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Comment Re:Speed and cost (Score 1) 294

Definitely agreed.

I'm not an anti-social asshole (as some have suggested). In this exact scenario, I want to skip any potential lineup, talk, generalized bullshit, and get to sleep.

I hope I have a great human concierge service, and even just a front desk/bellhop that I can talk to about the area, or any issues I may have. I even love meeting the housekeeper responsible for my room...more towels :)

I guess I came off harsh...I don't want no humans at all, but anything that gets me in my room, comfortable & resting faster is a good thing in my book :)

Comment Re:Speed and cost (Score 4, Insightful) 294

This really is everything.

Imagine for a second I'm a poor bastard that has been travelling for the last 30 hours. Between flights, security, check-in-delays, etc...I'm fucking BEAT.

I just want to get in my fucking hotel room as fast as is humanly possible.

People are (generally) slow. Inefficient. Worse..talkative.

Bring on the machine!

Comment Re:Computers in Guns? (Score 4, Insightful) 1013

Because some idiots can't be responsible, then those of us who can must suffer having our rights reduced?


Look, I'm a gun nut myself. I grew up around guns, I know guns, I have guns, I use guns.

Shit, I'm even smart enough to know that "freedom isn't free" - that our freedoms have been paid throughout history in blood.

But shit...massacre after massacre...children, families, lives ruined...84 gun-related deaths a day. How much blood must be shed? How many innocent people have to die before we realize that our willingness to kill each other is the fucking problem?

You said above you have no problem with an intruder dying. Honestly...think about this for a second. You come home, find someone robbing your home, and shoot the fucker. He's a 15 year old unarmed kid stealing shit. Or a 40-year-old unarmed asshole robbing your place. Yeah, he made some shitty choices obviously, but does he deserve to die? Are you really prepared to live with that choice? What about cases like Zimmerman - regardless of the circumstances and the actual facts surrounding it, he killed an unarmed teenager.

I don't hate guns at all. As I said somewhere in this thread, if its him or me (or my family) about to die, I'll pull the trigger. I'll protect my family, and I'll kill or be killed to see them safe from harm. But honestly, if you see this as anything but a last resort, then you're a part of the problem, not the solution.

Comment Re:TSA, terrorism, gun control, and mass shootings (Score 0, Flamebait) 354

OK, I realize this is a slippery slope argument I'm making, but really?

I should have nukes then. The government does! Grenades, flame throwers, unmanned drones, full-auto weapons. Your argument poses no restriction other than "If the government has it, so should I".

And people think I'm crazy.

Comment Re:TSA, terrorism, gun control, and mass shootings (Score 1, Insightful) 354

This is a fucking retarded argument.

Please...rise up against the government. I dares ya.

Your converted .223 to full-auto will hold you out against the US Military for...wait, who the fuck are we kidding? You'd be dead before you saw someone to shoot at.

Realistically, if someone wants you dead....actually dead...its the same thing. One legally-purchased .50 sniper rifle and you're a corpse before you even hear the report of the weapon. Shit, I bust your window, set off your alarm, and wait crouched in the window till I see you. One shot, blam, you're dead without ever laying eyes on your attacker.

Its as much security theatre as the TSA.

Comment Re:Computers in Guns? (Score 1) 1013

Here, let me tell you a story.

I bought a house. 2 weeks in, I'm watching TV with my wife in the basement. We're going up to bed (upstairs, 2nd floor), when on the main floor I find a strange guy in my kitchen.

What. The. Fuck.

Now, seriously, before you continue this story...what do you do? There's a stranger in my house, in my shit. I don't know if he's dangerous. I don't know if he's armed. What DO you do?

If your answer is "There's a fucker in my house, shoot!" - you just killed the former homeowner's 18 year old son. Seems he got all kinds of fucked up at the bar, and walked "home" - forgetting where home now was. The doors were locked, new keys cut, but apparently there was a window that doesn't latch properly that he knew about and he got in that way just thinking he got locked out of his house.

Honestly, in my own opinion, if you're discharging your firearm to kill before your life is actually in danger, you deserve the same punishment as if the guy had actually killed you. You're no better than the fucking're just another asshole with a gun.

Comment Re:Computers in Guns? (Score 0) 1013

I guess that's where we have to agree to disagree. Look...if its some asshole who intends me or my family death vs the assholes life, I'll take the asshole's life. But honestly...discharging my weapon at another human being is my absolutle LAST fucking resort. Quite bluntly, I'm VERY bothered by how many gun nuts seem to think that killing some asshat that wants to steal their shit is somehow acceptable.

I have guns....I have kids. I've taught them well...they know the proper safe use of a firearm, they know the rules, etc. And still - all my weapons are in locked gun safes with triggerlocks on the weapons themselves. You know why? Because they're fucking kids, and kids sometimes make stupid fucking decisions.

Its not just us gun owners being good parents...what about the friend fo the kid that comes over to play & finds one of those guns you have stashed in your house? Has he been trained? Is he responsible? Or is he going to play around and accidentially shoot your kid in the face? What about your teenager raiding your booze, getting fucked up, coming accross your stashed guns & being stupid. What about your kid getting bullied at school, getting depressed, taking your "hidden" gun to school and killing 6 of his classmates? What about your autistic adult child that takes that .223 semi-auto rifle under your bed to a shchool and killing 20 Grade 1 students & 6 adults?

That's the problem...WE are responsible people. WE teach our kids gun safety. WE make sure our families know how to use a firearm. WE make sure safety is drilled into their fucking heads. Because WE know just how fucking dangerous guns can be. WE are responsible gun owners.

But WE are not the only gun owners out there. "You can take my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands". Bitch, please do the world a favor and just fucking blow your own brains out with it before you take out an innocent.

On average, 84 people die daily accross the USA in gun-related deaths. Every. Single. Day. This is the blood price of the 2nd Amendment. May god have mercy on our souls.

Comment Re:Computers in Guns? (Score 1, Flamebait) 1013

You want a better way to protect yourself, where nobody will likely die?

Buy a fucking alarm for your house.

Everything're fucking stupid. Your gun doesn't make you safer...if anything, it makes your and anyone in your household's lives more at risk. If you've got your guns properly locked in a safe, then they're worthless "in an emergency"'ll never get to them in time. If they're not properly stored, than you're opening your family up to one of the thousands of accidential deaths and suicides that happen every year.

Comment Re:GO UNIONS! (Score 3, Insightful) 674

What it comes down to, is you're both right.

Executive pay has gone fucking apeshit in comparison to worker pay. Its fucking pathetic. BUT...executive pay is NOT really a reason why companies fail. In the overall scheme of things, it amounts to dick/year in expenses.

BUT - if management was expecting everyone to eat a 20% pay cut, they should eat the same dick too.

That said, Hostess is a clusterfuck of a company. Their sales are shit, AND they were pillaged by a pair of VC firms to the tune of somewhere around $700 Million. That asspile of debt IS a contributing factor, although bluntly nobody is really buying that processed shit anymore either.

The union...well, their blame is they ended up with 0% of their original pay instead of 80% of it. I can't say I blame the staff for not wanting to take a pay cut, but I'd also rather have a job.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 428

What fucking braindead shit is this?

I have music I purchased on Amazon. Unlocked MP3, DRM free.

I have music I purchased on iTunes. Unlocked AAC, DRM free, convertable to MP3 in 1 in-program operation.

Audible - fucking IRRELIVANT. 3rd party company. DRM'd to shit. Not applicable to the argument on either side.

Now - WAS Apple always this permissive with music on iTunes? No. Who's fault was that? THE FUCKING MUSIC COMPANIES DEMANDING DRM'D TO FUCKING SHIT MUSIC.

For fuck's sake people...its one thing to be loyal to a product. Its another to be a blind fanatic. And its another entirely to lie your fucking balls off to score a point for "your team".

Comment Re:Frand? (Score 1) 283

I'm not sure the 4G LTE patents in question are FRAND-based.

If they are....well then Samsung is just being an asshole, and while their claims would be held up in court, it is of minimal effect to Apple - they just pay the proper FRAND terms.

If they're not....then Apple is going to get faceraped, and justly so.

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