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Comment filing under what can possibly go wrong files (Score 1) 41

Two companies that exemplifies "fuck you all, I got your money" that doesn't give a flying fuck about anyone else but themselves. M$ everyone already knows about Win10 (among numerous other infractions that they sleaze their way out of through an army of lawyers and deep pocket.) DLink that lifts GPL code into closed source products (got caught and sued several times) and hardcodes IP addresses into product FW resulting in DDoS time servers. What can possibly go wrong?

Comment disarmed california civilians (Score 1) 1368

well, the civil war breaks out again, california will be fighting the union troops with harsh language and rocks, since californian politicians have effectively disarmed all of its law abiding citizens, and most californians don't exactly have pitchforks around the house anymore.

Comment Re:Your data is out of date... (Score 1) 81

You should just pay the basic fee and with your check (what's that?) state you do not want the 'Internet Cost Recovery Fee' service and see what they do? Worst is they cancel your service which is what you would do anyway.

They'll sic Collection (tm) on you. Isn't capitalism wonderful? You can make money threatening people and ruining their credit over the phone for minute unpaid (fictitious) balance.

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