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Trigun Coming to Cartoon Network 229

MoeMoe writes "Well I was just watching Cartoon Network and it looks like Trigun will begin airing in just a couple of weeks. The CN website gives a brief description here" Trigun is among my favorite anime series. It gets a little crazy by the end, but for the most part it's pretty lighthearted fun, with some great action. CN sure seems to love the Anime Sci Fi Westerns. I wonder if they'll carry some of the fluffier stuff besides Tenchi. Love Hina would be a fun choice. Or Excel Saga.
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Trigun Coming to Cartoon Network

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  • by autopr0n ( 534291 ) on Friday March 21, 2003 @11:17PM (#5571996) Homepage Journal
    I mean really. I think the cartoon network would get a lot more viewers if they didn't air stuff that everyone's seen a million times before.

    For those that havn't seen it, though, Trigun is very cool.
  • Trigun (Score:5, Informative)

    by YokuYakuYoukai ( 570645 ) on Friday March 21, 2003 @11:18PM (#5572000)
    The funny thing about trigun is that the first 12 episodes are almost all filler and the last 12 are all the content. you could skip the first 12 and still totally understand the whole story.

    So if you dont like it at first hang in there...the sci-fi story that kicks in around ep 12 is really cool.
    • Actually... (Score:1, Interesting)

      by Anonymous Coward
      not really.

      It sort of seems that way, but if you finish watching the whole thing, then you take a breather and then watch the entire series again, you'll see almost from the very beginning that there are clues and other hints that Vash isn't the ditz that he makes himself out to be.

      Wooo, Mister Run-on Sentence!
    • I guess it depends on your tastes I enjoyed the early episodes. Although there was a lot of slapstick style humor, I did like the fighting scenes. Also, you can't overlook when Wolfwood shows up.

      I do agree, though, that the second half of the series is when the story line picks up a bit.
      • i guess it really depends on the person... i find it to be a big letdown when i watch an episode that dosent advance the story at all because that is what im there for, the story.
    • Re:Trigun (Score:5, Insightful)

      by Qzukk ( 229616 ) on Saturday March 22, 2003 @12:13AM (#5572280) Journal
      you could skip the first 12 and still totally understand the whole story.

      It seems that way at first, but those first episodes set up Vash's background, his character, the way he's lived his entire life. Without it, its hard to understand just how big of a deal the stuff at the end is.
      • Re:Trigun (Score:2, Informative)

        I agree. I totally disagree with the article writer, in that I found the ending of Trigun to be one of the few Anime endings I didn't find dissapointing. Self consistent, philosophical, and enjoyable.

        Also, I really like the way the series builds up. Starts out light and silly, and then gets damned serious. You start out seeing Vash like the insurance girls see him. And the scene where Vash explains his past to millie... Wow, that was great.

        I think of all the Anime series I've seen, this and Irrespo

    • Re:Trigun (Score:3, Interesting)

      I disagree with you here. Without giving too much away, the main difference between the first half of the series and the second half is that the first half is a lot more light hearted. It introduces to the characters, lets you get to know them, find the ones that you identify most with, and really start to like them. ... Then things stuff starts happening, and you really feel nostalgic for the early episodes where everyone was happy. That's the true power of the series. You really get a feel for how muc
    • No kidding, I couldn't stomach the really really bad plots and dialogue of the first 12 episodes.

      The next 12 surely redeemed the series for me (and ironically enough, really made me appreciate the first 12 a lot more).
    • Y'know, that seems to be the way everyone looks at Trigun. They either think the first 12 episodes are filler and the last 12 are badass, or they think the first 12 are hilarious (a la The Slayers, etc.) and the last 12 are too heavy and unbelievable. I swear, I'm the only person who enjoys the whole damned series.
  • It's about time CN got another good anime series on. Can't go much better than Trigun, considering its target audience. Though after watching the Japanese subbed version, I think it'll lose a bit. . .
  • Anime (Score:5, Interesting)

    by blitzoid ( 618964 ) on Friday March 21, 2003 @11:18PM (#5572005) Homepage
    I used to watch anime all the bloody time, read fan translated mangas, etc. etc., but I just eventually lost intrest. Perhaps seeing all these great anime shows on local television will rekindle my intrest. Hopefully the voices won't be horrible - that's one of the things that turned me off back in the day.
    • Re:Anime (Score:2, Informative)

      by FaasNat ( 522755 )
      If you're looking to catch some anime on Cartoon Network, I suggest watching, in addition to Trigun, Ruroni Kenshin and Cowboy Bebop. Although dubbed, the voices are not that horrible though I still prefer the subtitled versions.
  • Love Hina (Score:5, Interesting)

    by RomSteady ( 533144 ) on Friday March 21, 2003 @11:19PM (#5572010) Homepage Journal
    While it would be nice for them to show Love Hina, I doubt they ever will. Too much fan service for them to cover up without completely shredding the episodes to nothing. Even with Tenchi, they've often cut massive sections of episodes out because of their broadcast standards.

    (For those who don't know, Love Hina is considered a "harem" anime, where all of the girls at one part or another are interested in the main character, who is usually a loser. I consider it a "fan service revenge" anime, because as soon as there is fan service, someone ends up paying for it, usually the aforementioned loser main character. I still enjoy the series, however.)

    • The cartoon network is really a kids channel i think LH is a bit too ecchi for that audiance. Maybe HBO would pick it up or something...
    • The Love Hina series is great fun...very charming. First saw them at the Dallas A-Kon convention two years ago and they are now the household favorite. The manga comic it is based on is also pretty interesting, but much more blatently sexual. Yet another thing my teenager has turned me onto.
  • Excel Saga (Score:5, Funny)

    by Dylan2000 ( 592069 ) on Friday March 21, 2003 @11:21PM (#5572021) Homepage
    That epic drama about deceit, thievery, lies, ambition, monopolies and world dominance.

    Pretty exciting for a spreadsheet really.
    • To look at Excel Saga (which I find very entertaining) one must almost conclude that it was designed explicitly to be impossible to put on American television. As I understand it, some of it was pretty controversial in Japan -- but that's not the end of it:
      • It leans heavily on the manga. Most anime is based on manga, but Excel Saga slumps drunkenly against the manga, pawing in hilariously intoxicated affection at it. Look no further than Koshi Rikudo's introductions to each episode.
      • It's too full of Japane
  • Wha...? (Score:5, Funny)

    by Madsci ( 616781 ) on Friday March 21, 2003 @11:21PM (#5572026)
    How is it that Trigun's arrival on Cartoon Network gets more press than Dilbert's? Oh wait... one has merit.
  • The series starts of quite wacky and goofy, but gets darker and deeper as the story progresses. Its easily one of my favorite series. --CmdrTaco.

    Parallels to the Bush Presidency?

  • Ach! (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Peterus7 ( 607982 ) on Friday March 21, 2003 @11:24PM (#5572041) Homepage Journal
    So much for downloading the rest of trigun! I can just tape it!

    Excel saga has some innuendo that cartoon network (if they had it) might filter out it, which would ruin the whole feel of the anime. I wish they'd do oh my goddess, or go with NG-Eva.

    • Re:Ach! (Score:5, Funny)

      by deadsaijinx* ( 637410 ) <> on Friday March 21, 2003 @11:51PM (#5572170) Homepage
      ahhh.... NeoGeo-Eva ... what a great series. Which is why I don't want CN to air it. They'd find someway to ruin the feel of it, with their obnoxious editing. And the JIGGLE, i hate the JIGGLES!!! I'm one of those anime losers that only watches uncut anime with subtitles, not stupid enlgish voice-overs. I like anime the way it was supposed to be seen. After all, would the simpsons be any good if some people in a foreign nation took the liberty of editing the content and redoing the voices. I say not.

      • Or you could learn Japanese. Then you wouldn't have to worry about any of that.

        Me, I like to do both, dub, and then sub. That way I don't miss anything on the screen while I'm glancing at the subtitles.

      • "No beer and no TV make Homer something something"

        "Praise Saddam?"

        "Don't mind if I do!" ....Yeah, it definitely loses something in the translation.
      • They'd find someway to ruin the feel of it, with their obnoxious editing.

        As opposed to the obnoxious ending that's allready there.

        Eva was great--right up until the end, where the perspective completely changed and thus killed any suspension of disbelief the series built up.

        Sorry, man. Eva ruined itself.
    • Re:Ach! (Score:3, Informative)

      Please consider actually paying for the dvds. Paying for anime will bring more anime to the usa in the future and encourages things like having anime on usa tv.

      When you just download and encourage others to download anime you are hurting the usa anime industry which is not big and powerful like the RIAA and actually does need your money.

      I don't however have anything against downloading fansubs of shows that arnt in the usa yet. If you really like the series buy the DVDs later for the extras.
      • Re:Ach! (Score:5, Insightful)

        by Peterus7 ( 607982 ) on Saturday March 22, 2003 @12:03AM (#5572221) Homepage Journal
        I buy my anime at conventions. It's cheaper that way, but sometimes you run into ridiculous prices that are just stupid so you kinda have to dl it.

        Plus, I am a hell of a lot more likely to buy an anime that I pirated first to see if it was any good.

        Also, using your logic, is buying anime off of e-bay a crime against the anime industry? I understand your debate (I did my Eng 103 final on P2P) but I believe that too many people say P2P should stop and you should buy anime so the RIAA won't shut down all the networks, but doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose? Maybe if the RIAA and the MPAA made a system that cost 10 bucks a month or so and allowed you to download all the movies, music, and everything else you wanted at good prices, then I'd consider actually working with the RIAA directly. And, they'd have to stop poisoning P2P networks and trying to pass all that nasty anti P2P legislation.

        Will they ever stop?

        • Re:Ach! (Score:2, Informative)

          by Microlith ( 54737 )

          Too much stuff at conventions tends to be bootleg copies made in Hong Kong with no contribution to the creators.

          Same with ebay. The majority there is the same HK bootlegs you find too often at anime cons.

          And what rediculous prices? I can find most stuff LEGIT for under $20/disc. Less for older series even.

          And don't forget that most of the US anime companes have exactly NOTHING to do with the RIAA and MPAA, therefore they have nothing to do with their political actions.
        • I buy my anime at conventions. It's cheaper that way, but sometimes you run into ridiculous prices that are just stupid

          Best Buy has legitimate anime DVDs for sale at non-SRP prices. You can also buy them online at for decent prices. If the prices at conventions are much cheaper than at Best Buy then I would say that that they are most likely bootlegs.

          I don't understand what the MPAA and RIAA has to do with anime, because most anime DVDs and anime based soundtracks _aren't_ owned by an
          • I forgot to point out that Disney and Sony are obviously big members in the MPAA, so if that's a concern, those are so far the big two major companies to beware of, and they don't really release much anime here.
          • I knew that Disney owned Ghibli, and it annoys me to this day. Yes, they release a lot of anime, but they also keep a good portion away. Take "Inherit the wind," A Miziaki movie that looks awesome, (Like most of Miziaki's works.) From the looks of it, Disney isn't going to release it.
            • Correction, that was whisper of the heart. My bad. Inherit the wind is a play.
    • Re:Ach! (Score:3, Interesting)

      by soulsteal ( 104635 )
      I like the Toasty Frog Eva Thumbnails [].
  • by Inf0phreak ( 627499 ) on Friday March 21, 2003 @11:25PM (#5572045)
    Trigun is indeed good light-hearted fun for the most part, and that is what I don't like about it. For its genre, I think it is quite good, but (IMO) it could have been so much more. It could have been a character driven show about the decisions Vash have to make, but it delves far too little into that for my taste. Either you go there, or you don't. "There is no try" as our favourite little green fellow would say. Instead Trigun goes with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and the sum ends up being less than that of the parts.

    Oh, and it is going to be dubbed... bleh... not worth spending your time on anyway.

    • I don't like it either- there's a whole series of anime where the hero starts out as vastly more powerful than any opponent, and stays that way.

      There's no uncertainty, challenge, or opportunity for growth. It's just wish-fullfillment role-playing for young viewers who can't stand up to challenges on their own, and want to emphasize with someone who's always victorious. Anime like Trigun and Ruronin Kenshin are like this. So are US shows like, oh, A-Team and Knight Rider. And any movie starring Jean-Cla
      • It's about a tormented super anime hero, who despite his vast skills and power can't always defend those around him even if they happen to be main characters (see Wolfwood).
        He can't even live up to his own standards (see Legato.) Which gives it a nice ring.

        The gungho guns and their interplay with each other is pretty cool to.

        As far as the moral/educational goes. *shrug* Well if you're going to be watching anime based on that critera you'd best go watch Hamtoro.
        (If nothing else it'll give you the mess
        • It's about a tormented super anime hero,

          Lip service. Trigun talks a good line (better than most US shows with the same themes), but doesn't show it in practice.

          At least (and this is a very big redeeming quality), the author has the decency to point out that Vash's ideals are stupid. This is primarily accomplished through other characters speaking rationally, and Vash being unable to articulate a response.

          (I wonder if this theme will survive into the US version? It was subtle to begin with, and Ameri
      • I agree that I dislike the whole uber powerful superman genre (see GI Joe, et al.), but only if the physical conflict is the point. In Trigun, though, the physical contact is almost never the point. Any time Vash is involved, in fact, the physical confrontation is more for comic relief or some other device. For me, Trigun was about the attempts of a man to live a moral life in a morally compromised world. Whether or not he could defeat his enemies was only really in question twice (both the Hornfreak and Kn
  • by ( 562495 ) on Friday March 21, 2003 @11:25PM (#5572049) Homepage
    Watching the "We Make Hackers Obsolete" Ad is enough light-hearted fun/joke for me. They should air that AD on Cartoon Network. Even my 5 yr old Linux Saavy newphew will have a good laugh.
  • for the most part it's pretty lighthearted fun

    Isn't that what Dr. Mengle said?
  • Perfect for CN (Score:5, Insightful)

    by droid_rage ( 535157 ) on Friday March 21, 2003 @11:34PM (#5572095) Journal
    I have to say that Trigun is almost perfect for Cartoon Network: Most of it is light, with a character who's a really good guy, unlike many anime heroes who can be a bit morally ambiguous (for the unititiated: Vash doesn't believe in killing, and doesn't do so until the last few episodes).

    There's not much that will need to get cut, rither. I can't think of any nudity that will need to be painted over. I'm pretty positive neither Meryl or Milly ever take a trip to the public baths. There's some drinking, but I'm pretty sure CN lets that slide.
    They might even be able to air this one on primetime after a while.
    • Re:Perfect for CN (Score:3, Informative)

      by Minna Kirai ( 624281 )
      (for the unititiated: Vash doesn't believe in killing, and doesn't do so until the last few episodes).

      Shame on you. That was a HUGE spoiler.

      "Will he or won't he?" is supposed to keep viewers guessing until right to the end.

    • Re:Perfect for CN (Score:3, Informative)

      Actually CN wont let it slide (entirely anyway) ... php?id=83 ... for an interview about their policies. Drinking alchohol is a no-no for CN. After all, they love to edit (SNIPPY, SNIPPY)

      • Drinking alchohol is a no-no for CN.

        Like Mr. Sata - err, Hercule - and his "Root Beer" bar, or Tenchi and his "tea"...
      • That's probably why they're airing it at midnight. They would have had to cut, I think, ep 3 (a show about a gun maker turned to the drink) and big segments of a couple of others. They also have prostitutes (though you don't ever see anything, and Vash even tactfully rejects them, pretending to be asleep).

  • Excel (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Truthfully, Excel Saga wouldn't work on CN unless they included the AD-Vid Notes from the DVDs. Too many jokes just don't make sense, or aren't even recognized to the majority of Americans with little or no knowledge of Japanese culture and media.

    Besides, since it would likely end up running in English, it presents a bit of a problem. While Kotono Mitsuishi's Excel is simply excellent, Jessica Calvello's performance was quite good. HOWEVER, since she was replaced by Larissa Wolcott (I believe by the 5th
  • As an otaku, my opinion comes off as wretched bombast, but Love Hina? Excel Saga? Even Trigun? Compared to what could be imported stateside, these shows are really just excoriable pablum. If CN were really shrewd (which I am becoming more and more convinced they are not), they would license a show that a) actually had more than 26 episodes so i don't have to watch asteroid blues 298347923874 times, and b) is not continuity-dependent, so burgeoning anime enthusiasts don't need to sit in front of out-of-o
    • Im sure they got a great deal on pilot canidate. It wasent that bad...think of it as discount bin anime.
    • I think I know you in person. Or someone like you. Are you one of those humourless bores who refuses to watch anything funnier and more action-filled than Wings of Honneamise?

      And before you relaliate with some snarky comment about possible DBZ fandom on my part (which is untrue), let me say that I also appreciate some of the less well known gems of anime. Grave of the Fireflies and Azumanga Daioh come to mind.

      Offtopic, but I think Grave of the Fireflies should be required viewing in high school history cl
    • If CN were really shrewd (which I am becoming more and more convinced they are not), they would license a show that a) actually had more than 26 episodes so i don't have to watch asteroid blues 298347923874 times, and b) is not continuity-dependent, so burgeoning anime enthusiasts don't need to sit in front of out-of-order reruns pretending to understand what's going on

      Odd... they imported Dragonball / Dragonball Z, each of which have far more than 26 episodes--and they show them in order.

      Continuity is N
    • You call yourself an otaku yet you complain about 26 episodes?

      Let me put it this way. You could count the number of series that go longer than 26 episodes on both hands, and almost all of them are for young children. Not all anime is continuity dependent - just most of the good stuff. It's one of the reasons people like anime. I appreciate the fact that these shows are made for people who have an attention span longer than an hour.

      What CN needs to do is bring more series over, and not rerun them so m
  • by StriderA ( 60512 ) on Friday March 21, 2003 @11:55PM (#5572190) Homepage Journal
    In Japan, voice actors actually have some prestige. It's a job people want to be. I can think of a few, like Megumi Hayashibara, whom is an idol out there. People love her! She's Ranma, Lina, or Lime. She's a million other characters, and she's a goddess!
    Why is it when these great shows come here, they try to do a quick voiceover, and just get it out. I've been fansubbing for a long time now, and I cringe when I hear dubbed anime. There are very few shows that I've seen that I can even think of watching in english. Ranma 1/2 for one, wasn't terribly bad, but I don't have a clue who the english voice actors are.
    I guess I want to know why such a great form of entertainment, and a job thats so honored where the entertainment comes from, gets the back burner here. Is it because they're trying to gear it for children and they feel that children don't need the emotion or force that normally becomes the character, or is it just that they want to save money and time by hiring someone off the street to quickly say the lines and send it to production?

    What do you think?
    • Hayashibara-san... (Score:5, Insightful)

      by MsGeek ( 162936 ) on Saturday March 22, 2003 @12:21AM (#5572316) Homepage Journal
      Hayashibara Megumi is actually regarded as THE prestige seiyuu to have on board a voice cast in Japan. She is the equivalent of June Foray or the late Mel Blanc and Daws Butler in America...she's more than a seiyuu, she actually represents the whole craft in Japan.

      My favorite Hayashibara performance is Nuku Nuku. She conveys the sense of both a cute and cuddly character and her inner strength. Nuku Nuku is at once a kitten and a tiger. If you don't believe me, buy the DVD and listen to the Japanese track with English subtitles. Second favorite performance would be the otherworldly Ayanami Rei from Shin Seiki Evangelion. Least favorite would be Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop...Megumi-san can't do hard-boiled. Faye has to be both tough and world-weary. It's just not her forte.

      The problem with the whole craft of voice acting in America is that radio drama is almost completely dead here. That's the source of people like Blanc, Butler, Foray and Stan Freberg. If, as some have suggested, the lost art of radio drama could be revived using the Internet as a low cost means of distribution, texts from places like Project Gutenberg as a potential source of material, and open source audio software as a means of production, maybe there is hope for the future of radio drama.
    • Dubbing has gotten substantially better in recent years; in some instances it compares favorably with the native voices.

      I think the production values have gone up and they've started hiring professional (if not especially well-known) actors, who've received voice training. At least, newer series such as Cowboy Bebop or Tenchi Muyo have far better voice acting than say, Bubblegum Crisis.
    • "Why is it when these great shows come here, they try to do a quick voiceover, and just get it out"

      Oh, that's an easy one to answer, and it has everything to do with what US culture thinks of cartooning. And what does US culture equate cartoons too? Kids. Most kids don't think, they want. Thay have short attention spans. They like things like Barney. The last things most kids could care about is the vocal talent employed. And that's exactly the amount of effort that gets put into most US animation. Why bot
    • There are very few shows that I've seen that I can even think of watching in english.

      Cowboy Bebop. I've been watching subbed (and unsubbed) anime for years, and I speak enough Japanese to find my way around Tokyo without a map. I can't tell Spike and Jet apart in the Japanese dub, and I don't like Hayashibara's Faye either. The English dub is excellent: well-synched, well-articulated, and I just like the people they used. It's so good in fact that I have the feeling the voice actors actually did a charac

  • All anime is Speed Racer. I watched that when I was a kid back in the early seventies. It sucked then too.
  • Excellent (Score:5, Interesting)

    by heli0 ( 659560 ) on Saturday March 22, 2003 @12:02AM (#5572219)
    Trigun is probably my favorite series. The show has all I look for: good characters and character development, silliness, seriousness, empathy, sympathy, apathy [all the pathies :)] and a good flowing storyline. I will admit that I thought this series was going to be nothing but
    overexagerated expressions and childish antics. I was way wrong. I watched the entire series in two nights (I watched about 17 or 18 episodes on the second night alone.) This series totally engrossed my attention. (The dub is excellent!)
    • a good flowing storyline

      I'd hardly think so. The entire storyline is contained in just 2 episodes. (the flashback episode, one half of the conclusion, and any random 15 minutes from anyplace else in the series).

      "I'm bad! Before you can fight me, you must get through my 10+ exotically named and costumed warriors! Only then can the arch-rivals do battle!"

      Compare to something like Escaflowne or even 1 single episode of Cowboy Bebop, and Trigun has virtually no story. Why, even Evangelion had more of a
  • Is where, after the incident halfway through the series, hes strolling through, breakin up the hostage situation, singing that lovely little song. Fans of the series will know what I'm talking about.

    I'm really excited to see CN bring Trigun on board, but I wish they'd do something for anime like what they did for the older cartoons on Boomerang. Just devote a whole freakin subcription channel to anime only. I'd sure as hell pay for it.

  • I love Anime but I don't honestly think I've seen a single one all the way through that didn't get a little crazy by the end. I think he just described every single Anime series ever produced!
  • I watched it mostly for the pretty broad humor in the first few episodes, but that slowly disappeared and it just got depressing for the last third. And the sci-fi story was extremely vague compared to the manga (or so I hear).
  • who gets the axe? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by saviorsloth ( 467974 )
    it had damn well better not be inu yasha again, because that is the greatest show on cartoon network, and they nearly broke my heart last time they took it off
  • Although I like Excel Saga because its funny it is honestly problematic to show on Cartoon Network. Two big things off the top of my head are:

    - PC Alert: Pedro. Although I'm not terribly conerned about being politically correct, some of the jokes around him were definately flat and sometimes made me squirm. Making fun of a Latin American immigrant worker subject to the random bad luck just doesn't work so well in the US.

    - Major portion of the fun around Excel Saga is the fact it pokes fun at Anime and
  • I was looking at Cartoon Network's schedule [], and it looks like, starting April 20th, Cartoon Network is getting rid of The Oblongs and Home Movies and will start showing Family Guy in the 11:30 timeslot Sun-Thu. How tight is that?
  • One word..... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by MoFoQ ( 584566 )
    Hell-supercalifragilisticexpialidociously-f'ing-n o .

    For the love of pete! Not CN again!!
    They ALWAYS butcher things up.
    Not to mention I don't like to watch ANYTHING dubbed other than the original language (at least in english anyways; I can deal with American movies dubbed in other languages....). Why can't they use the SAP mode to air both english (for those loonies) and Japanese (true anime connoisseurs) and subtitles in the closed-captioning block of it? Of course, like all things out of our control;
  • Dubbed vs Subbed (Score:4, Informative)

    by Mossfoot ( 310128 ) on Saturday March 22, 2003 @05:11AM (#5573252) Homepage
    Well, I don't think there is any chance Cartoon Network will use the subtitled version... but is it my imagination or is dubbing getting better overall (perhaps not in Trigun, but overall). I remember when Akira first came out dubbed in English and half the voices sounded like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... then the DVD came out recently with much better voice acting.

    I used to prefer subtitles because the dubbed versions always sounded like cheezy crap, but I think now it's getting a bit better. Part of me still prefers subtitles, though, since you can hear what the original actors were trying to emote.
    • by TomHandy ( 578620 )
      Nope, it's not just your imagination. The talent pool of people who do English dubbing is both more diverse and a lot more experienced. Some of the big dub studios like Animaze/ZRO Limit, etc. have gotten a lot better. With anime becoming more popular, there is also more money to dedicate to doing good dubs, and depending less on technologies like WordFit which can really hurt the sound of a dub.


  • Oh dear God no (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Millennium ( 2451 ) on Saturday March 22, 2003 @11:39AM (#5573978)
    Trigun, of all things? Trigun!

    Even if they do this on Adult Swim only, it's going to get butchered. Admittedly, Love Hina would get it even worse, but still, Trigun's going to go through the freaking shredder.

    Most anime just plain shouldn't be shown on TV at this point in time. Not until the culture is ready to take it uncut, or at least with minimal editing (I don't count dubbing as "editing" so much as necessity, given that relatively few people would be willing to watch this stuff subbed on TV). And that, I fear, isn't going to be for a long time.
  • by eean ( 177028 )

    What would be left of Excel Saga after the censors got to it? Apparently the last episode is so bad we're not even going to watch it at the more formal meeting of the Anime Club I go to. They would have to take out a whole character for sure. And several of the subplots throughout the series wouldn't be "fit" for the US audience.

    Also, in my opinion its not really a very good series. Its feels kind of recycled after a while. We're on episode 22 or 23 and the last good episode we watched was the one with th

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