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MTV Does Games This Week 30

MTV is taking another crack at a 'Gamer's Week' this week, and they're already showing they've learned since last year. Offering programming that's about 100x more respectful than anything at G4 (thank you Stephen Totilo), Gamer's Week 2.0 (really obnoxious Flash) will offer up many segments all week long on the next-gen consoles, upcoming and popular released games, and even some games industry esoterica. From the GameSetWatch article: "Tuesday, 11/14 — The spotlight falls on video game classics on Sucker Free as it features special Pro-Gamers, like Triforce from Empire Arcadia, the first fully realized urban gaming clan seeking prize money in organized competitions and arcade hustling, Dana Platt from 'VOA: Valkyries of Arcadia' and David 'Walshy' Walsh from Kianeto gaming clothing, and a look back at Tetris, Grand Theft Auto 3, Pacman and Super Mario Bros."
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MTV Does Games This Week

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  • From the TV ads most of the games they will be playing is Halo2
  • What is this? TV Guide? Game journalism is bad. TV journalism is worse. TV game journalism is horrible.
  • by revlayle ( 964221 ) on Monday November 13, 2006 @03:30PM (#16827194) Homepage
    "100x more respectful than anything at G4"

    Anything times zero... is still zero!!!!
  • Great. (Score:3, Funny)

    by Megane ( 129182 ) on Monday November 13, 2006 @03:33PM (#16827238) Homepage
    So when will they get back to playing music again? (as opposed to the "c-is-silent" noise)
    • "So when will they get back to playing music again? (as opposed to the "c-is-silent" noise)"

      This "noise" they call music! They need to go back to playing Benny Goodman and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. Now THAT is real music! Those young whippersnappers have no idea what they are missing!
    • Man, I miss the original MTV with Martha Quinn []... :-) Of course, I was a freshman in college during its first year, so its timing was absolutely perfect as far as I was concerned!
  • Games on MTV? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by turbopunk ( 806995 ) <> on Monday November 13, 2006 @03:41PM (#16827390)
    What, MTV, aka Music Television, is showing games . . . ?

    MTV doesn't even show music, but they're showing games?

    Well, I guess if they show games, the background music will cause them to play more music in an hour then they have so far this year . . .
    • I'm sure it will all be about games that cause unbearable pain - they'll probably unveil a new gamming peripheral which a person can attach to their genitalia and which gives a strong electric shock everytime you loose a life ("Jackass the gaming enhancer"?).
      • I see the unveiling of a new peripheral that the ignored SO can attach to their genitalia which gives an intense orgasm for every night she goes ignored so that her loser SO can ingrease his XBox Live Gamerscore. Oh wait, he'd have to have a SO first for this to be useful....
  • .. with their 'video mods', a series that had video game characters bopping along to various songs. The one I saw featured top-heavy bloodsucker Bloodrayne and her friends rocking out to Everybody's Fool. Which was, funnily enough, shown about the time Bloodrayne 2 was being released.
  • I suspect this will suffer from the same 'puff piece syndrome' that most MTV movie specials, in fact most movie specials on all channels, have. Which is that the shows are in fact little more than a series of tedious interviews with the movies producers, offering virtually no insight into the movie or the production of the movie itself.
  • Best fit (Score:3, Interesting)

    by The-Bus ( 138060 ) on Monday November 13, 2006 @03:56PM (#16827614)
    I know gaming is more "adult" nowadays but I can't think of any network other than MTV/MTV2 that would be a better fit to talk about video games. The problem with G4 is that it crams a bunch of crap to fill its 24 hours. Look at the most updated gaming blogs and you see that they stretch for fresh content. Honestly, 22-24 minutes of video is about all you need in a week to talk about games. Just do it each week.

    I'm honestly surprised it has taken MTV this long to start covering games. And it's not like they can't occasionally deal with "softer" issues smartly. MTV in the 90s had a very good show on movies that ran on Fridays. It profiled whatever big release there was but did a great job of profiling independent/smaller/foreign releases that didn't hit minor markets (stuff like Reservoir Dogs or Johnny Suede come to mind). It usually did a better job than most critic segments on TV.

    Where else would gaming reporting "fit"? I can't think of any currently existing network where it makes sense for them to report on games. Maybe one of the news networks could have a gaming piece on its weekend entertainment shows but that audience is very old. I would imagine the same can be said about New York Times readers but that didn't stop their E3 Blog. I'm sure The Rocky Mountain News skews older too but they have occasional great gaming coverage.

    You'd think newspapers would be all over this. With one or two staff members you can deliver a lot of content and with a big news name behind you, it's easier to get a scoop. Newspaper circulation is falling and younger readers aren't arriving... in print. Overall circulation (counting the internet) is up, and including smart, original/exclusive game coverage can add to that. You're adding fuel to the fire, capturing readership outside of your market that usually doesn't read your paper, and capturing a younger audience.

    The only media that regularly covers games and treats them equally to film and music are magazines. Aside from strictly gaming mags, men's magazines (Maxim, Playboy) and entertainment magazines also report on games. Occasionally you see something insightful in Time or Newsweek. If was Nintendo, I'd be buying some ad space in Redbook and Seventeen. Can you imagine this Ladies Home Journal cover in 2012?

    • 5 Tips to Great Casserole.
    • 18 Easy Holiday Shortcuts.
    • Scoop! We Find the Hidden Characters in DNF.

    With it sitting next to a People cover with a very airbrushed Cliffy B smiling and talking about his love of cats.

    OK. On the other hand maybe let's just stick to what we have now.
  • So this special is 100% more respectful than what's shown on G4, yet still manages to be about 110% less respectable than late-night Cinemax or professional wrestling.

    Seriously, am I the only one who feels like I should lock the door and draw the blinds when I'm watching television shows about video games? There's something about this sort of 'telejournalism' that just seems to echo and amplify the perceived social failures of its audience, and as a result, feels like the dirty little secret you have to h
  • Xfire (being an MTVN property now) has a bunch of events set up for this, too: []

  • Simply put: what is an urban gaming clan?
  • "Sucker Free?" Is that some sort of area where lollipops are prohibited? Not that MTV has ever been particularly good at naming shows. "Yo, MTV Raps" and "Headbanger's Ball" spring immediately to mind. Bah, I'm getting old.

    Anyway, I play games fairly regularly. That said, I'm not so sure gaming deserves respect. To me it's a hobby, and putting a camera on it doesn't legitimize it as a profession any more than it would legitimize armpit farts (although I'm sure a certain portion of the population would
    • I'm not sure of the intentions, either. However, it seems to me that putting a program named "Sucker Free" on MTV, which is by far one of the largest disseminators of throwaway 'consumer culture' in our society, is either the height of irony or a new gold standard of hubris. You make the call.
    • by Galz ( 1027042 )
      Yes, you are getting old. Nothing deserves respect. Excellence in anything, whether it's gaming, sports, or other activities, gets respect only if people care to give it. You're just not ready to do that for gaming because its popularity and the legitimacy it has received has grown faster than you expected it to. Besides, I doubt anyone (even those in the video game) expects Monday Night Madden to supplant Monday Night Football. But pro gaming and at least the popularity of gaming are here to stay, whe
      • But pro gaming and at least the popularity of gaming are here to stay.

        If nothing else, the lack of posts under this topic -- on the "News For Nerds" site, of all places -- should be something of an indicator. Anyway, here are the problems in simple, easily digestible, line item form, since you keep making straw man arguments and attacking my analogies instead of the meat.

        1) Watching gaming, if it's popular with anyone, will only be popular with a very narrow segment of the youth. Young kids will get bored
        • by Galz ( 1027042 )
          No need to mention nerds. My point about those guys was that the implication that gamers are nerds is becoming less and less true.

          Straw man? Ok I guess. Your MNF vs. MNM analogy along with the rest of that paragraph shows that you are trying to fit the culture of gamers into your frame of what deserves respect. From you. Or golf watchers? Anyway, it's apparent that you don't like the fact that gamers are getting TV coverage, because it's just pushing buttons. But it's ok. You're getting old. You

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