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Zack Brown Taking a Break 21

Jon Dowland writes "Zack Brown's once-weekly Kernel Traffic summary of happenings on the linux kernel mailing list, is now on indefinite hiatus. From the announcement: 'Kernel Traffic has become more and more difficult over the years. From an average of 5 megs of email per week in 1999, the Linux kernel mailing list has gradually increased its traffic to 13 megs per week in 2005. Condensing that into 50 or 100 K of summaries each week has started to take more time than I have to give.' Fear not, because we still have kerneltrap and Linux Weekly News, amongst others. Zack still writes a regularly Kernel column for Linux Magazine and occasionally in others such as the UK Linux Format."
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Zack Brown Taking a Break

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  • Thanks (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Thanks for nothing. Quitter.
  • Automate it (Score:2, Interesting)

    by tumanov ( 265246 )
    Perhaps a system should be set up where collaborative filtering takes place based on what goes on with the mailing list. Readers could mark certain posts as important and then the most important posts get put into a summary? Can't be that hard to implement, all an editor would have to do is read over the most important posts and create a paragraph or two summary intro.
  • Zack doesn't scale. Linus didn't scale. Linus fixed said scaling problem by getting help on filtering and pre-processing, reducing the amount of work he had to do. Ergo, all Zack needs is volunteers who can filter stuff into an "important", an "interesting" and a "junk" category. Zack can then spend time on the "important" stuff and if that's not meaty enough can move onto the "interesting".

    Problem solved.

  • Thanks, Zack, for having done them for so long. I did the kernel change summaries for a year and a half, and it's a HUGE amount of work. I appreciate what you've done perhaps more than anyone.
    • It was a great resource, and will continue to be valuable for historic perspective. I really wish i'd been able to send him some money...
  • For those who miss kerneltraffic, there is an alternative: LWN []. It also has a summary of what happended on LKML.

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