TV stored in the cloud. Same for Hulu and Amazon Prime.
If you listen to Pandora, Google or Apples streaming music services that's also in the cloud.
The real question is not how much data you store locally or in the cloud... it really should be a question of what YOU consider to be YOUR media. Thanks to DRM most of what I think of as being "mine" isn't really mine at all... it's licensed. I bought a compilation album from Amazon and used their "Cloud Player" to listen to it. One day I realized that it had been a long time since I heard one of the songs that was in the mix. Turns out the actual owner of the song decided that it shouldn't be a part of that compilation album anymore so... "my" song was taken from me.
Remember: It it's in the cloud... you own nothing!

Comment Re:Discs Of Tron? (Score 1) 283

You basically had to guess the exact moment you had to move the joystick or push a button to make Dirk the Daring perform the correct action at the right time. Often it was impossible to tell exactly what had to be done when. You'd feed the machine quarters until you finally got the action right. Then you would try to memorize the action + the timing of the action for the next time you encountered that scenario. Many of the levels were just repeats of previous levels with the action on screen reversed from left to right. Dragon's Lair eventually made it to the small screen as a kid's cartoon and translated better in that medium then it did as a game.

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