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Comment Re:Why do you need a contract to work? (Score 5, Insightful) 73

I work in a union shop (in IT no less) - you can still be fired for being irresponsible - they just need documentation of this. I've seen people fired before for things like downsizing, showing up late constantly, showing up drunk, poor performance. At-will - your terrible boss (or your boss's boss) can fire you for whatever reason they want to - even a bad reason.

To turn this around btw - what is wrong with employees working with management on an employment contract? Its sad that it has to be codified in law to come together like that.

Comment Re:Is Apple even trying anymore? (Score 4, Interesting) 313

My brother makes motion graphics for various tv/web advertising firms - he said one trend that Apple totally dropped the ball on was using devices like the Surface Pro to paint and draw with using Adobe Photoshop (which Adobe worked with Microsoft directly on).

He told me there were people in his circle who decided that the capability was worth the price of the entire device.

So yes the high end exists, and yes it still depends on the killer app ;) - and yes in this one case Microsoft (working with Adobe) nailed it.

One of the reason's you won't see this sort of thing happening on iOS/iPad anytime soon is they still really don't have the computational power or - more specifically the memory requirements to manipulate or work with large print images, video and animations - something that big desktops and laptops are still king at.

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