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Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

"The pound has basically recovered..." ? What are you talking about? The pound has not recovered. The FTSE100 is up BECAUSE the pound has not recovered. What is the matter with you. If you voted to leave, that's fine, it's your decision. But you have to own the consequences, and the consequences will be dire.

Comment Micro-USB "standard" is largely in place in the EU (Score 1) 401

It's a de-facto standard, to be sure. On my desk at the moment, I have Bluetooth speaker; bluetooth keyboard, a small "dye-sub" printer, a bluetooth mouse, my phone, a PS Vita, an NVIDIA shield tablet, the game controller for the tablet, and a charger for my camera's batteries. All of these devices are powered/charged by micro-usb. For the past several years, I have been trying to avoid devices that do not allow charging via micro-usb. I made an exception recently for a Pebble smartwatch - the "other" end of the charging cable is USB of course, so I don't need an extra wall wart for it.

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