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Comment Re:WE need unions also why train your h1-b replamn (Score 1) 472

Your "superiors" are "management" or the company and they are not your fellow employees. As it was explained to me, the worker has a job and the supervisor has a position. If you are management, and your actions have contravened the Collective Bargaining Agreement the union will lodge a grievance with the company. Unions are a good thing when both sides stick to their agreements. Unfortunately there are unconstitutional laws in the U.S. ("Right to Work" laws) which have gutted most Unions. Funnily enough at the same time wages have gone down. Go figure.

Comment Prevent Dementia? (Score 0) 49

You would have to have dementia to believe that playing a computer game will prevent it. If you get Alzheimers there is no treatment and the prognosis is a slow, confusing decline into helplessness. If they are truly suggesting their game helps people, they aren't even doctors and are only helping themselves. I call bullshit.

Comment Re:DEC veterans, report in! Tell us your war stori (Score 1) 29

Was living next door to a fellow 4-5 years ago who told me they were still using VAX computers where he worked (Michelin Tire in Nova Scotia) and there was no plan to replace them. Not exactly on topic, but what is here anyways. Streaming with bit torrent .... yawn ... sound of crickets.

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