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Comment robots are the answer (Score 1) 471

either you tell machines what to do or the machines tell you what to do

you choose

apple are ahead of the game they will allow them to " repatriate " funds to do this in reverse...

have fun

John Jones

Comment terrible media website (Score 0) 74

no comment on the DNS query nor on the route

basically this site is new media, it gathers data but uses a pre recorded voice to describe it i.e. it uses predefined comments about a users state....

it's a bit like the Huxley comment on society... it may be valid but really its recycled can we please have a new comment ?

thanks this is the internet its a little different (not huge but a little)

John Jones

Comment protocol and codec ? before trust... verify (Score 1) 56

I honestly dont know how people can trust that they are doing the right thing without knowing about the design....

They use a modified SIP communications for Audio is it the same for video ?

knowing the codec would be good ?

the problem is that is it point to point or simply proxied through their servers ?

anyone know ?


John Jones

Comment NO CACHE so its slow (Score 1) 110

what this really means is you will not be able to cache updates via HTTP

honestly I do not know why they have NOT used plain HTTP to download the objects (fall back to https/p2p if needed and have them as options) this would make caches so much faster
(yes verify those objects via cryptographic hash obtained via DANE and TLS )

honestly why cant Microsoft , Apple and Linux/BSD all agree on the transport mechanism (I propose HTTP) this would make life and speed better for everyone


John Jones

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