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Comment Re:Conclusion: (Score 1) 373

So in rural Oregon - Josephine county - where they are no longer prosecuting property crimes (Google it)... I have friends who live there still (because they grow certain green flowers) and have been involved in actual shootouts. They called 911 - who said see and wait if they stop shooting and call back.

So in my example - shit has already hit the fan and life seems somehow indifferent from the inner city. People want your stuff and they'll cap your ass to get it.

Comment Re:Apple seems stuck in profit trap (Score 1) 293

Its funny you mention blackberry - they are still on the slide down:

All of their phones have always been "lets do xyz really well" (speakerphone, camera, battery life etc) but totally ignore all the other features of the phone. Nokia had this issue as well - awesome battery life or camera, but shit memory and shitty software.

Comment Re:Pointless (Score 1) 531

I actually work in a union shop (as a SCCM Admin) - the irony is that during the migration from SCCM 2007 to 2012 they sent me to training, and one of the guys who was there as well was Carnival's SCCM admin - he described a rather unique and complex environment. I can't a imagine a bunch of consultants - even with training taking that over - plus I've never met a consultant who knew anything about the dark arts of client management (I know they exist obviously but they are rare flowers).

Anyhow union jobs don't necessarily guarantee better wages etc (that said - I've always got 5-7% year after year, where some of my colleagues have got nothing), but they do offer collective bargaining and an actual contract that defines the terms of employment, and severance - if the company were all of the sudden wanting to outsource everything. There's nothing in the cards that would force us to train our replacements - and not get a check.

In other-words - you're no long at will - you have a contact, and if they don't uphold that - you (or your union) can do something about it. In years prior to this - I never had a contract as it were - and my employers could fire me under the same guises that Carnival is. Worth mentioning too - these CEO's don't start work without well defined contacts, but so many of us have and are.

Comment Re:Evidence, please. (Score 1) 531

Can you imagine public opinion if we had 1/10th the private emails Trump has sent? Yes Hillary and the DNC were bad - no doubt, but what Trump has done and said in public is worse (especially the one leaked tax report from the mid 90's and the personal spending of donated money to the non profit Trump Foundation).

Submission + - Comapny disables software of buyer who posted "bad" review

Brymouse writes: Ham Radio Deluxe, a $99 radio control and logging program popular in the amateur radio community, disabled the software of a user after he posted a potentially bad review (was 3/5 stars, now 1/5). Further this user was directed to install the update which disabled the application by HRD's own support.

The original thread was then deleted from "news" site as HRD is a major advertiser and complained about copyright violations from the user posting a PDF of his support ticket. Reddit picked it up here and more research was done showing a pattern of blacklisting bad reviews.

This was picked up by Jason Scott, of the internet archive, on twitter and Ham Radio Deluxe threatened him with libel for posting it.

As of yesterday HRD says an offical statement will be "coming soon". The Strieisand Effect continues with undeleting the threads and HRD still trying to claim copyright on their customers support ticket.

Comment Re:From the article (Score 3, Interesting) 88

Apple doesn't release security fixes for major bugs on previous OS's for the most part. As an exception and a lesson on how Apple deals with security issues - check out the history of the rootpipe exploit.

And yes - they did eventually fix that on previous versions of the OS after security experts shamed them publicly - almost a year later. Rootpipe was one of the worst security vulnerabilities - privilege escalation - and you can see how seriously they took it.

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