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Only White DS Lite at Launch 47

Nintendo DS News writes "Lik Sang has posted news that only the White Nintendo DS Lite will be out at the launch. From the article: 'Nintendo of Japan informed retailers and official distributors across the island, that the Nintendo DS Lite Enamel Navy and Ice Blue will not make it out of the gate by March 2. Only Crystal White will be available on launch day. The two other colors are supposed to come out on March 11. I repeat for tired eyes and those who were not focused yet: no cool Ice Blue, no savvy Enamel Navy, only pure Crystal White available at Nintendo DS Lite debut.'"
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Only White DS Lite at Launch

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  • My heart bleeds for those gamers who will be unable to express themselves through their portable consoles colour. Seriously guys, the stripes don't make the car go faster.
  • This is just another example of the man trying to keep us down.
  • Glass, ice, crank, tweak... now Crystal White? What else are these crazy kids going to come up with...
  • I'm waiting for the one that has been rendered in pure Chrystal meth.
  • by gatorflux ( 759239 ) on Monday February 27, 2006 @05:24PM (#14811725)
    Nintendo doesn't care about colored consoles.
  • whatever happened to the great classic color of Gameboy Grey??? I want Gameboy Grey!!!
  • by PFI_Optix ( 936301 ) on Monday February 27, 2006 @05:33PM (#14811811) Journal
    Now I'm *really* not buying it.

    "Only white" indeed. Next thing you know, anyone with a colored DS will have to go to the back of the bus. They'll have special sections in the theaters. When does it stop? Do we have to have "Only white" water fountains before people see the truth???
  • I witnessed this phenomanon when I worke dat gamestop several years ago and the new colors of the gameboy advance were coming out. Kids would come in and reserve these things even when the system had been out for I don't know how long. It's hard to get a kid to delay the satisfaction of picking up that shiney new GBA. It's my theory that kids would have multiple, sometimes many of them.

    We'd even have people (read: kids) TRADE IN their old GBA's and pay a bit more to get the new color.

    This whole colo
    • Seriously, Slashbots are probably guilty of the exact same type of behavior.

      Example: DVD is released. 6 months later, DVD is re-released in a shinier box. Another 6 months and the Extended DVD is released, this time in a metal box.

      Now how many Slashnerds are guilty of this behavior? Scratch that, they're not guilty, they're proud of it. Buying Star Wars and/or Lord of The Rings 4 different ways is a badge of their geekdom.

      I mean... how many of them own 3 or 4 iPods? And yet they scoff at other people doing
      • I mean... how many of them own 3 or 4 iPods? And yet they scoff at other people doing the exact same thing.

        This was the first thing I thought of. I know several people who have:

        iPod Mini
        iPod Shuffle
        iPod Nano
        iPod Video

        It still amazes me sometimes how people can be such willing consumer trendwhores.
  • Ok, the color of the DS isn't exactly the most important feature, never the less it bother me quite a bit that most 'cool new colors' that Nintendo announces for their consoles never make it into the stores or only quite some time after the original release. Changing the color of a console doesn't exactly sound like rocket science, so why does Nintendo not manage to actually provide a bit of color selection right up from the start?
    • I wouldn't say that 9 days after release is quite some time. If you want a colored one, wait a little more than a week and there you go.
    • According to http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3148295 [1up.com] they are having production problems with the other colors. No real details, but 1-up certainly is making it sound like the end of the world.
    • because, historically when introducing new colors for the gameboy models sales go up. Same system, same capabilities, just a new die color in the plastic shell.

      Wierd, but true.
    • why does Nintendo not manage to actually provide a bit of color selection right up from the start?

      There are two type of customers: those who want a DS and those who want a DS in a certain color. Those who want to buy the DS will get the standard white one and be happy. The Navy/Blue people will wait a few days and get theirs. In doing this, the people who just want the DS and don't care about color won't pick up random blue ones, increasing the availability of blue ones for those who want colored DS, mak
    • the color of the DS isn't exactly the most important feature

      A distinctive color is one of the important features when you're buying more than one DS, such as one each for more than one person in your household.

    • It's only a week difference in release of the colored units. They could have easily postponed the release of the white one for several days to make a combined release, but there's several possible reasons why not to.

      There are going to be people who won't care about color and will want the DS right away and they will come in at the early release date. Then a week later, those who want colored units will come in. Spreading demand out over a week rather than concentrating it on one day will be good for
    • As others have said, it is to help drive sales and renew interest in a platform. It's sort of a more subtle version of things like case re-designs, etc. After a platform has been out for a while, sales start to dry up, naturally. By releasing the console in a new color, or in a new case, you can sometimes drive up interest........ both from people who maybe never bought it before but see "new" and think "hey, I'll break down and buy one!". And of course there are the diehards who are willing to buy some
  • Repeat: IN JAPAN
    personally, I couldn't give a stuff if Japanese have to wait a whole 9 days to get a different colour, becuase when it's released everywhere else all three colours will be available.
    Why is this still news?
    • I couldn't give a stuff if Japanese have to wait a whole 9 days

      But 9 japanese days is like 42 American days!
    • Well, for starters, how about the fact that there are people - like myself - who live in Japan.

      Don't be so region-centric.
    • In short, because anyone who really cares that much about a massive one-week wait will be importing from Japan.

      If there's a delay in the US release, who cares? You're obviously not bothered about waiting months after the Japanese release to get it, so an extra week shouldn't make any difference.
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