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Comment Re:Research (Score 1) 136

May be something worth crowd sourcing. My 2 cars have average mpg over time displays. Set up a small site asking for car make/model/year approximate number of miles, reported mpg and a rough description on driving style (how much highway w/ cruise vs. city w/ light to medium traffic vs city w/ stop and go). After enough entries for a particular make/model/year it should be pretty easy to see just how off the EPA "as advertised" numbers are.

FWIW my 2013 Nissan Versa is reporting 39.3mpg average over the past 50k miles... 60/40 split between high way or back country roads and city w/ medium traffic levels...

Comment Re:It was to half-assed to have a future (Score 1) 211

I recall plenty of code being printed in magazines - either computing magazines in "learning to program" articles, or in other publications like Dragon Magazine (a few character generators, a map generator, etc). But was it Free ? Probably not, at least by the current definitions. But you had access to the source....

Comment Re:This is so absolutely cool! (Score 1) 284

This will be an issue at some point.

The college I work for doesn't filter based on keywords, domain names, various lists, etc. I asked the network admin why and was told "if we try to block anything, we can be held liable for anything we don't block".

The college's solution? Get caught surfing porn and you can face loss of lab or library privileges, being forcefully withdrawn from current classes and being blocked from registering for $next_term or longer, etc. Even the possibility of the campus police issuing a trespass warning to you - come back on campus and go to jail.

Comment Re:All this crap... (Score 1) 104

"should be paying" != "congress/president spending like a drunken sailor on shore leave"

Most of us realize that we should spend less or equal to our income. Ideally, less so we can save for large purchases or retirement.

Of course, there are some that live on credit cards (or refinancing their homes at the height of the bubble and withdrawing cash to spend spend spend) but they get "caught up" eventually - usually by declaring bankruptcy.

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