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Comment example? (Score 1) 182

I can think of a couple like GStreamer and Telepathy, but in both cases the support isn't 100% yet. And both are really crossdesktop from the beginning (Telepathy is just a DBus spec after all)

Comment It was either that or switch Symbian to Hildon (Score 2, Interesting) 182

Nokia wants a common platform across their internet tablets and smart phones. Given that the Symbian is going to support Qt, and the Symbian user base is much greater, its makes sense that Maemo would want to have access to the 3rd party apps written for the user base that numbers in the millions

And really it was clear in the talk he gave that the Maemo stack is still mostly unchange, and still using most of the Gnome libraries including crucial stuff like Tracker. Really even with the change in UI toolkit, its more Gnome then KDE, especially as none of the Maemo stack actually originated from the KDE community, where as much of it did from the Gnome camp.

Comment Re:Simple solutions are possible (Score 2, Interesting) 248

Dumping fertilizer into the sea would also work to absorb CO2 by promoting the growth of sea plant life.

But any of these more biological solutions aren't really as easy as they first appear. Some forests produce large amounts of methane due to rotting plant material. In otherwords, some forests might actually just be greenhouse gas neutral (which makes sense, ecosystems work because they don't mess stuff up).

So yea. Capping emissions is a good idea.

Comment Re:officially its an adjective (Score 1) 210

Its the LEGO Group... they're still using it as an adjective.

But yes of course its a noun. It does make sense to use legos since thats a pretty common way of saying it. I say "pass me that lego" and "we keep the legos downstairs." If you pointed at a pile of lego blocks and said "pass me the lego" I would say "which one?"

This follows rules for plurals just fine. :)

Yes collective nouns do exist in English and cutlery is an example. Dog is an example of a non-collective noun if somehow this proves something? But the closest we have to an establishment for legos is the LEGO Group and they deny its even a noun. So people claiming they know better about how to speak... are just making crap up. There's no English Academy, our language is dictated by usage.

Comment you can just sod off with your (Score 0, Troll) 210

"standard" English. :)

Modern American English has as much right to be considered standard: its dictionaries are just as old, its history just as deep, its evolution from 17th century English no greater.

I'm guessing British people get up in arms about whats "standard" since half their country doesn't speak anything like standard. The US does have its share of accents, but the ones in Britain are far more divergent and widespread. So get your own house in order before you start declaring that you own the standard.

Comment officially its an adjective (Score 4, Informative) 210

If you look at the website:

Of course if its an adjective then "legos" is nonsense.

In common usage it is in fact a noun: the OED defines "Lego" as a noun. The plural of a noun has an 's', with the handful of well-established exceptions.

Who decided that LEGO was an exception? Not the LEGO Group who say its only an adjective. So I think its the fact that the LEGO Group never says "LEGOs" (since they always uses it as an adjective) caused misguided pedantic people (or otherwise any lover of arbitrary rules) to decide that its a plural noun.

So put me in the legos camp. :)

Comment Re:Bad science (Score 1) 519

You don't understand the stat. When talking about contraceptives, the x out of 100 chance is the chance a woman will become pregnant in a given year of being sexually active.

For a male contraceptive I guess its the chance of becoming a father in a year... a bit harder to prove. ;)

But its not the chance of pregnancy every time they have sex or whatever you were imagining lol.

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