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Comment You are a special snowflake (Score 1) 196

You are an outlier. Your personal interests and professional skills are tightly aligned in a way that very few other people ever develop themselves. To expect to find a large pool of candidates who are similar to yourself is completely unrealistic.

It takes a certain type of exceptional individual to make a small company work. There are only so many of those people in the world. As companies grow, expectations need to change. Primary among those is the expectation that a new employee will be able to perform a number of different roles. The reason that the prior generation of the company was able to pick up many roles is because it happened organically. As tasks needed to be completed and as new challenges arose, people stepped up to the plate and tackled them because they had to.

The challenge that you are currently facing is that there are too many IT related tasks to do, and not enough people with the skills to do them. The solution to that challenge is not to expect engineers to become IT people. The solution is that management needs to create an IT department, or an IT position and staff it with IT people. Just as you would not expect an accountant to perform engineering work, even though both involve math and numbers, you cannot expect someone whose focus is on engineering to perform IT work.

Comment Re:Google envy (Score 1) 353

I was about to say the same thing. I use Win10 Enterprise at work at Win10 Professional (free upgrade from Win7) at home. Work obviously does not have any ads. I must be desensitized to ads on the home version because I do not have the same level of 'hatred' for them that all of the stories that I have seen over the last year lead me to believe that I should.

The only thing that irks me about Win10 is that it seems to keep asking me if I want to continue using my non-MS programs as the default. For example, I use VLC. I ran the VLC function to associate all media types with VLC. Yet every time I open a 'new' media type that I haven't opened previously, Windows asks me if I want to continue using VLC.

I think that there might be some random ads or what not that pop up on the tiles when I click the Start button, but I do not really pay attention to them.

Where else in the OS am I supposed to be seeing these ads that everyone seems to hate so much?

Comment Happens all the time (Score 1) 169

Something extremely similar happened to my company last month. An EMC tech was onsite to work on the Isilon system. He was supposed to issue a command to put one of the nodes into maintenance mode. Instead he put the entire cluster into maintenance mode.

Needless to say, he is not welcome back. Ever.

Not to put myself above anyone else, I made a similar mistake a couple of years ago. I wrote a script that checked a csv input against a list of computers in Active Directory. It was supposed to delete all of the servers not on the list. Instead it deleted all of the servers on the list. It was pretty easy to fix with another script that rejoined all of them to the domain. None the less it was a pretty major fuck up, and one that I should have caught if I had tested my code properly.

Comment Re:This has to be a 4chan joke... (Score 1) 917

Woman convinces beta male to have "open relationship" so she can fuck alphas on the side, SHOCKING beta with no game can't score

Exactly my thoughts. (Presumably) attractive woman in Silicon Valley seduces nerd, convinces him he is the "primary" in the relationship and then spends her time fucking other guys.

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