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Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 830

Simulation is not duplication, and intelligence is not consciousness.

Even if those aliens somehow managed to simulate an entire universe, and even if that program was able to simulate intelligence, there's no reason to believe that any of those simulated beings are conscious.

This. You could simulate how a stomach works on atomic level, but you can't say that your simulation is digesting anything. A simulation is not a duplication.

Comment Re: in the meantime : (Score 0) 204

Sadly all (or almost all) 2560*1440 monitors are 27". That's too big for my tastes; I find I have to move my head (and my neck) to look around the screen, and that is NOT good.

24" would be MUCH better.

Comment Funny Algorithms (Score 3, Informative) 184

This has always been one of my favorite algorithms. Saw it the first time many years ago on The Practice of Programming, by Kernighan and Pike. Always makes me laugh. You can use it to generate phrases or even psuedo-words that "sound like" any given real language. I use it to generate passwords that are easy to remember but cannot be found in any dictionary, of "fantasy names" for games. Have fun and plose some stilture on your cince!

Comment Because they have to remember it. (Score 1) 299

Title says it all. You have to remember your password, so you probably won't use a password like "afi9blm#20niv8__q4i".

Pseudo-words - i.e. words that you can read but are in no dictionary - are probably slightly better, but I wouldn't rely on passwords at all in the first place.

BTW if somwone is interested, this tool CAN generate readable pseudo-words like "foliticalling", "uppet" or "furvicially".

Comment Still relevant? (Score 2) 510

After reading this horror story I arrived to the conclusion that SSDs are not for me. I wonder if it's still true.

Super Talent 32 GB SSD, failed after 137 days
OCZ Vertex 1 250 GB SSD, failed after 512 days
G.Skill 64 GB SSD, failed after 251 days
G.Skill 64 GB SSD, failed after 276 days
Crucial 64 GB SSD, failed after 350 days
OCZ Agility 60 GB SSD, failed after 72 days
Intel X25-M 80 GB SSD, failed after 15 days
Intel X25-M 80 GB SSD, failed after 206 days

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