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Official GP2X SDK Released 41

gizmateer writes "According to Gizmos for Geeks, GamePark Holdings, Inc. has officially released the GP2X SDK. The GP2X source is available for Windows and Linux developers on the GP2X site. If you need more library source, GPH provides the contact and GPH will provide it on the developers' forum. GPH mentions that you can get most of the library from the Internet, as Dev-C++ for GP2X was coded with the source code which is already opened on the Internet. The GP2X makers have gone a long way since being accused of not understanding the GPL."
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Official GP2X SDK Released

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  • GPL? (Score:4, Informative)

    by Oscaro ( 153645 ) on Thursday June 08, 2006 @09:43AM (#15494035) Homepage
    The GP2X makers have gone a long way since being accused of not understanding the GPL.

    Actually, they still don't understand it. MPlayer is embedded in the GP2X firmware in a modified version (using the custom mpeg decoding hardware), but no source code for it has been released.
  • If I understand correctly, aren't the hardware specs open?
    If so, is there even a need for the missing source code? With the hardware specs available, (I don't know if they actually are), it should be possible to re-implement the entire system from scratch, if need be. (Yes, extra, unnecessary work, but at least possible.)
    It would be cool to have all the source, but even if some of it is missing (for shame!), it doesn't really restrict the use of the device, right? Because someone can always, for example, d
    • You supposedly can network over USB with the current firmware. Telnet, HTTP, and FTP minimally.

      I wouldnt know as I bought mine from I tried upgrading the firmware to the latest to try all this new functionality out. Finally found a card that the thing would upgrade with (almost any SD card works for normal use, but only CERTAIN cards can be used to upgrade). Finally get my "Upgrading Firmware..." screen. But it never goes away. 15 minutes later and with help from peeps on #gp2xdev, decided
      • Hey thanks for the tips!!
        I'm still seriously considering it.

        I _really_ want something I can use for recording about 2 hours of audio however. It's the one "feature" that is really holding me back from getting one. I realize I may have to get an iRiver for that purpose, but I can't get both so I was hoping to be able to do it with the GP2X. Why don't hardware makers realize the incredible usefulness of a line-in??
        I can't believe the number of Mp3 players on the market that you can't use to RECORD.

        Still, the
        • I had a Rio PmP300, PmP500, then a 256M iRiver. The iRiver blew me away. I now have an 899-T and I use the line-in at 320k to hook up to a reel-to-reel and other odd devices to record some great stuff. I had Rush: Exit Stage Left on Betamax tape. Hooked the iRiver to the headphone out on the Beta Hi-Fi and it sounds great. I dont feel like lugging that equipment to my computer to digitize so the iRiver rocks. Having a line-in would rock on the GP2X.

          Someone did make a USB host hub and sold them. But i
      • Yes, FTP and telnet both work perfectly though I've not really tried the web server (I've looked at the sample page, but I don't really have much use for it). There is also a Samba server built in, so you can copy files using that (though FTP is faster) and there is a 3rd party Samba client available which is good for testing programs (rather than copying it over each time you recompile, you can just mount a shared directory then run the program using telnet). In reply to somebody further up the message tr
    • You can hook it up via USB to a host machine and get it on the network that way - telnet, http and ftp server is on the gpx2.
  • I remember seeing the GP2X mentioned on slashdot many months ago. My iPAQ broke three weeks ago, and I was looking for something to play games on (yeah, I stopped using it as a PDA.) I just remembered about the GP2X yesterday and bought one... and now this article comes up. Now I really can't wait to get it!
    • You are in for a treat. It is a great device. I'd recommend getting the case for it. The power supply is a must as well as some good high output ni-mh batteries. TV adapter is a good addition
      • was out of cases when I ordered. I can get power supplies locally or from digikey if need be, and I have some good nimh batteries. I did forget to get a TV adapter though, d'oh! I'll probably just order from some other place to get the accessories later.
        • You are better off getting a DS case for it. The DS and GP2X are nearly identical sizes, DS cases are generally sturdier and you can get them much more cheaply (I managed to find a second-hand one for 50p).
          • Original GBA cases also work great. My gf got me one a while back but when I got my DS I didn't have much use for it (the DS was only slightly too big.) The GP2X fits right in there, though, and there's even room for a cardreader, extra SD cards, and a spare set of batteries.
  • by Tribbles ( 218927 ) on Thursday June 08, 2006 @07:22PM (#15498699) Homepage
    I've ported one of my games which I'd written with the SDL, but I wouldn't say it's for the general public yet:

    - I had to take the unit apart to get one of the speakers working (and solder it back on).
    - The memory card supplied with it didn't work properly
    - The headphone socket doesn't appear to work at all
    - The joystick's very dicky.
    - The build quality isn't the highest.
    - There's a slight lack of coherence between the applications.
    - The top buttons are too easy to press accidentally.

    Apart from that, not too bad. Price should be a bit lower with more sales.
  • by Sparr0 ( 451780 ) <> on Thursday June 08, 2006 @09:54PM (#15499462) Homepage Journal
    The link that SHOULD be included in every future GP2X news item is Here []. An avid member of the GP2X community has written an amazing review of pretty much everything the GP2X can do at present with the included software, many homebrew applications, and various linux applications. It covers native games[1], homebrew linux games, emulators running many consoles up to the SNES/PSX era, and media applications. It includes pictures and screenshots of the unit doing its various things. Also included is a *VIDEO* of the unit in action, showing just how well it emulates various systems at present[2] and runs various ported games (ultima 7 and duke nukem 3d are shown. not shown is a nice working Quake 1 port).

    Read the review. Watch the video. Then buy a GP2X since you will be convinced. I ordered mine yesterday and plan to use it primarily as a media player[3] but also as a gaming console via emulators and native games.

    [1] - Commercial developers are porting GBA and other similar-requirement games directly to the GP2X, they boot directly into the game software with no OS. Check out screenshots and videos of Payback for the GBA [] and then imagine the same game at 2x the resolution with 4xAA and network support.

    [2] - Most available emulators are ports of existing emulators written for x86 Linux. This means they need new emulation cores written in ARM asm to run well, and they need massive changes to utilize the GP2X's dual core ARM architecture.

    [3] - The GP2X can decode divx, among other codecs. It can output to a TV at 720p HD, an amazing feature for a handheld media player, or just display at QVGA on the internal lcd. I have a 4GB SD card to fill with movies to watch on the go, and plan to put a 400GB external USB hard drive under the seat in my car to house my movie/mp3 collection to play through this device.

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