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Comment Re:nuance? not on my life (Score 1) 87

i suspect you had a large number of US-based calls. nuance is an american company and their algorithm is highly tuned to the accents found there.

from my own unscientific experiements, the success rate is 0% over about 100 phrases. some got close but most were so wildly off i was wondering how the hell is could even get there. some with potentially damaging consequences (calling international numbers, former bosses, and other business acquaintances) with no way to cancel. it's also extremely inconsistent, even when spelling the same names a few times. keep in mind this is with a limited vocabulary (ie, contacts names). on free text it's even worse

Comment nuance? not on my life (Score 4, Informative) 87

has any non-us speaker actually used a nuance product (or any other voice recognition engine)?

none of them deal with even the slightest accent. hell they can't even get me the proper number when asking for a a contact on my phone, nuance can't even understand when i say "call" and often try to do a search on some garbled text

how they ever expect to be trusted for critical financial stuff is beyond me

Comment Re:s/First Female/Robyn Bergeron as/ (Score 2) 146

"And the answer here is that women generally make much better managers than men"

that's another stereotype that's patently false
i've had plenty of more than useless female manager
i've also had really bad men manager
most studies never account for actual skill level when they compare the two, or they have an agenda to propel.

of course a good "female" manager is going to be better than a bad "male" one. this has nothing to do with gender and all to do with skill, experience and individual traits

i wish all the best to robyn here though i've never heard of her. the only question that matter is "is she qualified for the job?" and the summary seem to imply that yes, she is

Comment Re:No *official* port. (Score 5, Informative) 333

there already IS an unnofficial port, im running a beta of it right now and it's miles ahead of what samsung is providing.
no random crash, or reboot, the status bar doesn't get stuck on top and i can actually answer every calls i receive (unlike the samsung rom which would make the touchscreen totally unresponsive about 25% of the time). to top it off, my battery lasts around 2-3 days instead of the 18 hours i was getting

Comment Re:Why should we trust openssl? (Score 1, Interesting) 53

i don't know about gnutls's maturity,

but polarssl does not seem to support renegotiation, that to me indicates it's a pretty bad choice for a vpn which you expect to be up 100% of the time and pass significant traffic. looks like the dutchies just wanted SOMETHING they had made locally in an approved software, security be damned!

Comment Re:Why? (Score -1) 238

they dont get the credit. they get the bitching.

java's garbage collector is horrible, probably the worst of all VM. that's exactly why you always hear about it
but it's the old "bad publicity is good publicity" trick, because we always hear about java's garbage everyone assume they're the only language to have one and they want garbage collection (who wouldn't? no one likes trash piling up on their front door!)

Comment improvement (Score 1) 381

this is actually an improvement over their current practices.

they've been billing based on usage for years now, but they charge 8$/GB instead of 1.12$.

unless the article meant Gb, in which case it's meaningless and just validates their current business model


Submission + - Managing Requests: How does your business do it?

Feyr writes: Many businesses have a process to manage requests (purchasing, new services, modification, etc) that rely on countless spreadsheets based on a myriad of different templates, each of them being copied, emailed and modified in an ad-hoc way. i need not say this quickly becomes tedious. I've been tasked to find a replacement to such a system: The way I envision this would be a sort of web portal that would contain form templates to be filled out by the requester and stored in a database. those templates would be web-based and web-creatable and each of them being assigned one or more manager that can approve or act upon a request. managers could create new forms just by clicking a button and placing standard text fields on it

this is of course only a single possible way to do it, how does your business deal with these requests?

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