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Sony Online Licenses Unreal Engine for DC MMOG 50

GameDaily is reporting that Sony Online Entertainment has licensed the Unreal Engine 3 for use in creating next-gen videogames. One title that is confirmed will be using the technology is their upcoming Massively Multiplayer game set in the DC comic universe. SOE has also announced a new complete version of Star Wars Galaxies, which will include Empire Divided and all of the expansions.
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Sony Online Licenses Unreal Engine for DC MMOG

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  • Anyone else read "A new complete version of SWG" as "A completely new version of SWG"? I actually thought for a moment, "Well, at this point, starting over from scratch is probably not the worst idea..."

    I'll be surprised if they can beat CoH/CoV with a superhero themed game though. There are things I think could be done better in CoH/V, but I don't think Sony can do 'em.
    • $10 says this game project:
      - Doesn't get finished, or
      - Ends up not using the Unreal 3 engine, or
      - Ends up not being a MMOG.
      • "$10 says this game project:
        - Doesn't get finished, or
        - Ends up not using the Unreal 3 engine, or
        - Ends up not being a MMOG."

        Do you have any reasoning behind this, or are you just trashing SOE?

        I say this not in defense of SOE, but I'm curious if there are any good reasons that I'm not already aware of?
        • I reckon they'll probably have trouble adapting the Unreal 3 engine into a MMOG.
          • Guess again; Sigil is using the Unreal 2.5 engine for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, with plans to upgrade to version 3 in the future. Seeing as the game is already in beta, I'm assuming they've been successful.
  • That's great, 30 bucks to go play with all the whiny babies in SWG again... Thanks but I'll pass.

    The only way they could ever "save" SWG would be to find a way to make the people worth playing with outnumber those who are not worth playing with, if they could do that the state of the gameplay would be highly irrelivant.
    • You can say the same about a lot of MMOs. I used to really like playing Planetside (now there is a use for the Unreal 3 engine), but I ended up quitting because of all the jackasses. Trying to level your command rank was like trying to herd cracked out cats with ADD.
      • That may be true... but the only MMOs I have heard of having this problem are SOE manged ones.

        And the pure negativity of SWG is by far the worst gameing experince I have ever had. I wish I had quit sooner.
        • No, its every MMO. Lets face it- 90% of the people in the world are either assholes, morons, or both. MMO players fall into the same ratio.
          • i dissagree... CoH/V is very moron free after just 10 levels. I usually play pick-ups and would say that the ratio of nimrods to good players is 10%, not 90%. the lack of loot, and that you need to actually put a little thought into you costume insted of just using whatever artwork the devs decided to put on that new piece of armor you spend 3 days camping for keeps a LOT of the immature, morons away... or atleast they get frustrated with the fact that their lvl 30 is just as powerfull as your lvl 30.
      • Trying to level your command rank was like trying to herd cracked out cats with ADD.

        In Planetside, the trick is to get hooked up with a good outfit. Sadly, there are very few. I switched several times before I found one that I liked, and I've been with them for over a year.

        However, it may relieve your frustrations, but it won't necessarily make it faster. Good outfits have policies that set priority for who gets to lead a squad and earn CEP. It may take you a while to bubble to the top of the senio

    • Alright, a box full of shit for $30 just in time for christmas? It's like my childhood all over again!!

      All jokes aside, they just need to scrap the game and go back to the drawing board. SWG use to be a great game, engaging, etc.etc. Not going to go into the whole rant, you all have heard it before. Yet another reason why I dislike $ony, god... I am almost to the point where I dislike them more then Microsoft. (Hey, I said almost!!)
    • Re:Sony... (Score:2, Informative)

      by tomstdenis ( 446163 )
      This will get modded down but ...

      Consider the pool you're playing in. Most online RPG players spend considerable time in their "investments" [which in and of itself isn't "bad"] and forgo the usual sociallizing that most others take part in.

      So you're basically playing with a bunch of anti-socials, who are almost certainly young and really aren't playing the game to relax or have fun. They're on a mission. So of course they'll grief and cheat to get ahead. They think they're accomplishing something when a
      • by Jaeph ( 710098 )
        I hope you never get double-teamed in basketball. Talk about griefing.

        • Re:Sony... (Score:3, Insightful)

          by tomstdenis ( 446163 )
          Generally anything that is physically safe and prevents you from accomplishing your goal would be something acceptable in my books. The griefers on online games I'm talking about usually sacrifice the goals of the game to ensure that you can't participate.

          I guess you can grief in the real world except there people tend to frown on the behaviour. And since the griefer can see the negative attention they can be less likely to continue it.

          • Unfortunately there is little that can be done in life without someone 'greifing'. I am using that term for lack of an appropriate on. However we all learn to deal with it. While it will be interesting to see what Sony does with the Unreal engine, however the announcement of the release of a new updated "SWG Complete" is kind off expected. Now, they are trying to make more money and hook more subscribers, let's face it they have surprisingly picked up some people and have now a somewhat stable player base,
        • yeah I know what you mean, team sports are the worst for greifing :P
          I remember the first time I played nose tackle on football team and got triple teamed by 3 O-Linemen cause they wanted to QB sneak. . . To this day I still can't feel some parts of my left leg.
      • That is not the kind of complaining I am talking about.

        I am with you, I have little time to play and try to get maximum enjoyment from it, the whineing in SWG is of another nature... imagine if 14 of the 16 people (these being your 8 hour plus "vetrans") in that SOCOM game instead of playing sat around and repeated "this game used to be better I want it to be like it was" over and over.

        To put it another way:

        A man walks into a doctor's office and says "It hurts when I play SOE MMOs."
        The doctor after a moment
    • The problem is one you find in many MMORPGs.

      Usually you have your crew of players you stick to. People you can trust, people who're there for the multiplayer experience and achieving something (albeit very virtual and very "pointless") and not for the dick prostetic.

      When the number of those people starts to decline rapidly, it's time to move on yourself.
    • The only way they could ever "save" SWG would be to find a way to make the people worth playing with outnumber those who are not worth playing with, if they could do that the state of the gameplay would be highly irrelivant.

      I wonder if there could be a technical solution for this. Maybe a kind of Bayesian filter that would let you tag peoples as "friend" or "jackass". People would be splitted into servers with people they like. And maybe we could add "unlinkable" (if both people link each other as su

      • One little thing... to me the eletist buttholes are the ones I don't consider worth playing with.

        Is it in turn eletist to say that I only really want to play with people who are fun to play with not the "full timers" who tend to suck the fun out of everything.
  • Maybe it was just me, but did anyone else see the headline and think, "wow, they're making a MMORPG for Dreamcast??!?!?!?"
  • by dlc3007 ( 570880 ) on Friday July 21, 2006 @01:21PM (#15758225)

    Put the word "Sony" on the front of the box.

    Seriously, they've done such a bad job with their MMOs that they should seriously think about changing their name. The only way they could sell fewer games would be to sell them with free anthrax.

  • Hope it's something good this time, Sony isn't exactly famous for good quality MMO games (Yes I'm not an SWG fan).
    Although it's really nice to see some MMO's being made in extreme (read: good) graphics engines. Good luck!
  • The first game that I heard of using the Unreal 3 engine for an MMORPG was APB. It's a "cops and robbers" type of game that is the brainchild of the original creator of GTA. The game isn't due out until 2007-2008, but it looks like it will be some good stuff.

    I don't know about the rest of you folks, but that is finally getting gaming to the point where I've wanted it to be since the original GTA. A completely real-time, modern day world that you can run around in from a first person point of view has som

    • Pssst. See that door that leads "outside"? Use it.

      ...pause for laughter...

      Of course I know what you really mean by that, but still. I'm not necessarily looking forward to games like that because I'm not a fan of the whole "sandbox" style of gameplay which has become so prevalent in the recent years. To me, games are about the story, about becoming the character and living vicariously through them. GTA3+ did this well, by giving a storyline but still providing the ability to just cruise around
    • Well seeing that Unreal3 is like an industry standard for games. Just go to unreal engines's site and look at all the games that have been made over the years. And the ones that have been announced, and probably a lot more that havnt been, or are not listed on the site.

      Basically almost all games are made on a handful of engines now. Unreal, Quake(Doom), Renderware are the main players (Almost every EA Game is on Renderware). Not a huge ammount of companies roll their own anymore and if they do, its with th
  • The Dreamcast is coming back? Sweet!
  • when SWG is just a footnote in news about a game that hasn't yet been released.
  • If you were a comic fan, why not play City of Heroes? It has 2 years of maturity, massive amounts of content, has been kept graphically up to date and is gorgeous (and can put a 7900GTX through the paces, I can add)... I guess we'll have to see what it's like, but I don't see how DC translates into an MMO anyhow. I guess I'll wait to see the features, but I remain incredibly skeptical they can overcome what CoH has done in 6.5+ years in total development.

    As for SWG... isn't it dead yet?
    • The reason why CoX can put cutting-edge video hardware 'through its paces' is because it's excruciatingly CPU-bound and its geometry was assembled with no eye toward efficiency.
    • I admit I had the same reaction, namely "Comic book MMO? Been there, done that." But in reality, that's like saying that UO or EQ were the end all be all of fantasy MMOs. You can make another MMO in the same genre and still make a compelling, yet different, experience.

      It will be interesting to see how it turns out, and whether it's any good, but I certainly hope it's a lot better than CoH, simply so that I have something else that's fun to play.

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