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Comment Re:Freeze Peach (Score 1) 134

What does the ACLU have to do with this case? As far as I'm aware, they weren't involved at all. The ACLU does valuable work that should be important to every American. Like any organization, they will occasionally do things that you may not like, but they are there to protect you and everyone else from overreaching government intrusion into your civil rights. They have defended atheists, Muslims, and Christians in many religions liberty cases. They have defended African-American activists and the KKK in civil rights cases.

Of course, you are free to have a poor opinion of the ACLU. You'd be wrong but, ironically, the ACLU would defend your right to your opinion in the unlikely event you faced official persecution because of it.

Comment Re:16gb ssd (Score 1) 55

> Intel seems fixated on having the sdcard be the one and only storage device on these dev boards. Personally, i feel putting a real ssd on here, or a spspiny disk for swap/temp file userver makes the offering far more robust.

Perhaps, but the eight gig model is enough to run an OS and a few chosen applications, which is what something like this is designed for. For more data intensive applications, there is a sixteen gig version. If you need extra storage (for video, maybe) then you could add an external USB SSD.

Submission + - 42 US, A Free Coding School, Opens in Freemont, CA

bheerssen writes: 42 US is a free coding school near Facebook's headquarters in Fremont, California. The courses are boot camp like experiences that do not offer traditional degrees, but hope to provide programming skills and experience to students for free. From Ars:

"Welcome to 42 US, a free (as in beer) coding school, which opened just last month. Even the optional dorms are free. (Good news: laundry is also free! Bad news: you have to pay the dorm $75 a week if you want two meals a day.) Admittedly, it sounds totally crazy.

"By comparison, programming boot camps have become big business across the United States. Recent research from Course Report shows that nearly 18,000 students nationwide pay an average annual tuition of more than $11,400, which results in annual revenue of nearly $200 million industry-wide."

Submission + - 42 US,

Comment How are salt futures doing these days? (Score 2) 254

I have a couple problems with this concept. I doubt levels of physical activity correlate that highly with intelligence. For one, as others have here have noted, intellectual activity is often physically draining. Secondly, serious physical activity can likewise be mentally taxing. Ask any athlete about the level of concentration required to compete in their chosen sport, and the knowledge required to perform at a high level.

Comment Slashbros, freak the fuck out! (Score 0, Troll) 119

Yahoo, a private company, doesn't want people posting comments on its properties that it considers abusive. Somehow, that is anti-free speech and contrary to the God given First Amendment freedom to be a dick online. Slashbros demand their right to insult, harass, and threaten anyone they deem to be "PC" or a "SJW" in any forum, and will cry vainly at any attempt of a free market player to deny them that right.

This isn't the government mandating that Yahoo take these steps, mind you, and nobody's freedom of speech is threatened here.

Comment Re:And this is why my primary browser isn't Firefo (Score 3, Insightful) 156

Flash isn't any sort of standard except in the limited sense that it is used on a lot of web sites. It's a proprietary, closed source plugin and application; the precise opposite of a standard. This so-called "standard" exists solely at the whim of one company, Adobe, and they can do whatever they wish with it without regard to its users or anyone else. For instance, they dropped Linux support a few years ago without any input from the community.

In my opinion, Flash is an abomination that can't die soon enough. The same goes for Microsoft's Silverlight.

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