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Comment Re:Budgest re-adjustment... (Score 1) 124

What about realizing that it's impossible to define security for the vast diversity of setups we all use and forget about compliance but instead draft a list of bad stuff that shouldn't happen (leaking customer info for instance) and make a law that says that companies have to do whatever they have to to avoid the things on that list. Incident would be interpreted as negligence and heavily fined.

Comment Re:No audio here thank god (Score 5, Insightful) 321

Websites that (successfully) make noise at me are one of my pet hates.

That's why I think it's awesome that HTML5 includes sound. You can't block the sound from a plugin that's executable code that does whatever it wants, however browser makers (and extension writers) can put settings options to let you opt-out for the sounds. Or prevent things from playing until you switch to the tab that wants to play them.

Comment Re:The competition is OSX (Score 1) 792

The CLI is there to stay because we like it. You don't have to use it but it is much more convenient than GUIs for many tasks. For instance, what is more convenient?:

1: Open Gimp (or Photoshop), File -> Open -> foo.tiff -> File -> save as -> foo.png
2: Open a Terminal -> "convert foo.tiff foo.png"

Sure we *could* do without the CLI, but it makes your life so much easier when you use it.

Beside, Microsoft did work on its own CLI, they called it Powershell and you can download it for XP or Vista. Not as elegant as the ones we have but at least, they aliased all the unix commands that are equivalent to their own.

Comment Re:PDFs? (Score 1) 843

*maybe* it's worth giving a try again.. I kept up with Word Perfect post 5.1 since I truly loved it (and still truly miss reveal codes)

That feature would not be possible in Word. Wordperfect documents are a stream of text and tags (just like html) which makes reveal code trivial, Word has objects inside objects inside other objects until you reach turtles.

There's also "Make it fit" that others never managed to copy.

I'm not sure which mistakes you speak (I used word back then) and only switched to WordPerfect at version 13. Then I switched to Linux and Open Office but I miss Wordperfect. In any case, the reason why I like WordPerfect is because I don't fight against it like I do in the others. And it's not because I'm more used to it, I used the others for a larger amount of time.

Comment Re:No, that's bullshit, ever heard of De Gaulle? (Score 5, Informative) 433

The ~referendum that Zelaya was planning might well have been unconstitutionnal, but he didn't get to do it. Hence he did not break the constitution. Therefore the coup cannot begin to be justified by this stupid talking point.

Yes he did. If you read their constitution, you'll see that there's a section that cannot be changed or amended about the president serving only one term (too many dictator presidents clinging to power) and that it's even illegal for a government official to talk about changing it. According to the constitution, that person would lose his position and be barred from the government altogether for a period of 10 years.

Therefore, he did break the constitution and the moment he did so, wasn't president anymore.

Comment Re:Microsoft is a great engineering company. (Score 1, Interesting) 560

> Right off the wheel, I would say that if Microsoft is so terrible, why is no one in the FOSS movement able to come up with an IDE consistently as good as Visual Studio?

We tend not to like IDEs very much.

> Why is it that the state of the art in FOSS Office applications still has less features than Office 2000?

Because it doesn't?

> If Microsoft is such a shoddy company, where's the VB for Linux?

There: Or Python / Ruby with Qt / Gtk, depending what you mean by "VB". Or Mono.

> If I look around Linux, the only big thing that's innovative is KDE 4.

You didn't look very hard didn't you? The most innovative thing I saw recently is how perl 6 reinvented regexes, I can't wait for it to spread to other languages.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 170

Kindle doesn't work outside the US, period. We Canadians don't get it either(though I suspect that has something to do with our world-renowned awful telcos and monopolistic nationally propped up book broker Indigo more then anything else.)

This is not an excuse. They just have to deliver it via wifi and for those who can't use that, make a little sync app. If they are not in Canada, it's because they don't want to.

Comment Re:porting to WINE? (Score 1) 470

I already knew Picasa in Linux was just the Windows version in the wrapper, but Google Earth was always expressed as being a native Linux build.

It's shameful given that it's written with Qt which makes writing cross-platform apps much easier. I have no idea what they rely on that's Windows only.

Chromium entered alpha stage which is Google speak for actual beta (as beta is Google speak for release). It's quite stable, speedy and a great browser if you can live without flash and with ads. You should give it a try.

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