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Comment Re:Lack of User Controls (Score 1) 614

Actually I get almost no spam to my natural number, it's on the do not call list and my google voice is also on the do not call list, I have had great success giving my GV number to every tom dick and harry and successfully blocking the handful of callers who robocall me. I suspect this has a side effect of getting me removed from lists before they're resold, having dead numbers reduces the value of the list so it would be worth it for marketers to note dead ones.

I even give my phone number out to political people and shit.

Comment Re:It's all tied together (Score 1) 550

This is the dumbest answer to a question with a simple answer.
It's men have to be chosen to have sex, women have to accept an offer. A man who sleeps with many women is presumably desirable, a woman who sleeps with many men is presumed to have low standards. Also many "slutty" girls seem to be full of mental problems, this is personal experience, I do realize it's not always the case but it's truer than I'd like.

Comment Re:It's all tied together (Score 1) 550
This is the viewpoint held pretty much 100% by radical feminists
I went to a fairly liberal college and regularly got to hear how sex with drunk girls was the same as raping them.

Then I thought about all the regrettable women that I'd slept with because I was drunk and wouldn't normally touch them with a 10 foot pole.. and how I was there, also the bad guy for not returning their calls.

Comment Re:This is what Benjamin Frankin warned us about.. (Score 1) 1160

They teach military and law enforcement that someone has to have capability, intent, and opportunity to hurt you before you can use deadly force. I've heard civilians state they used a similar model but sometimes with the added condition that other options are fairly unreasonable. If someone has a gun and indicates they intend to use it on me, if I can disable them I'd be smart to jump at the chance.

Comment Re:Workers revolution is the only solution! (Score 1) 196

Repetitive behavior like scratching sores into their skin and scalp or spending six hours kicking a soccer ball against a wall.
Also little kids are learning how to make themselves do shit on their own, if they're not having to learn that at a young age when it's easy they're going to be dependent on chemicals. Decreased executive function. In the long term. Not to mention they become much less social.

As far as "no a problem, the problems that are removed are normal hyper child personality things, adderall and ritilin is just as likely to make your kid punch some other kid.. it's likely to turn him into an unstable drama queen when his dosage hits a low point... you

Go ahead and show me some long term data on the effectiveness of addreall. Have you taken this stuff? It feels really gross.

Comment Parents aren't the only ones who gets the kids (Score 1) 334

The rest of society gets the kids they raise too. Many parents would be better parents but they really just don't know what to do. My ex's kids used to get out of bed 10x a night and it'd been going on for years, I just did a simple google search that we needed to provide a lot of structure at bedtime with stories, snacks, teeth brushing and then things calmed down considerably. Adding structure to other things seemed to help provide discipline for routine things like homework as well. The difference was night and day. The kids liked the results and were generally happier getting attention at night instead of the hassles we'd gone through before, my ex was pretty happy and of course i was happy to be getting my sleep back.

Nobody told her this she would have done this a long time ago but she just didn't know.

Anyhow I have digressed a bit when people raise lousy kids we get them as co-workers, bosses, neighbors, girlfriends.... etc. It's bad for society.

Comment Re:Make it illegal (Score 1) 1199

They don't let you smoke in a hospital or plane of course. But the sort of injuries I'm talking about they send you down to medical or have a medic give you stitches and you're back to business in 5 or 10 minutes, in the military you have to be very fucked up to end up in the hospital, I guess the exception is if you say cut yourself in a way needing minor medical care right away but doc has gone home for the night. I wasn't talking about heavy injures, stitches or burns, they think I might have broken a finger once and the corpsman didn't even send me to the hospital for that, do you know that in the military they perform minor surgery without the presence of a doctor for things like ingrown toenails and stuff? Basically the military won't function properly if you can't smoke unless you give people something else to do, everyone in the military drinks like 8 pots of coffee a day and half of them smoke a lot. Even most of the military non-smokers are what you would consider occasional smokers having one every week or two and when things are awful you'll see a lot of people who never smoke most of the year taking up the habit for a month or so.

I know smoking is a disgusting habit and I see that addictions make you come up with excuses why you *need* something, but this is something the military has tried.. .they've tried it several times and the results were bad each time. You haven't been so you don't know what you're talking about in this case. It's a world so nasty that talking about smoking is laughable.

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