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The Hidden Gems of E3 63

WarpSource writes "Most people including me are excited to see what Twilight Princess has to offer, read more about Spore and possibly Halo 3 at E3 2006. Yet there are so many other games at the show besides the "big name titles". An article at Silconera mentions some of the lesser known games that deserve attention, like a Wii flight simulator, an online rollerblading music rhythm game and Dragon Quest Rocket Slime."
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The Hidden Gems of E3

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  • Heh (Score:2, Funny)

    by aftk2 ( 556992 )
    some of the lesser known games that deserve attention, like a Wii flight simulator,

    Who you callin' wee, laddie?!

    (Am I crazy to be posting this with my karma bonus?)
    • some of the lesser known games that deserve attention, like a Wii flight simulator...

      Who you callin' wee, laddie?!

      (Am I crazy to be posting this with my karma bonus?)

      Without a Warcraft III reference to gnomish flying machines? Probably. =)
    • Who you callin' wee, laddie?!

      That would be "BEEEEEEEE SEVENTEEEEEEEN BOOOOOoooooooommmmmmbeeeeeerrr!"

      (Apologies to those who've never had an Intellivision.)
      • FIGHTER!
        SIX! OH-CLOCK!

        (In retrospect, the Intellivision controller was a lot closer to a remote control than anything until this Wii one, now I think of it... Actually looked more like an iPod, with the circular pad for your thumb and a standard number pad you slid the individual game's little plastic sheet onto. Holy cow.)

  • Tabula Rasa sounds interesting. I always considered CoH as a FPS of sorts. It was fun to log in and just play.

    • NCSoft's not responsible for any of its games any more than EA is of any of its games. NCSoft is the publisher, Cryptic is the creator of CoH.
  • I think it's karnthia hall or some such - I can never remember the name - but it's where all of the Korean developers hang out. That place is a trip, and sometimes the most unique (99% of the time crap, but 1% of the time it's something that at least worth a laugh).
  • by gEvil (beta) ( 945888 ) on Monday May 08, 2006 @01:50PM (#15286743)
    The title makes it sound like some alternate reality platformer or something. Collect all the hidden gems to face the big boss--Steve Ballmer with his Mighty Chair!
    • "...makes it sound like some alternate reality...Steve Ballmer with his Mighty Chair!"

      That doesn't sound very "alternate" to me.
    • Re:Hidden Gems? (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward
      You know, how long does it take to make an old Donkey Kong clone where you've got Ballmer at the top hurling chairs instead of Kong rolling barrels? The plot could be a hero Google exec "rescuing" a former MS employee from Ballmer's grasp.

      If he kills you, you can play that Miami Sound Machine soundbyte of his. If you win, it would play a version of "I'm gonna fsckin' kill Google!" with a chair crash.

      I'm sure there's already a donkey kong clone floating out there and just needs an update in art. Could ship i
    • Kind of like Dodgemon, with your pet sidekick Pikabill vs. the dreaded Ballmon

      Got to dodge them all!

  • is Darkfall, hands down.
  • I can just imagine flying the revmote around my living room and then being made fun of for the excessive "vrooooooooom" noises i will be making. oh, and isn't Naruto: Ultimate Ninja the same as Naruto 3 in japan? i imported Naruto 2 for my gamecube and i'll say don't need to wait for the english version. get a freeloader for your GC and you're set! the menus are simple enough to navigate and if you're already a fan of the series you'll have no problem figuring out where in the storyline you're a
    • I can just imagine flying the revmote around my living room and then being made fun of for the excessive "vrooooooooom" noises i will be making.

      Why not go "WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!" instead?
    • excessive "vrooooooooom" noises

      Hmm you may be on to something here. Previously gamers tried to move their hands around to control games. Nintendo answered this call. Now Wii users will be making funny sounds.. Voice activiated controls? (No not words like Go and stop, but things like VROOOOM and SCREEECH) /If you don't realize I'm joking here, please find another thread.
    • Naruto: Ultimate Ninja is absolutely not Naruto 3 Gamecube or like any of the Gamecube games. The Geiktou Ninja Taisen / Clash of Ninja Gamecube series is made by Tomy while the Narutimett Hero / Ultimate Ninja series is made by CyberConnect2. Both of the games differ in gameplay too. The GCN games are 3D fighters while the Ultimate Ninja games are more like Smash Brothers.
  • Huh? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by bynary ( 827120 ) on Monday May 08, 2006 @02:09PM (#15286905) Homepage
    Hidden gems? Why are Tabula Rasa and Yakuza on this list? If you haven't heard of either title you probably didn't care about E3 to begin with. And why even have the honorable mentions if, as the author stated, "...most people attending the event probably have them on their to see list"? That means they're not hidden. The other games on the list aren't really what I would consider "gems" let alone worth even mentioning. Come one, Slashdot...where's the "Stuff that matters."?
  • Katamari Damacy (Score:2, Insightful)

    by saboola ( 655522 )
    This brings up a really good point. I wanna say E3 2004 they showed Katamari Damacy at E3 to very little fanfare and it ended up being one of the breakout hits of that E3. A lot of the time the titles you have never heard of going into the show are the ones that really impress.
    • ya, i remember walking past the katamari display, and waiting my turn to give it a try. afterwards, the namco rep asked me what i thought...i simply asked him 'when does it come out'. his response was something along the lines of "We don't know if it will be released in the states yet"...

      luckily for us it came out.
  • by Rifter13 ( 773076 ) on Monday May 08, 2006 @02:21PM (#15287017) Homepage
    Kentai Hall. Where there is about 85% crap, 14% crap except if it fits in a niche that you are into... and about 1% ultra cool. If you have a media flag, it can be a VERY scary place. I also suggest trying to check it out on the first day. People there tend to be more genuine than those up stairs... but day in and day out of people calling the hall the low-rent district I think wears on them. Another place to look, is back-corners of big booths. You can find some gems in those places, especially the big booths that Nintendo/Sony/MS will be putting up.
  • Seriously, if Nintendo had an okay Simulation Racer (Rally Prefered) for the GameCube I wouldn't have ever owned a MSFT console. Sure, Halo is great, but Timesplitters is a fantastic FPS, too.
  • Before all the staff was fired and the game was scrapped. Now we get a Planetside clone. Great. I am curious to hear what all of Bioware's, Obsidian's and Pandemic's unannounced projects are.
  • an online rollerblading music rhythm game

    This is a hiddden gem?

    "Forget about going outside kids, now you can simulate rollerblading to music online! Does your overprotective mother make you wear kneepads? Now she won't have to worry because you're safe inside your house! Concerned about air pollution hurting your lungs? You guessed it, you can rollerblade in the comfort of your own home without getting tracks on the living room carpet! Don't have any friends? Now you can pretend to be somebody
    • >>an online rollerblading music rhythm game
      >This is a hiddden gem?

      I don't understand it either. Two points:

      1) For me, the joy of rollerblading/biking/hiking/running/etc. comes in large part from from motion and from experiencing the environment. A multiplayer rollerblade game strikes me as a bit too sterile -- in the same way that riding a Segway isolates you in a way from the environment by reducing your interaction to one of simply leaning, this game reduces skating to button pressing. Then again
  • ...a Wii flight simulator...

    This is a great idea and I hope that Nintendo resurrects Pilot Wings for Wii. I can't wait until tommorrow's press conference.
  • That is, if they6 deliver; think Prince of Persia in a crowded medieval/crusade era middle eastern city, with jumping/fighting/climbing a bit over the top, but still reality based (you can't change direction in midair...if a piece of geometry sticks out more than 10 cm. in the game architecture, you can climb it). This is a game like I've been thinking of for years...if they can pull it off.

    And of course the big N's Revolution. I only wish they made it RF based instead of LOS/infrared (which is just silly..
    • What makes you think it uses infrared? There are no "cameras" involved; the sensors used are necessary to track the position of the RF transmitter(s). That's what makes the position tracking and tilting that you've seen in videos (you've seen them, right? There is obviously no need to point it at the TV) possible.
  • Wii games... (Score:3, Informative)

    by Gogo0 ( 877020 ) on Monday May 08, 2006 @04:56PM (#15288278)
    I dont think that ANYTHING Wii-related will be "hidden".
    Hell, the tech demos from TGS had fleshed-out analyses at every game site.
  • What about Katamari Damacy ported to the Wii? So long as we don't get another Billy Hatcher or whatever the hell that game was called.

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