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ICANN May Act Against RegisterFly 63

1sockchuck writes "ICANN says it will terminate RegisterFly's accreditation as a domain registrar if the company can't fix its problems within 15 days. The edict comes with RegisterFly in chaos and current management blaming a departed executive for its woes. The situation is complicated by the fact that RegisterFly sold some of its domains through a reseller agreement with eNom, and others using its own accreditation."
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ICANN May Act Against RegisterFly

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  • There is always one. (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    There is always one jerk ready to ruin a company to further his own goals and ambitions. They want power more than they want the company to succeed.

    Avoid the fate of this company and fire him early.
    • I totally agree, power corrupts and is like crack to some execs.

      I'm curious, however, what sort of involvement eNom had with the situation... My company was thinking of using them as a registrar (cuz Tucows sucks...) but if they're caught up in this debacle, i don't see it as being a good option...
      Anyone know of a good registrar with a decent reseller API??
      • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

        by sharkey ( 16670 )
        You might want to search for Registerfly and eNom on Google. When we were looking for a cost-effective SSL provider, a quick search on google turned us right away from registerfly.
      • by Feyr ( 449684 )
        we use srsplus.com, their pricing is decent. they also have an API, but we dont use it yet
      • by Switche ( 995329 )
        Tucows sucks? I'm curious to know why you think so. I would've pointed you to them if you hadn't said that.
        • To summarize:
          • Poor Support
            + 3 Days no response, lost tickets, answers they gave were wrong and unhelpful
          • Not fully functional CSS-Based API
            + They have 2 apps for their API, one is cookie-cut, the other is CSS + php (zend) driven, but lacks lots of functionality. It took our developers some time to get things to work in the test environment, and when we did they messed up our tld's among other missing options. Support was unhelpful in fixing this (and it never got fixed)
          • Lack of Faith
            + Taking 3
  • Coincidence (Score:5, Interesting)

    by lbft ( 950835 ) on Friday February 23, 2007 @12:09PM (#18123408) Homepage
    Isn't it a nice coincidence that, despite all the troubles Registerfly's had, the only time ICANN stepped in and did anything was when they were owed money?
    • Re:Coincidence (Score:5, Informative)

      by rs79 ( 71822 ) <hostmaster@open-rsc.org> on Friday February 23, 2007 @12:47PM (#18124020) Homepage
      "Isn't it a nice coincidence"

      No, it's not.

      They've been behind for a while and have made some pretty hfty payments and seem to be stalled over five grand.

      From icann's letter:

      III. Accreditation Fee Breaches
      Under section 3.9 of the RAA, ICANN-accredited registrars are obligated to pay yearly and
      variable fees to ICANN in a timely fashion. This portion of the notice of breach concerns
      Registerflys obligations under section 3.9 of the RAA, under which Registerfly agreed to timely
      pay its accreditation fees. Despite this agreement, Registerfly has a substantial outstanding
      balance to ICANN that it has failed to pay.
      On 10 October 2006, ICANN notified Registerfly that it had an outstanding balance of
      $131,422.86 in fees immediately due to ICANN, of which $44,985.16 was over 90 days past
      due. A month later, on 10 November 2006, ICANN had not received any response from
      Registerfly. Mike Zupke called Glenn Stansbury to inquire as to why Registerfly was not paying
      its invoices to ICANN. Mr. Stansbury reported that he was unaware of this issue. Kevin Medina
      then called Mr. Zupke and claimed to be unaware of the issue but promised to wire $49,000
      ICANN that week and another $44,000 at the beginning of the next week. During that
      conversation, Mr. Zupke expressed to Mr. Medina that failure to pay ICANN invoices is a breach
      of Registerflys RAA that, if unresolved, could result in proceedings to terminate Registerfly's
      On 4 December 2006, ICANN received a wire transfer from Registerfly in the amount of
      $70,000. ICANN received an additional $59,999 the next day. On both 11 December and 19
      December 2006, ICANN requested from Mr. Stansbury and Mr. Medina payment of
      Registerflys remaining balance. Mr. Medina promised that payment would be made on 22
      December 2006. No payment was received. ICANN again requested payment of the
      outstanding balance on 9 January 2007 and 2 February 2007. To date, $5,423.86 remains
      outstanding, and is over 60 days past due.
    • by Auraka ( 913542 )
      ICANN is there too little too late but then again what else is new with that useless organization.
  • by WarlockD ( 623872 ) on Friday February 23, 2007 @12:20PM (#18123596)
    I think its just me, but I just don't "trust" my webhost provider ordering my domain for me. Heck, its still hard for me to trust GoDaddy, even if they are a resonable provider, just because the name dosn't sound profesional

    Bleh, I am not hip anymore.
  • by aonaran ( 15651 ) on Friday February 23, 2007 @12:27PM (#18123742) Homepage
    The article says that Register Fly started issuing SSL certs in November, however I have one that we bought in March 2006 and I had an older one from them for a personal site.
    Not that SSL is where their issues are anyway, but I thought that I'd mention it.
    • by DA-MAN ( 17442 ) on Friday February 23, 2007 @01:14PM (#18124396) Homepage
      The article says that Register Fly started issuing SSL certs in November, however I have one that we bought in March 2006 and I had an older one from them for a personal site.
      Not that SSL is where their issues are anyway, but I thought that I'd mention it.

      Prior to Nov, they were a reseller of RapidSSL, and during the ordering process you were forwarded to RapidSSL.com to complete the transaction.

      RegisterFly started selling even cheaper ($9.99/year) chained link, ala Comodo. They bought their own chained root cert and now "issue" ssl certs on their own.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    So what happens to the domains when Register Fly goes under? Will you be able to freely get them them through other companies?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday February 23, 2007 @12:41PM (#18123948)
    Bye, bye, old RegisterFly.
    Took my addy to the webby,
    but the webby was dry.
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by oni ( 41625 )
      ... and those corporate whores have piles of money sky high
      singing, "it's so fun to make users cry"
      yeah, it's fun to make our customers cry.

  • Just wondering.

    A combination of Shutterfly and National Cash Register?

    A computer architecture with virtual registers?

    A Department of Motor Vehicles for helicars?

  • Sorry to say (Score:4, Interesting)

    by slashdot.org ( 321932 ) on Friday February 23, 2007 @02:52PM (#18125852) Homepage Journal
    As can be seen on RegisterFlies [registerflies.com], it appears that some of the officers at RegisterFly are trying to fix the problems. The new CEO claims to have put in all his private assets to make this work.

    There is some skeptisism in the forums because people aren't seeing immediate results. Well fair enough. BUT.

    There's something that bothers me a lot more though.

    Assuming that RegisterFlies doesn't make all this stuff up, then the other officers (John & Glen) keep on making very strong allegations towards Kevin Medina. (e.g. from the official statement by the new CEO John: "Mr. Medina is a selfish, cold hearted, self loving, criminal.") Well, I don't know much about the legal system, but I would suspect that any lawyer would give you the strongest advice not to even mention the guy's name until all lawsuits have been settled. I mean this is just asking for counter libel/slander (whatever the proper word is) suits.

    If you just put all your private assets into a company, why would you make it susceptible to that?

    Next, if you read the forums, people have sustained extremely serious damage. Kevin Medina may have been causing all this, a court will have to decide, but it's very likely that some very hefty lawsuits will be filed against RegisterFly by their customers (and not Kevin Medina, their contract is with RF after all). Why would anyone invest all they have into a company that is set up for this sort of trouble?

    If John and Glen are doing what is being reported on RegisterFlies, then all the power to them. I hope for them it works out, but I'm sorry to say that it's hard to see a positive future for RegisterFly.
  • Not to mention that their flyservers were shut down due to the severe weather in the NJ area (or so their cust supp ppl say)
  • First: Kevin has hacked back into RegisterFly and has redirected the merchant account and is fucking with the data. Do not, repeat, do NOT put any transactions through to renew, purchase, or transfer domains at this time.

    Second: I submitted two stories on this, with much greater detail, literally within minutes of the events taking place. This story is behind and incomplete.
  • by kimvette ( 919543 ) on Friday February 23, 2007 @06:44PM (#18129024) Homepage Journal
    From Registerflies:

    Written by Administrator
    Friday, 23 February 2007
    Site Hacked and Data Corrupted

    Attention everyone. I just received confirmation that the Registerfly site has currently been hacked into and taken over by Kevin Medina in the Florida office. I was asked to put this up here due to the amount of customers that are sending money. At this moment, they are trying to get police in Florida to arrest Kevin immediately.

    I'm relaying a message that they have asked me to put up on here. They have lost control of even the site and are locked out of the system. The data has been corrupted but they do have a back up and are scrambling to get this situation resolved.

    Your support forms on this site will be held right now and forwarded when we know the proper management team has control of the data.

    This is only what I've been told and this is currently the only medium of communication that the current management of Registerfly has. More updates soon.
  • From http://registerflies.com/component/option,com_joo m laboard/Itemid,26/func,view/id,828/catid,2/ [registerflies.com]

    KEVIN'S INFO - 2007/02/23 11:32 Kevin's Address:
    450 Alton Road
    Unit #4002
    Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Kevin's Bank:
    Citibank, N.A. BR. #46
    401 Arthur Godfrey Road
    Miami Beach, FL 33140

    Kevin's Landlord:
    Jose Frias
    90 ALTON RD #TH-11
    MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139
    01158212 234 7003 or cell 01158 416 8213853

    Kevin's building:
    The ICON: 305-695-6910

    Kevin's Mother :
    Miriam Medina
    2D Linde
    • Miriam has an alternate email address. It is: ely@iglou.com

      Open letter to Ms. Medina:

      cc also: slashdot.org readers
      registerflies.com readers

      Hello Miriam,

      PLEASE talk to your son Mr. Medina and convince him to not hold domains hostage at RegisterFly.com

      As you are probably aware, the business he founded with John is the lifeblood of the Internet, providing what is essentially street addresses in the electronic world.

      He was doing a fantastic job unt
      • Ms. Medina responds!

        her reply:

        On Fri, 2007-02-23 at 20:08 -0500, Miriam Medina wrote:
        This is harrassment for you to bother an old lady who is ill with diabetes.
        > If you don't stop this harrassment I shall report you to the authorities. I
        > am not connected to this company!

        To which I responded:

        I tried calling you only ONE time. That is NOT harassment. I merely
        called in vain effort to contact Mr. Medina in good faith as I have paid
        for domains and he has stolen my property and is doing nothing to
        • She's an utter fool. I called in good faith to try to find someone who can contact Kevin. That is NOT harassement, regardless of what she may think.

          Oh well. Phone records will show only one call was made.

          From: Miriam Medina
          To: Kimberly Lazarski
          Subject: Re: Please read this
          Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 20:46:45 -0500

          This is harrassment since you admitted calling me. Leave me alone.
          ----- Original Message -----
          From: "Kimberly Lazarski"
          To: "Miriam Medina"
          Sent: Friday, February 23, 2007 8:35 PM
    • by NeilAF ( 1067900 )
      This is Neil Frias and I have a few words to say about this debacle. First off, I am not kevin's boyfriend he is my boss. Second, why does my information need to be listed on here? I have no affect on the company. Third, as I read all these posts I sit here and say to myself "John your are very, very desperate". All of the issues created are all due to the ill willed John N. He has attempted to Fraudulently takeover the company, blocked all access to our servers, and funds. RIght now Kevin Medina and his le
      • Look,

        That information is largely public information available through phone books and similar media. I tried in vain to get through to Kevin all week, and came across that info posted elsewhere, so I did a copy and paste of that information (verbatim, byte for byte) and posted it here to help the thousands of other RegisterFly customers who are otherwise left powerless over their web presence(s).

        Aside from that:

        Based on what has gone on publicly, based on the fact that it is John and Glenn who met with ICAN
    • This seems to be turning into a circus act now. I foresee some long jail sentences for one or more of the principles once the FBI gets involved.

      With that said, I think the parent here stepped over the line in posting the personal info with "Boyfriend" and "Prostitute" attached. You may very well be looking at a Libel suit yourself here.

      It is also, never appropriate to be posting people's Mother's email accounts, phone numbers, and address to a public forum, no matter what dispute you may have with a pers
      • Looking for ANY way to get ahold of Kevin to get him to straighten out this mess. He is holding many, many Registerfly customers' domains hostage, and causing many of us to lose our domains.
        • IANAL But your posting his mother's personal information in Bold type to a public forum and then posting email correspondence between you and her to a public forum and then also posting an alternate email address for her, seems to indicate an intent to harrass.

          You have also posted potentially Libelous accusations to a public forum against Neil and James. With the implication of their sexual preferences which may fall under Federal Hate crime laws. It seems to me that (again IANAL) that you have done this
  • http://registerflies.com/official-statement-from-r egisterfly-2.html [registerflies.com]

    Search for "kevinm" which appears to be kevin, and the logged IP traceroutes to southern Florida

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