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Submission + - Ford moving all production of small cars from U.S. to Mexico (

FlyHelicopters writes: More jobs continue to leave the country, now Ford has quietly announced to investors that all small car production is moving to Mexico... Can SUVs and Pickup Trucks be far behind? For now, those will stay, but like the frog in boiling water, they are moving it slowly a bit at a time so people don't notice, right up until Ford becomes a foreign car company while no one was watching...

Submission + - How Sales Targets Encourage Wrongdoing Inside America's Companies (

hwstar writes: This story illustrates one of the fundamental problems I see with American Businesses these days. It talks about 4 companies where perverse incentives caused problems, and one company which got the balance correct. From the article:

"Incentives poison people's will to do the right thing. It's the worst way to get people to do the things you want to do." and "Wells Fargo’s predicament was by no means novel. It was simply the latest in a long string of companies and even federal agencies that have seen the incentivizing of employee performance go terribly awry."

Comment nothing ever changes (Score 1) 241

You can't change the law without changing the politicians who write them. That's not going to happen this year.

You're assuming it ever changes. The Clintons signed this stinker into law with bipartisan support. Whichever party wins the white house, the end result is the same. This year is just particularly distasteful.

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