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Cowboy Bebop Back on Toonami 128

Deliri...uhmmm writes: "Cowboy Bebop, which was not shown last week on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, is back this week. Apparently it was just a temporary reaction to the events of 9.11. Here is the The Adult Swim website" Does anyone have any word on the return of Mobile Suit Gundam? Anyway, Cowboy Bebop is simply one of the best shows ever made and I'm glad that Cartoon Network isn't dropping it. I hope they show more Anime, and maybe someday we could even get a dedicated Toonami channel.
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Cowboy Bebop Back on Toonami

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  • by BIGJIMSLATE ( 314762 ) on Monday September 24, 2001 @10:54PM (#2344961)
    ...the official site has plenty of info, pictures, director's comments, and even trailers for the upcoming movie "Heaven's Door".

    Nice to see CN giving us something we loved. I'd have hated to see Adult Swim cancelled because of the recent tragic events.

    Links (still plain-text): ml 4/ qid=1001386283/sr=1-7/ref=sr_1_7_7/002-0021053-806 9625
    • I wasn't aware that the english section of the offical site was up. The last time I checked, it was still in the process of being done.

      Ohhh, I just checked, the english section is up. Cool.

      Another nice site (not mine) is astroid blues
      They've got some nice wallpapers.

    • More (more like an intro) Heaven's Door info can be found here:

      When I was reviewing it I had problems figuring out what "Their groovy way to live just with their desire!" meant, so I left it the way it was.

  • 1984 (Score:4, Insightful)

    by hooded1 ( 89250 ) on Monday September 24, 2001 @10:55PM (#2344963) Homepage
    I know people have already mention this on previous issues, but we are creating a world like ni the book 1984. After the recent tragedy we are suddenly censoring everything remotely violent. It is as if we are trying to erase these things from history. Its not like this is the first time that people have died before. The deaths of these people are not changed if suddenly we don't show violent shows on TV. Death is death. You cannot censor fate.
  • Now my replay doesn't keep recording WB cartoons instead of Cowboy Bebop. I hate to sound insensitive, but at a time like this, it's nice to kick back and watch some 'toons & anime instead of the news for just a little bit and my replay recorded lots of news instead .. (took a bit for the channel guide to update the programming changes).
  • the soundtrack (Score:3, Informative)

    by donglekey ( 124433 ) on Monday September 24, 2001 @11:00PM (#2344980) Homepage
    I'll just note here that if you like cowboy bebop but don't have the soundtrack go and get it now! There are a little over 50 very cool songs that are very easy to come by mp3 style. The only one that I can't find is the song that plays during the 'tongpu' assasin experiment part. It wasn't on the soundtrack because that episode (like many others) were cut from airing because of violence, but many episodes that were cut still had songs that made it onto the soundtrack.
  • by DarkZero ( 516460 ) on Monday September 24, 2001 @11:01PM (#2344987)
    According to Jerry Chu, Bandai's marketing guy, Mobile Suit Gundam should return to Toonami in October, and probably early October. However, Cartoon Network and Bandai frequently have different ideas about when Bandai's series will be airing on Cartoon Network.
  • Is it just my TiVo or did Cartoon Network fsck up and run Session #7 "Heavy Metal Queen" back to back despite the listing showing the second episode was going to be Session #8 "Waltz for Venus?"

    I'm on my first time through the series and need my Bebop fix!

    Side note: Cartoon Network needs to stop following the recent marketroid trend of showing some random corporate logo in the corner of the screen and shut off the bright orage Adult Swim logo so the eye is naturally drawn to the show and not that damn logo...

    • What CN actually played was ep 5 (Ballad of Fallen Angels) and then 7 (Heavy Metal Queen), skipping six for some reason. Although I must admit, episode 6, in cowBe terms isn't an entirely normal episode...with a worn-down-alien-like-near-eternal Earthling. But he does play a good harmonica in the series....luckily it has little to do with the plot of cowBe overall.

      (and I do agree, the logo is annoying, but it adds that flavour of 'hey I'm watching Cowboy Bebop on tv. cool.' The best way to go is buying the DVD's -- good value 4 or 5 eps per disc)
      • I swear I saw Six on CN on my Tivo and 7 twice...

        The fact that Bebop is on TV in the States is good, and watching it in the living room satisifies the "I'm watching Bebop on TV" factor for me well enough, the logo really detracts from the experiance and makes me more likely to remember to skip the ads...
  • That's touching (Score:2, Insightful)

    by SendBot ( 29932 )
    While I can understand the need for compassionite sensitivity during such events, the issue of censorship really comes out. I was glad to see Conan O'Brien back on the air - certainly his job had much to suffer by trying to do something immediately after the attacks, and I think it was for the best that his show was put on hold. But to not show certain shows and to not play certain songs is a bit more questionable. These are segments produced before the event, and can help people reflect on what is happening simply because of that fact. I'm glad that many (my local community radio, KBOO [] being one of them) chose this option.

    Are there really any good arguments for taking shows like this off the air, even for a little while? Think about it, and comapre any such arguments to the idea that video games inspire violent behaviour in children. To me (and I'm sure many enlightened /. readers) such things are an outlet, a playground for the mind to explore the ideas with the depth that they deserve rather than stifling any response other than instinctive reaction.
  • What happened to episide 6
  • I don't see how we would define anime for such a channel.. japanese origins only? What makes anime anime?

    I would want a toonami with Aeon Flux and without any $MON {Poke, Digi, etc} shit on it for instance.

    Anime is a cultural distinction within animation, sort of like the one drawn between cinema and movies.

    Like the latter distinction, "anime" is purely subjective.

    • What about Doraemon.
    • Actually, the proper place for Aeon Flux would be The Pretentious Channel; make sure you call your cable service RIGHT NOW and tell them YOU want The Pretentious Channel!!!
    • Actually I find it pretty easy to define anime. It's basically a style of artwork used to tell stories that are often (but not always) geared towards adults and teens.

      Would I classify Pokemon as anime? Possibly, but likely not... it's much more of a children's show done in a japanese animation style.

      I may not be a good authority on this (I personally dislike anime or rather, I dislike the style of art used in it... I liked the idea behind Bebop so I'm giving it a chance) but I feel that it wouldn't be too tough to define it.
  • by Jackolantern ( 151912 ) <> on Monday September 24, 2001 @11:11PM (#2345015) Homepage
    I was watching last night and was surprised to see that while they showed session #5 "ballad of fallen angels", one of the more violent episodes IMHO, they did not show session #6 "sympathy for the devil". They just skipped it entirely and showed #7 instead. On some level I can understand this because #6 is kind of intense, but it was on at 12:30 at night and you just showed people getting cut up with swords not a half hour before. Other then that thought I have been pleased with the lack of editing that they have been able to get by with so far. Also I think that I would rather them just not show an episode then cut it so heavily that they mess up the story.

  • I have been wanting to see #6, but have no idea why they skipped that one. Anyone know something I don't?
  • by FleaPlus ( 6935 ) on Monday September 24, 2001 @11:13PM (#2345024) Journal
    I watched Cowboy Bebop last night (Sunday). It seems that despite Cartoon Network's assurances to the contrary, a number of things were censored. The first one I noticed was the faux-nude magazine photos in Episode 5 (Ballad of Fallen Angels), which had swimsuits painted over the original images. Also, the scene at the opera in which it shows Mao Yenrai's slit throat was noticeably doctored up so as to show no blood around Mao's throat.

    While those two censorings were marginally understandable, it also seems that they cut out Episode 6 (Sympathy for the Devil) completely and went straight to Episode 7 (Heavy Metal D). I'm not certain why they decided to cut that episode out, but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that the episode has (what looks like) a little boy being shot in the forehead.

    I can't wait to see what they do with the next episode, Waltz for Venus, with it having a hijacking in the very beginning and all...
    • EP 8 has also been dropped: more than likely for the reasons you posted (the hijacking at the start). I'm also doubtful that ep 19 (which features a terrorist that blows up large buildings including one that looks a lot like the WTC) will be shown.
    • Also in SFTD, there is a scene that shows a character falling from a high-rise window to his death a few minutes later. No, the impact isn't what kills him...Spike catches him with the Swordfish. Tenuous connection to WTC, but one that can be taken the wrong way nontheless.

      What's interesting is that on Monday, the new Dragonball Z epsiode "The Newest Super Saiyan" opened up with an aircraft on a crash course with Satan City with closeups of an engine on fire and lots of passengers staring in fear out the windows. That, to me, has much more of a connection with WTC than anything you'd find in "Sympathy for the Devil."
  • by Chuu ( 307073 ) on Monday September 24, 2001 @11:13PM (#2345027)
    For those who still don't realize it, toonami is not the only source of anime on US tv. PBS has showings every once in a while, and the International Channel is currently showing Irresponsible Captain Tylor subbed. Just take a glace through your TV guide every once in a while. You might be surprised what you find.
    • the encore Action channel also shows lots of anime, sometimes subtitled, always uncut. They also play three or four episodes in a row, and don't have any ads. This is usually a digital cable-only channel, but it's worth the money.
    • I'm pretty sure PBS's airings are regional - I've never seen anime on PBS, but I also rarely watch it.

      International channel? Like many, I've never heard of it. Unlike many, I work for the cable company here, and I'm pretty sure while browsing through our channel lineup, I would have noticed it.
      • I should look before I open my yap - The International Channel is available on digital cable here, a few channels away from the PPV channels, in with the weather and news. That's probably why I never noticed it.

        Hrm. I may have to get digital cable then.
        • Int'l Channel moved Dragonball Z (the unedited and un-subbed Japanese language feed) to 10:30 Eastern on Sundays (happened on August 5). What this did was to give a solid 90 minute block of Japanese anime every Sunday night.

          The lineup is 10:30 PM Dragonball Z, 11:00 Armored Troopers VOTOM (subbed), 11:30 The Irresponsible Captain Tylor (subbed).

          There's only one feed, so it shows at 7:30 PM on the west coast.
      • It's not only just regional, it's just ONE station, it's KTEH (channel 54) in the San Francisco Bay Area. They don't cut ANYTHING, and that includes nudity, swearing or violence. It's all subtitled with the exception of Serial Experiments Lain which Pioneer (the distributor) wouldn't let them get it subbed (why? nobody knows). They show it 9:30 PM on sunday nights.

        If you're unfortunate enough not to be living in the bay area, then call your local PBS station and try to get a bunch of people to pledge some money to show anime. Tell them to call up KTEH, afaik they're looking to form a co-op with a few other stations so they can get episodes cheaper. At least that's how it started in our area, people offering to pledge money and support and such.
    • The International Channel is also showing Dragon Ball Z (Majin Buu saga) in Japanese (no subbing). [] has schedule info and translated English scripts to watch with. Much better than what's showing on Toonami, IMO.
  • by DragonPup ( 302885 ) on Monday September 24, 2001 @11:24PM (#2345052)
    First off, I'd like to point tout I submitted this story 3 days ago, and it was rejected minutes later

    Anyways, episode 5, 'Ballad of Fallen Angels'. One of the best episode, and marks the first appearence of Vicious. And with a name like that, it's sure to be bloody. Most of the gore seemed intact, although it seemed, but not positive(90% positive) that some blood spraying was digitally removed from the Church battle. And the blood on Mao's neck when Faye first runs into him and Vicious at the opera. And they put 'swimsuits' on the girls in the porno mag. Overall, rather good and I applaud CN for actually showing the series with so few edits and stuff(not 1 second of footage was left out.).

    Episode 6, 'Sympathy For The Devil'. Never aired. Why? Your guess is as good as mine why CN skipped it, even though it mentions the Gate accident 50 years ago, which gives some insight on why the Earth is the way it is.

    Episode 7, 'Heavy Metal Queen'. yes, VT *is* a woman, reguardless of what the voice actor and the artwork would leave you to believe at first. Nothing noticable was edited, and it is interesting to see what becomes of Woody Allen(or at least people that look like him) in the future(notice the name of the place Faye ran into him unknowingly was?)

    Next Episode, number 8, 'Waltz For Venus'. Expect it to meet the fate of episode 6. According to CN's schedule, it won't appear. Why? Cause it starts off with middle eastern looking terrorists trying to hijack a space plane.

    Well, enough rambling for me,

    • About 'Sympathy for the Devil' being dropped:

      I think the title may have been a bit too risque. Also, it involves what at least -looks- like a kid in some violent material.

      It's a pity though.. the harmonica music in that episode is just sweetness.

      • Yea, my theory was that the (seemingly) 6 year old boy getting shot in the forehead with a shotgun-like device... Couldn't be that or anything. Or the fact that he sports a nice handgun earlier in the ep.

        It is too bad, it explains alot about the gates and Earth that won't get picked up on until later because of the skippage.

    • First off, I'd like to point tout I submitted this story 3 days ago, and it was rejected minutes later

      I also submitted this story 4 days ago. I think a lot of important anime news is getting missed on /., and while I realize that there is more important tech news to be viewed, I think a little more frequency to anime news would be appreciated. Is CmdrTaco the only anime fan who decides whether stories get posted or not?

      Getting back on topic, I'm glad they aired episode 5 (despite edits), episode 6 isn't too much of a loss (although the harmonica music is great), episode 7 is a nice leisurely episode, but it seems to me that losing episode 8 would be rough. I really loved that episode. Ah, well. More anime news! Especially about the new Miyazaki film!
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  • I know this is kinda unrelated, but.. Does anyone know why Comedy Central is showing the SAME episodes of the same shows over and over again? Since last Tuesday I've seen the episode of SNL with Ben Stiller more times than I can count. My tivo seems to think they all should be different episodes, but that's not what they're actually airing. They've thrown in a few of the really old episodes from the first season too, but it's been a lot of Ben Stiller... It's not just SNL, but the most obvious one I've seen.
  • by da3dAlus ( 20553 ) <> on Tuesday September 25, 2001 @12:39AM (#2345249) Homepage Journal
    I went to the Anime Weekend Atlanta 7 this past Saturday, mainly to see what the folks from Cartoon Network had to say at 2pm. Anyway, it turned out to just be some of the editors and planners for the actual Toonami segments (like with Tom and the Absolution) but they knew enough of what was going on with the schedule. They said that the reason they pulled CB for the week was because someone called and complained about the re-airing of the show on the Thursday following the events of 9-11. If you recall, one of the the episodes had the terrorists that were going around blowing stuff up...just one of those little coincidences and a knee-jerk reaction by someone looking to make life better for everyone becuase they think it best.
    Sorry, got to rambling there, but that is the reasoning, straigh from CN.
  • I know the comparison is not direct and I do not want to start a flame war but as both are modern, epic anime series I feel there is some justification to the comparison.

    I first started with the Trigun series and was unimpressed with the initial episode but I gave the 2nd and then the 3rd episode a try and I was hooked. Each episode built on the last, adding depth, plot and substance to the series. I was truely impressed with the world that was built and emmotion that I felt at the conclusion of Trigun.

    I then eagerly dug into the Cowboy Bebop series expecting a similar experience. In all honesty I was sorely disappointed. In my opinion, none of the characters were particularly well developed and the episodes were a mixed bag plot wise.

    I would be intrested in hearing some others thoughts on the comparison and why Cowboy Bebop is such a favorite.

    • I agree, I've seen the first few Trigun eps and I want to finish it. Bebop hasn't drawn me in quite so well, but I'm still greatly enjoying watching it. Subbed and uncut of course :)

    • I've got all 3 of these space western anime (Trigun, Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star) and I have to say that they are all good. I didn't initially like Trigun (Vash is somewhat annoying in the first 3 episodes), while CB just kept building for me. After about episode 5, Trigun really picks up. Outlaw Star is also damn good, though again a little slow to build up.

      All 3 series are good in their own way, and work quite well together as they are all simarlarly themed (Yes, Trigun can be called a Space Western, it is revealed why later on in the series). The fact that there is going to be another Trigun series has got me salivating madly :)

      One other anime series I would love to see on television (despite the fact it would be damn near impossible to dub it) is Kareshi Kanojyo No Jijyo. This series, by GAiNAX, has to be one of the most accurate depictions of teen love ever. It's also the first anime I've ever seen in which two characters actually make love. It might sound a bit weird, but people in anime don't do that! The love scene is handled very sensitively, and in a typically GAiNAX fashion too. This series is simply amazing.

      Oh... and say it with me:

    • People were raving about Trigon. Preordered the first disk. I thought it was mediocre; still, I gave it another try. Preordered the next DVD. Same thing. People were claiming that it would start getting better in later episodes, so I preordered the 3rd disk. Same thing. Repeat above for the 4th disk. Then I gave up. It just sucked. Thank ghod I did that back when I could buy DVDs for $6-$9 including shipping.

      One of the themes of Trigun - Vash is an Idiot; Vash is deep - is done far better in Tylor.

      The three shows that seem to be grouped together are Trigun, Bebop, and Outlaw Star. Bebop is the best, followed by Outlaw Star, and then Trigun is a distant third. Even if Ed is Bebop's equivalent to Jar Jar Binks.

  • It was gone for a while, but aqccording to (see my previous comment [] for links.
  • Replacement Show (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Erasmus Darwin ( 183180 ) on Tuesday September 25, 2001 @09:02AM (#2346100)
    Did anyone else notice that when they preempted Cowboy Bebop earlier, they actually replaced it with something that could be construed as worse?

    During one of the Cowboy Bebop time slots last week, they showed some classic Friz Freleng cartoons. Right after the one with Bugs Bunny playing a Franz Liszt composition on the piano (Rhaspody Rabbit?), they featured one with people building a skyscraper in time to music. As the building reached completion, a flag was raised at the top that read "Umpire State". Then one of the characters slammed the door at the bottom, and the entire thing came tumbling down into a pile of bricks.

    Talk about a mistake -- it's one thing to continue showing previously scheduled Cowboy Bebop episodes despite the tragedy (something that I would support), but it's a whole new level of tastelessness to go out of your way to preempt the existing programming and show what they did.

  • and maybe someday we could even get a dedicated Toonami channel

    Nooo! Then I'd never be able to get up off the couch or sleep for fear of missing something! Aaaugh!!! I'd shrivel away to nothing! ;)

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