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Comment Re:And this is why my primary browser isn't Firefo (Score 3, Insightful) 156

Flash isn't any sort of standard except in the limited sense that it is used on a lot of web sites. It's a proprietary, closed source plugin and application; the precise opposite of a standard. This so-called "standard" exists solely at the whim of one company, Adobe, and they can do whatever they wish with it without regard to its users or anyone else. For instance, they dropped Linux support a few years ago without any input from the community.

In my opinion, Flash is an abomination that can't die soon enough. The same goes for Microsoft's Silverlight.

Comment It's More Complicated Than That (Score 2) 126

Better private mode browsing would be a great help, but there's more to that when protecting your identity online. For one thing, private mode browsing is meant to protect your history on your local machine, not across the internet. Secondly, unless you are willing to browse without the aid of javascript and cookies, there's no way to stop web site operators from tracking you. Sure, you can stop cross site scripting, but you can't stop one website from sharing your cookie data with another website, or any other data they can garner.

So do you want to be truly anonymous? Use the Tor Browser, never use javascript, turn off cookies, and enjoy your sterile internet.

Or, you can accept a certain amount of risk and enjoy a rich, vibrant internet experience.

(I don't mean to disparage the Tor browser, it's a great product and I use it for some things.)

Comment Re: meta discussion who is responsible for hacks? (Score 1) 73

No... just no.

Use a good password manager instead, one that uses an encrypted database. Store that database on a cloud sync service such as Dropbox or OneDrive so you can share it among your devices. Even if the cloud service is compromised, your data is safe and you still have your local copies, and you only have to remember a small number of passwords.

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