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Comment not even rock star (Score 2) 391

A coworker in my former life was doing jobs of two for pitiful pay. One day when another coworker left, she was told to do the job of the departed in addition to the two she was handling. When she refused, she was written up for insubordination. A week later, she landed herself a job with normal work load and 50% increase in pay, and promptly left. That company ended up hiring three people each with higher than what she was paid to do the work she did.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1149

The one thing I know is you can not have a rational discussion with them about gun control. They genuinely believe that the right to bear arms is a good thing and the deaths that result, while tragic, are the price of freedom. I realise that any critique of US gun control or freedom means I will now be modded down.

People with hate in their heart will just as easily use a machete, a baseball bat, a crowbar, or even a vase or broken beer bottle. Gun control is irrelevant for this discussion.

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