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Comment Like to see this for my DJI (Score 1) 32

I'd love to have Open Source firmware for my DJI P3, the hardware is really nice, but the restrictions and auto upload and forced updates by DJI are starting to annoy me.
Sure, they're the biggest target and they'll do whatever the FAA asks to keep their market share.
"Nice business there DJI, it'd be a shame if anything happened to it"

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 437

Far more likely, there's a bug in an interrupt handler that corrupts memory used by the throttle position servo.
If they forgot to put a lock around a read-modify-write operation, it could get hit under unexpected operating conditions, that could be triggered by cosmic rays, ie a memory access exception handler routine.

The brake failure could be caused by the anti-lock system, but that's always a separate processor.
Having that fail in a no-brakes mode, and the throttle fail in a wide open mode, seems really improbable since both sorts of failures are worst case and would imply some sort of interaction between the engine controls and the braking system. Those should be totally independent systems.

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