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China is Finally Going After Click Farms and Fake Online Sales ( 20

China enacted sweeping changes to a business competition law to address fraud in the e-commerce industry, which is plagued by malfeasance ranging from fake positive reviews to merchants goosing sales numbers. From a report: The National People's Congress adopted revisions Saturday to the Anti-Unfair Competition Law intended to address online retailers, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. The changes take effect Jan. 1 but were announced days before Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.'s Nov. 11 Singles' Day bargain extravaganza, which dwarfs Black Friday in the U.S. in terms of revenue. The Chinese law initially took effect in 1993 as a way to protect consumers and businesses from unfair market practices. At that time, none of China's biggest online companies -- including Alibaba, Tencent Holdings Ltd., Baidu Inc. and Inc. -- even existed. As e-commerce developed and prospered, attendant problems grew with it. These latest revisions stipulate that operators shouldn't deceive consumers by faking sales or employing "click farms" to rack up positive product reviews -- increasingly common practices that have drawn the ire of buyers. And the rules encompass the entire breadth of internet commerce, from online goods and movie ticketing to food delivery.
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China is Finally Going After Click Farms and Fake Online Sales

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  • I mean besides improving human rights, but in general China with new Environmental Laws, and fair advertising laws. It appears they are taking full advantage of America's new isolation and separation from the world market. To really get a head start on changes to the world and economy, while America as its largest competition puts its head in the sand, and pushes for the quick buck at the expense of long term advantages. By the time enough Americans realize how far behind we get, we may be too far behind

  • Clickfarming is a business with minimal economic value and it leaves you praying with your fingers crossed with each Ali Express purchase. Given Alibaba's potential this makes total sense.

  • Well, all day long at school I hear how great China is at this or how wonderful China did that! China, China, China!

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