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Evangelion Movies Coming This Fall 117

Phunky Monkey writes: "'Manga Entertainment has announced the release dates for both End of Evangelion and Death and Rebirth as October 31, 2001! They to plan to release them in subtitled and dubbed VHS tapes as well as bi-lingual DVDs for each movie.' Got this little snippet over at Although Manga's site doesn't reflect this, I havn't seen anything more accurate than 'summer 2001' until this. " Evangelion has gotta be among the coolest series, and I'm stoked to see a movie coming. Meanwhile I'm just waiting for my copy of Eva 6 to ship.
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Evangelion Movies Coming This Fall

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  • Umm...

    The 'movies' that are comming out now (actually, I've had subbed mpegs of them for ages) are the -original- ending. They weren't allowed to be aired on TV due to various scenes (like when Shinji was visiting Asuka at the hospital...) so they had to cook up an alternate ending very quick (note the large amount being done in marker). The original ending shows were polished and released in theatres later on as movies.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    For those unfamiliar, the movie (aka "The End of Evangelion", split into Death/Rebirth and Air/My Pure Heart for You) has a lot of issues surrounding it - the general opinion is that fans hated the too compact, too cerebral TV series ending, and therefore was an opportunity to tie up loose ends and for Gainax to make some Yen. But the movie itself is quite shocking in its depiction of shattered human lives, horrendous violence, and a final, visceral religious epoch.

    Instead of leaving us with the shared hope and happiness at the dawn of a new age in humanity (in the TV series), we are left wth an ambiguous wasteland of pain and loss, and perhaps hope. Some fans of the TV ending claim that the movie, while visually excellent compared to the series, was a dimly veiled "screw you" from Anno to those who disliked the original.

    But now, having seen it (albeit with a pretty bad english translation) I can start to appreciate that it stands on it's own as an alternative ending. The primary reason for this is the absolutely shocking and jaw dropping visual imagery throughout the film. Anno is drilling the pain, suffering, and generally the most horrible qualities of humans into the audience again and again. To be offended by this is to refuse a reality the every single one of us share.

    Anyway, you will now go to this site: .html - It's OK to spam me here!
  • It should be noted, though, that the Record of Lodoss War release was just the TV episodes thrown onto DVD. Each episode is a "chapter" setting and each episode has the opening and ending credits. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't clean it up and find some more "chapter" points to insert.
  • Eva disc 1 was by far the worst; ADV is talking about redoing it. However, bear in mind the movies are done by Manga Entertainment. They did a pretty good job technically with, for example, Ghost in the Shell (the dub still kinda stunk, though). Of course, their most recent release, Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise, blew goats from a visual standpoint. They pretty much screwed up every part of the authoring process. So, you might get better, you might get worse.
  • Psst. Try hitting the MENU button. Skips past all that introductory crap.

    Many DVD players (especially the cheaper ones) do not allow you to skip past opening content that is marked by the manufacturer as unskippable. Pressing the Menu button with these players yields only a red circle in the corner with a red slash through it.

    It really sucks, especially so because many consumers on the market aren't even aware of this so-called "feature".

  • According to Sadamoto, co-creator of Eva and author of the manga version, it was in fact Anno who was dissapointed with the last two episodes of the series. Frankly I was too, but not because it was too cerebral, but because it pulled its punches. The movie certainly doesn't.
  • The last episodes on the TV series were so bad compared witht the rest of it(by FAR and away one of the best plots ever). Just dissapointing that a lot of unanswered questions dont get fleshed out at the end of the series, just "Congradulations, you are monumentally stupid for buyg the last tape!".

    I have been waiting for the movies ever since =)
  • Are you saying that commander taco did not post a link to a goat sex site? what in the flying fuck? hmm... i'm confused now. Oh well, back to pouring hot grits down natalie portman's pants.
  • I'm sure i'm not the only one with this question,
    but i'm very confused here. What on earth
    is Evangelion?
  • It's probably a bootleg DVD, meaning Gainax was in no way compensated for their work.

    It's not necessarily a bootleg release, it's just not a U.S. release. There's a difference. This is a hong kong release DVD, and is region 0 (ie, all-region, not region 1) like (as far as I know) any DVDs that come out of hong kong. Just because it's not the north american release doesn't mean it's a bootleg.

    I got the chinese release because I wanted to see the movies in relatively good quality, and the release date for this has been pushed back well over a year now. I'll probably order the DVD when manga releases it, because manga does good work. ADV, by contrast, has pretty much been pissing off GAINAX with all the stupid crap it did to the NGE 0:1 DVD (ie, not content to merely provide dubbing, they also altered some of the images to display english rather than japanese text... so even though you can avoid the Worst Voice Acting I've Ever Heard, some of ADV's stupidity bleeds through anyway), so I'd feel no qualms about ordering superior releases of the series from hong kong. And frankly, I doubt GAINAX would much mind ADV not getting my business.

  • I don't normally contribute to Slashdot, but I felt it worth noting that the sheer number of religious/mystical undertones in Evangelion is enough to put anyone who studies mysticism into veritible seizure. Also, it is worth noting that during the course of creating the series, the director went into a nervous breakdown, and I believe that progression into (temporary) madness does show as the series goes on. Anyway, I personally found the series facinating, both for the amazing story, and for the concepts that were presented "on the side" so to speak. I just wonder though... when someone sees the image of Kircher's Tree of Life in the opening sequence, what do they think it is - presuming that they haven't ever seen it before? I don't think that image is exactly well-known, at least here in the States.
  • Yeah, I know that Kircher doesn't "own" the Tree of Life. However, that particular varient of the Tree is attributed to Kircher's design. Specifically, that tree is almost like a set of notes on the subject of the Tree of Life. If you want a real Tree, just draw one - I doubt that the Tree as intended by the Kabbalists had all the intricisies of the Kircher varient. ;)
  • Actually, it means "your house". It was originally an insult, but it was adopted as a symbol for association, just like english words like "geek" and "gay". (Reference: Otaku No bideo) &H=PW&L=J&T=otaku&fg=r&S=26&I=on&IK=on&LI=on []

  • Right on!! I for one LIKE Taco's taste in anime. I don't want to wade through piles of news like "crap company X says they might release show Y in our lifetime" just to find one or two good bits. If he finds something important enough to post on slashdot, then it's something I damn well want to know.

  • Purest Heart was a waste of time. I *totally* understand what you mean about it being an art film, and I *totally* disagree about why people dislike Purest Heart and the rest of the ending.

    It was grating, poorly executed, and overly repetetive. I've watched art films. I like art films. An art film, Eva was not. It didn't even finish the series in an emotional sense. It was merely, like Death & Rebirth, a rehashing of the other episodes, simply from an emotional standpoint.
  • Until now, Gainax has not wanted my support badly enough to release a product I'd like to buy. The media industry is fish or cut bait...if you don't make your product available, people WILL get it.
  • I found it bootleg back when Scour was up, and if you haven't seen it, your missing one hell of a ride. Episodes 25 and 26 (the originals), while good, are no compare. When they're finally seen by the masses, if anyone can give me a good explanation of the ending, I'd *love* to hear it.
  • Evangelion has earned its hype. Simultaneously a peak specimen of the sci-fi/action genre and a sublime exploration of the human psyche, the Eva series not only entertained me, it reedemed me. As one IMDB [] commentator said [], in reference to the movie, "[It is] Absolutely Amazing, My life is now complete".

    The action is set in Tokyo-3, a fortress city where three 14-year old children must pilot giant robots to wrestle with and destroy the messengers of God who threaten the destruction of all humankind. Classic anime, right? But it grows more complex than that: the interwoven machinations of action and introspection, super-science and mythology create a rich, pessimitic world in which characters find human interaction fundamentally encumbered by personal angsts.

    To best enjoy Evangelion, you should watch the entire TV series. Be warned: the controversial ending displayed in episodes 25 & 26 has the wishy-washy feel of Serial Experiments Lain. However, Eva--brewed directly from Director's Hideaki Anno personal struggles--has genuine substance to it. Nothing proves this more than the movie, End of Evangelion, which covers the events in eps. 25 & 26 from a different prospective.

    Dubs of the movie and series are unacceptable. Watch only subbed versions. An amazing amount of information is carried by intonation and stress. The most admirable character in the entire series, for example, sounds like a complete jerk in some of the dubs I've seen.

    I do not recommend Death & Rebirth. It condenses the series into a 2 hour show that lacks the beauty and completeness of the original.

  • Your point: Elitism exists. What's new?

    The response to posts like this that you're looking for is, "You're an elitist."

    < tofuhead >

  • Umm, yeah...because not enjoying a piece of work == not having a clue. Of course...?!

    < tofuhead >

  • I purchased the Eva Movie boxset when I was in Japan last summer. The boxset contains both movies and is priced at 8800 yen (approx $88). 'Course thats still expensive (but WELL worth it.. the quality on the Japanese DVDs is well above any of the region 1's I have.)
  • Don't forget otaku means other person's house.
    Some expat Japanese people I know who have been in America for several decades didn't know this other usage. Here's a very simple example you can use when calling someone:

    Moshi moshi, Tetsujin28san no otaku desu ka?

    Basically hello is this Tesujin28's house?

    My understanding is the newer additional meaning of otaku came about because us fanboys (and yes you are correct it can be a fanatic of anything)
    are in somebody else's house, we are dependent on them for entertainment. I say us as I know you
    Tetsujin28 and I are anime otaku (in Colorado even) ^_^

  • See, I didn't say *all* english dubbing sucked, I said *much* of it does. It gives me weasel room here. But your points proved my initial statement that it's not the general trend for english dubs to be _good_.

    Yes, there are some out there that are _excellent_, unfortunately sometimes it sounds like the US director has decided to get Joe Acting Student to do it on an internship level.

    *sigh* Ah well. Unfortunately the Golden Age of Radio no longer exists, so there's no real demand for Voice Actors like there was (and back then it was _very_ respectable to be a voice actor). Maybe with anime getting more popular, there will be more demand for trained voice actors (and higher pay and more respect as a result).

    What I'd like to see in the meantime is Firesign Theatre do at least a few dubs. It'd make them money and the dubs would be excellent and...uh...creative. :-)

    "It's just this little chromium switch here. [click] Ahh, you people are SO superstitious!"

    As for my previous rant about Christians, don't get me wrong, I've worked in a company that was owned/operated by a "Born Again Christian" family. Nobody forced their views on me, I was treated with respect, and I gave the respect right back.

    It's the only job I ever had that when I had to leave (got transferred) I literally cried.

    Contrast this to someone who I currently work with, when I was making a comment about the sulfur based cutting oil (I'm a machinist) being stinky and smelling like brimstone, my cow-orker said that I "better get used to it".

    WTF. I mean, really.

    There are Christians that do *get it* and there are some (some people would say the vast majority, but I won't go there) that look down their noses at anyone who's a non-believer.

    Whatever. I have been chased away.

    Boyle M. Owl
  • *argh*

    Ok, I know, Don't Feed The Trolls, but this USian Fundie Craaaaap is just that, Crap.

    The words "one nation under God" were NOT part of the Pledge of Allegiance until the Eisenhower Administration, and the "Fundamentalists" seem to be the ones spreading the misinformation that somehow this country was founded on their special brand of Christianity. (It wasn't. People like Franklin toured different churches, checking things out, and to top it off, Franklin was a certified Dirty Old hero)

    I should also proudly add that my State (Rhode Island, soon to appear on a Quarter in your pocket) was founded by someone who had, er, _religious and political issues_ with the _powers that be_ in Boston.

    Unless my history is bad, Ike wasn't a Founding Father (TM).

    As far as sexuality goes. My country is so damn schizophrenic (The US) because of the Right Wing Nuts like Falwell et. al, who are products of bible-thumping-sex-scared-morons who forget that the reference to "fornication" in the Bible isn't about premarital sex, but a general reference to sex without love. The same goes for the misreading about Onan, and the misreading about why God nuked Sodom.

    God's main reason to nuke Sodom was because the residents were "Rich With Bread" while they didn't give a tinker's damn about the poor, and Onan's bit was about disobeying God, not about masturbation. God sez *nothing* about masturbation in the Bible, and I defy any Bible reader to come up with anything that shows it in full context.

    And as to within a marriage without love is more of a sin than sex with someone you love that isn't married to you.

    To be married to someone who thinks that sex is only for procreation must be pure hell.

    I pity your wife, if you have one.

    Go read the Bible sometime without the Dark Glasses.


    People should lighten up. Life is too short to get your shorts in a bunch about whether or not the Japanese believe in your special brand of God or not.

    In the point of view of serious Christian Fundies, the non-believers will be tossed into the Lake of Fire at the end of Revelations. For God to just simply toss away the non-Christians sounds to me to be elitist and definitely un-Christian in attitude. There's a paradox here, and I think it's because that some people are missing the entire point of Christianity.

    As for schools, the reason Johnny can't read has more to do with fuzzy-minded academics who write tomes on what new teaching method they've invented but not tested, but then get implemented because some brain damaged school committes/boards of education that can't tell their collective asses from their elbows. The Sexy New Methods get implemented while the Tried And True gets tossed, to the detriment of all.

    It has nothing to do with whether or not Johnny can get whacked by the teacher with a 2*4 or be subject to institutionalized prayer. The latter is a *bogus* issue in the first place because Johnny can pray *any time, anywhere, even silently, because God Hears All, doesn't He?*

    OB anime:

    I have a question, why does so much english dubbing Suck So Much? I mean, some of the translation in Ghost in the Shell sounded so stilted it made me cringe. It was a cool movie, but I think I would have rather bought the Japanese version with subtitles instead.

  • Ever see how much the PBS series Roots costs?

    Or how much Charlie Rose charges for a tape of his show? $80 (get the one where he interviews Kurt Vonnegut).

    How's this: Save up if you want some.

    This isn't just a Hollywood blockbuster you can get on DVD for $30 (90 minutes avg).

    You're getting a heck of a lot more content here than you would from a movie release.

    It's like asking why a play costs more than a movie.

    Second it costs money to put stuff on TV. It wasn't free. It was in exchange for advertising.

    You got it through your cable service. Now you're getting it recorded professionally direct from the licensed distributors and producers.

    Are we going to ask people why something that lasted for for SEVERAL MONTHS doesn't cost as much as something that last for BARELY TWO HOURS?

    A lot of work goes into anime, though it's funny you should ask because American cartoons cost broadcasters much more than anime does.

    Lastly, the other reason it costs so much is that compared to live action filmed works, the painstaking work anime artists do is much more exhausting (though, much more rewarding IMHO).

    Then again there's the exception: Dragonball Z
  • In response to criticism for having used overlays, ADVFilms only used them for the first few discs.

    In response to criticism of the audio work, ADV has changed its recording house.

    They're no VKLL, but they get the job done.

    Now folks, don't you wish you could get that kind of response out of politicians?

    Personally I'm going to stick w/ the VCDs from ebay until I can guarantee DVD drives work on my future Amigas. Since Linux runs on the boxes I don't see why not.

    Btw just so you guys don't start fudding:

    Why amiga?

    I love it when an architure with a P60 class processor and 16MB of RAM can play mp3s better than a standard PC with a P133 and 64MB of RAM. Even if you run the same OS (Linux) on them.

    Anyway all I want to know is when and where in New York is there a theater release of the movies?
  • Two things, one the actuall thing comes from one of the distributors of anime Rightstuf []. They posted that recently, and of course every anime site that posts news regulary like mine [blantant plug] [] [/blantant plug] posted something about it. Manga, as has been know to the community, doesn't say much on their sites but tells the distributors who then does their PR work for them =)

    Secondly, c'mon taco, you knew about these movies before hand. Death & Rebirth true, has been out for quite some time and so has EoE. Some may not like Death and Rebith much, but EoE is awesome.

    Personally I think EoE helps bring the series to a closure...if there ever is such a thing in that series. It also explains what happens to a alot of the characters in the final 2 eps. We see several people die off and never find out till EoE, well Kaji is still a mystery.

  • ...on DVD for a while now; picked it up on eBay for around US$20. Region 1, English & Chinese subtitled, pretty cool packaging. There were loads of em being auctioned off, at least when I bid for mine; If you don't want to wait until October I'd suggest checking it out.

  • Evangelion is just Freakin' wierd. Really. It is a copmlete and total mind trip. And its quite scary, at least this ending of the series. (Which i remember being Death and Rebirth, the recap, and Air and Love is Destructive, the ending).

    I think there are probably some good issues brought up (at least in the terms of morality and such) But before you watch any of it, you would need to understand some psychology among other things, like Japanese culture, I imagine.

    I suppose it could be considered "deep", although i would call it more "Disturbing". I am really truly convinced that the popping of people was totally unnecissary. There isn't much way to describe it except to say that it -is- disturbing. I would admit that some of this could be due to the difference of culture-- but i was seriously freaked out by the twisting of biblical/religious stories/facts. I'm not a stickler about this, but DAMN, this was some weird stuff.

    The anime that is closest (That i have seen) to this level of disturbedness is Lain. A lot of death, pain, suffering, anguish and loneliness. Not the kind of thing you want to watch in one sitting.

    It undeniably was visually stunning, albiet in a sort of trippy way. It does offer a sensible explanation for the other various weirdnesses(Which i'm sure isn't a real word) in the series, but in retrospect i would rather not have watched it.

    However, if you do want to watch something truly mentally stimulating, and aren't particularly concerned with your sanity, please be my guest and watch it. It really is quite excellent in a strange, arabesque way.

    And no hard feelings to y'all that liked it. We're all entitled to our opinions, and thats mine.
  • I have a VCD version and it has sperm, tits, guts and incest (sort of) amongst other things. Somehow, I doubt this is going to make it into the US version. Anyone know for sure?
  • Anime in japan is much much much more expensive then in america. For the eva movies on dvd in japan its 80$ PER DISK. thats 2 disks.

    In fact, the old evangelion sub vhs cost 30$ FOR 2 EPISODES. thats more then 50 cents a min.

    the dvds are a steal.

    for more info see animeondvd [] (shameless plug for my friends).
  • overlays are only on the first disk. I have recieved a PERSONAL gaurentee from multiple adv reps that they will never use overlays ever again on any disks.

    good for you for pirating anime, with any luck anime companies (who are already doing very poorly financially due to rampant piracy) will go compleatly out of buisness, then there will be no more anime for anyone else.
  • So buy the disks from japan and sub it yourself.. its usually more then 25$ PER EPSIODE in japan. Feel free to do so if you think you are getting ripped off, but the fact remains, anime is less expensive in america then anywhere else, sans bootlegs.
  • The movie's been out for years. And you didn't get a First Post. Sucks to be you.


  • However, Death contains some scenes that were not in the original TV episodes, and not on the vidoes released in the US.
  • Not quite. It actually means "loser with no life who spends all his time on some obscure subject".

    Not necessarily anime, could also be discussion fora on the Web...

  • I don't mean to be rude, but it's my opinion that anyone who thinks that people who didn't like the ending "didn't get it" are just desparate for a reason to feel superior to others.

    I did get the "meaning" of the show, thankyouverymuch,I just happen to think that it was too dryly and abstractly presented, as well as wrapped in too many pretentions. If you're gonna tell a story, you can't just abandon large parts of it when they don't interest you any more. A story isn't an essay.

    I also explicitly said that Gainax made better stuff than Evangelion - Gunbuster being one example.

  • Mid-90ies, actually (started on Japanese TV in 1995). Personally, I think it's vastly overhyped. It's good, but not truly great, and the ending sucks (both of them). Gainax has done better.
  • What if I'm rather bored by it and think it was artistically shoddy, bad storytelling, a serious overdose of pretentious, artsy, and ultimately meaningless symbolism and cheap special effects? Pretty much every single Gainax anime before and after Evangelion has more actual meaning.
  • It's been a little while since I saw the various endings. Needless to say they were fansubbed (anyone who is half serious with anime would know that the subs are way better than the dubs 99% of the time)

    But if I remember correctly, Death and Rebirth are like two different movies in one. Death is a short recap of the TV series. And Rebirth is a replacement for episodes 25 and 26... but also basically the first half of the newer movie "End of Evangelion".

    In other words, it's better just to wait for End Of Eva. It's basically Eva:Rebirth with a few alterations, a continuation, and a very final conclusion. Seeing both would just mean a lot of repetition.

    IMO, whether you see End of Eva at all should depend on what type of ending you like. Basically it's an alternative ending to please the crowds that were spamming them to death about having an unsatisfying ending on the TV series.

    Without wishing to spoil it (stop now if you don't even want to know whether each ending is happy or not. Even then it is still speculation, it's just how happy the ending *appears* to be.)


    I'll go so far as to say that the TV ending is "happy, but not very conclusive - lots of questions left unanswered". And End Of Eva is the "Gruesome, shocking ending that will please anyone who likes lots of violence, but they do not seem to live happily ever after if that's your thing."
  • I have a question, why does so much english dubbing Suck So Much? I mean, some of the translation in Ghost in the Shell sounded so stilted it made me cringe. It was a cool movie, but I think I would have rather bought the Japanese version with subtitles instead.

    Honestly, I thought that your post was insightful, thought-provoking, and very well said.. Until you generalized English dubs as Sucking So Much.

    If you want an actual reason, here one is: Voice acting is considered a respectable profession in Japan. People go to college and train for it, wanting to actually be a professional voice actor. On the other hand, in America, voice acting is generally considered to be for third-rate actors that can't get live-action roles. Now, there are exceptions to this; there are people that actually *want* to be voice actors, and enjoy doing it. Also, typically these few people perform exceedingly well -- American voice actors get piss-poor pay, so to willingly do the job, you have to *really* love it.

    For a few examples, I would like to recommend to you Cowboy Bebop, the Tenchi Muyo OAV (the acting in the other Tenchi series was a bit more average), Trigun, and Princess Mononoke. There are people who will still get their panties in a not while screaming "the Japanese dub is soooo much better!" However, even if this is true -- and IMHO, it's not, in the above cases, but that's just MHO -- I would say anybody who still says the above "suck" simply can't judge acting, and the only reason they consider the Japanese dub so wonderful is because they can't understand it.

    Granted, the majority of English dubs are worse than the Japanese ones, and if only can only play tapes, it's probably a better bet to buy subbed tapes. But I buy DVDs, and always listen to both voice tracks -- and in many cases I've been pleasantly surprised. There are some very good English dubs out there, if you just look for them.
  • The Evangelion Thumbnail Theatre is available at []. There are also Princess Mononoke and Ghost in the Shell Thumbnail Theatres.

    Also, you might also like to know that the author of that has admitted he likes Evangelion, he just thinks that the series takes itself far too seriously. ;-)
  • You can download them from any major P2P file trading service worth it's binary size.

    Or IRC

    or FTP

    Or streamload

    Or or or or, I'm sure you get the idea.

    Releasing movie sub's long after VERY high quality Fan Subs have been aviable is hardly a momentious feat, I personaly don't see as to why the companies just don't pay the fansubs a translation fee afterwords and release the damn thing right away, it would save everybody alot of money and waiting. . . . .

    oh well, heh, I just burned those movies a few days ago to CD, hehe, the entertainment industry is DEFINTLY behind the internet when it comes to doing almsot anything. . . . .

    shame though, I am more then willing to pay for it, but I won't pay $30+ for something that I downloaded on someone elses bandwidth. Any chance I can paypal them over a $5 or so gratuidy fee? You know, something like

    "Heya, nice movie, nice series, already got it, I'm saving a tree and not buying the boxed version, but I want to give the artists credit anyways, so heres some cash, enjoy, toodles."

    Shit, as stated above, saves on resources (although I suspect that before long Bandwidth will beconsidered a resource by the mainstream community just like anything else, after all, it is limited by the laws of the universe just like anything else, heh, please, no oddball physics, show me free unlimited bandwidth then I'll go the alternative theory route!) and it doesn't have me end up with duplicates. . . .

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion (or, properly,
    Shinseiki Evangelion)


    If by "properly" you mean "to those who are desperate to retain a sense of coolness now that anime is growing popular," I guess you're right. We're all so impressed that you know the Japanese title.

    Gainax seems fine with the title translation Neon Genesis Evangelion, so that seems "proper" enough for me. In English, at least. Which, near as I can tell, is the language of this conversation.

    It's pretty late, and maybe I'm just cranky, but I have little patience for those who insist on belittling every fan who's gotten into anime recently. Hey, I've been an anime fan for many years too. If I feel the need, I'll pat myself on the back for being at the head of the wave. But mostly I'll just enjoy the fact that more fans means that more anime makes its way to the US.


  • There is more insightfulness and depth in a single Clamp story than there is in all of Evangelion put together.

    If you're including Clamp School Detectives in this, then you're a lot better at finding depth than I am...

    But seriously: CLAMP does rock, but so I think does Eva. Even if your summary of Eva were accurate, I could write an equally dismissive plot summary of Hamlet, Don Quixote, or any great work you care to mention.

    Plots are useful, but the magic of a story is in the telling.


  • Not all anime is that expensive. The _Record_of_Lodoss_War_ DVD box set (13 eps split over 2 DVDs) retails for $59.99, and Lodoss _Chronicles_of_the_Heroic_Knight_ (27 eps) retails for $129.99 (right in line with X-Files DVD pricing :)

    Also, _Shoujo_Kakumei_Utena_ DVDs have 7 eps apiece and cost $39.99 retail (a little higher, and also closer to normal "4 eps for $25" pricing). Not to mention that these are usually found for less, as the prices I have quoted are retail.

    Anyway, why is this story news? Didn't the Eva movies come out in 1997? I guess it's kind of nice ADV is finally releasing them in America (if anyone still cares about Eva anymore, which I don't), but getting them out in a timely manner obviously wasn't a high priority.
  • No, you're not grasping at straws in an arguement you're destined to lose, I promise you aren't.
  • The way I see it you can do one of three things, other than being angry at a TOPIC THAT CAN BE FILTERED: shut the hell up and filter, shut the hell up and deal with the fact that some people like things that you don't OR shut the hell up and go away.
  • And on what undoubtedly empirical observations do you base this claim? Surely you must have a reason for it because you seem like you have a rational mind. So tell us all what your logic for this is. Unless you have none and are just condemning something that you don't understand.
  • Mr Joesixpack, if you can't login and filter stories out that you don't want to read, then you have no place on this site.
    However, I'm sure you can start for all your drinking, cousin fucking, racial intolerance, reading problems, etc.

    otherwise, go troll some OS X post or something.. here I'll leave something for you to cut and paste, so you can copy all the other trolls.

    "I wish slashdot would stop posting all these stories about apple. This is not news for nerds or stuff that matters. No nerds that I know use apple shite (at least I don't). And if I, with my bloated ego and bloated asshole, don't approve of it, then it is not Stuff that Matters. Slashdot should post more and repeat stories!"

    Login next time. You can still post anon.. I won't tho.
    -since when did 'MTV' stand for Real World Television instead of MUSIC television?
  • NOT IN THE US. Fansub != Official Manga release :P
  • After annoucing getting the rights in what, 99? Blackbox AND VKLL both had thier fansubs done in an even more reasonable amount of time than Manga did. Then again, a really good source informed me that Gainax themselves have been holding it up, so It's going to be INTERESTING to say the least. DVDs though? You know back in MY day, we had to watch anime off of poorly dubbed Phillipino TV. Then again, that WAS the 1980's...
  • We got your point, goddamn troll. ;) Even if you do find this boring, there's a community that finds it interesting. So STFU
  • I dunno. I found alot of depth in Evangelion. THEN AGAIN. I saw Evangelion during a very VERY depressing time in my life. Soo ^^;;;;;;;;; (Yes, that does matter, I think one realizes thier life is sad when they can feel for shinji's pain... That's damn sad. Jesus Christ is suck. Hey I could be an eva character!)
  • You make it seme like fansubs are PURE quality.

    Lemme throw a few names around.

    Hecto, Shinsengumi( okay, so they're the same thing...), Arctic, Techno girls( I'm afraid of any translation group that decides it wants to translate something as ^_^;;;;;;, atleast I think it was techno girls that translated it that way.)

    Anyway you get my point. Fansubs are just that. Fan subtitled works. Sure, The Tylor DVD boxset missed an ep, but that was a pure accident. And that's ONE company, other companies have been better.

    I've seen fansub groups decided to not sub certain episodes just because they don't think the ep isn't good enough or important to the plot enough. ( I've seen sets of Fushigi No Umi no Nadia missing the episodes where they're stuck on the desert island, because the translator found it boring! )

    [end fanboy rant]
  • not even going to get into the whole thing about ep. 25-26 being good/bad/indifferent. . . but some release info for you.

    originally, the release of the last tv episodes was delayed for some time. . . when the movie finally came out, episode 25 (tv) and 25' (first half of end of eva) came out on one ld. shortly thereafter, epsiodes 26 and 26' were released, in genesis 0:14, which sent me into a mad frenzy of tape-searching when i first saw a poster for it. ^_^

    is it better to watch the movie split up like that, with the last two tv episodes maintaining the psychological reality of the series?

    obviously i think so.
  • tenchi ova and mononoke hime, all through, have great dubbing. my personal favorites. you have good taste. ^_^

    one more thing, though. . . first, the scripts for english dubs tend to be written by translators, not scriptwriters. neil gaiman's involvement in mononoke hime is, imo, the biggest factor contributing to that dub's non-suckiness.

    second, the dubbing in japanese is usually done ensemble, where the voice actors are together, doing their voices at the same time, and actually interacting. (as opposed to american dubbing, which usually has one actor, in a room, reading lines cold and guessing at the character interactions.) the previews for /kare kano/ (another gainax series) show ensemble dubbing at work very cutely. ^_^

  • japanese already did that. they had the big us-influence culture steamroller with sf clubs in the sixties, with pop music in the eighties. gibson also said that americans and british find the japanese fascinating because it's some strange cultural funhouse mirror that shows us, in ways we'd never imagined. japanese enjoy american culture. both mainstream and obscure. they even read william gibosn. (anyone who's watched the words onscreen in /otaku no video/ saying, 'shortly after this interview, he went to the u.s. in search of the ultimate [tv commercial] collection' knows why i posted this. ^_^ ) chris
  • yeah.

    take /FLCL/, which puts one 30-minute episode on a disc. i've heard the bitrate on those discs is the maximum that the dvd format will support. (which is what, 10 mBps? 12?) for sure, the video quality is the highest i've ever seen.

    japanese consumers are willing to pay for that kind of quality. tv series tend to use bitrates that we in the u.s. would think of as reasonable. . . but consider that laserdisc players are very solidly entrenched in the japanese market, and the few hdld's i know of are all japanese release.

    there are obsessed fans out there, (not necessarily of anime) willing to pay for the best prerecorded media avaliable. scary, isn't it?

  • He has a point and its not offtopic! Remember the next time we see a "your rights online" topic talking about how linux is banned because its not mpaa approved, we can all remember where the mpaa got its money to lobby congress and the senate.

    They got rich from sucka's like us and I bet Valentina from the mpaa is laughing his ass off right now after watching his opponets here on /. happily hand over money to be used for its legal funds agaisn't us.
  • Money to lobby congressmen, senators, and judges need to come from somewhere.

    Do any of you remember the story here on slashdot a few days back where microsoft crippled its own mp3 recording software and said " studies have shown consumers are like sheep who eat up wahtever you give them"? Well, THis is why the stupid dvd's are $18-35 bucks. Stop being hypocrites guys and post anti-mpa messages one day and then talk about buying every dvd known to man and pay off lobbyest who control what you do whith your prodcuts so they can raise prices even more!


    If everyone refues to pay for this the price will go down and the mpaa might be a little bit more friendly. I also would like people reading this to also check out the recent /. story about police busting in on dorms in Tiawan and using scare tactics to force students into submission in dealing with mp3's. You know its consumers who paid for the lobbying of the tiawanese officials to screw the students around!

  • There is more insightfulness and depth in a single Clamp story than there is in all of Evangelion put together.

    The only thing more boring than Evangelion is Dragon Ball Z. At least Evangelion has Asuka.

    Let me plagerize [], and save y'all $350 worth of videos. The plot follows:

    Gendo is my father. MY NAME IS SHINJI AND I SUCK! Asuka: Yes, you do suck, Shinji! Rei: She's right, Shinji. You suck. Hoji: YEAH! You suck! Unit-00: You suck. NERV Agent: YOU SUCK, SHINJI!

    (There used to be a "thumbnail evangelion archive", but I can't find it. Anyone know the link?)

  • Well, Firstly I would like to point out that the "Movie" as it where has been out for some time, but let's not confuse *out* with *avaliable*.

    Now I got my copy from the guy who runs the local collectors shop, He is also an Evangelion fan and his *friend* who travels through Japan got him a copy and he, in turn, made me a copy. It has been distributed like that for some time, especially here in Australia (Where manga is, well, HUGE)

    But this is the japanese version, with subtitles, not an english dubbed version, where as this release will be both. Happy as piss about that!

    Secondly, it isn't a movie as such. anyone who remembers the last two episodes may, or may not, agree that it was a bit abstract. I enjoyed them and I felt it was an excellent end to Shinji's struggle within himself, but as an end to Evangelion... It left me a bit wanting. The *Movies* are really another two episodes (long episodes) to end Evangelion, all the issues that where developing all through the series with Rei, Seele, Gendo, Nerv, etc... are dealt with and resolved (more or less).

    Anyway, that's my two bob worth, I personally cannot wait for it, even though I have a copy of the Japanese version, I will still be buying it.


  • One thing that Pisses me off, and it has been mentioned in a few comments is people inability to understand the difference between animation in Japan and America.

    In Americia cartoon are for kids, period. if it's drawn it must be for children, because real adults don't want to watch animation. What a dumb arse theroy.

    In Japan, animation/drawn is just another way to make films. and some excellent ones are.

    And to anyone who believes that cartoons are silly, remember that the Matrix, a hugely popular movie, pulled a LOT of tricks from Manga films.

    So, wake up and smell the coffee, or alternativly, ignore the Anime section of slashdot, your choice.


  • Ya'll are slow.

    This was on Anime on DVD [] a couple days ago.

    The ACTUAL release date for both is October 30 (which is a Tuesday, the most common day for new releases).
    And yes, like Taco-san, I'm waiting to get Eva 6 as well. May the mayhem continue!
  • Check your facts.

    The Tylor DVD boxed set was shipped with 5 minutes of footage missing. Nothing critical, but still annoying. No one noticed it until AFTER it had shipped. They didn't go "oh fuck it, let's ship anyways."


    And you only need $3.75 for shipiing. ANYWHERE ON THIS PLANET.

    USA anime companies are dragged down by a notable few (ADV, CPM, VIZ) but those that try (Pioneer, Bandai, TRSI, Media Blasters) create excellent stuff. And ADV, Bandai, Pioneer, Media Blasters, Animeigo, and many others do listen. has a message board where various studio representatives do talk with fans. That's where the primary movement against overlays in EVA was carried out (and look, no more overlays). As well the discovery of the bug on Tylor disc 4.

    You sound like someone who just downloads anime for free, and likes to whine about companies who actually take the time to bring it over to the states.
  • It's probably a bootleg DVD, meaning Gainax was in no way compensated for their work.

    Get the Manga release, and you support Gainax, instead of a bunch of Taiwanese bootleggers.
  • Erm... firstly (which I think has been mentioned many times already) It's been available for like the past 3 - 4 years already.

    Persoanlly I purchased the Jap version and watched and I'm highly dissapointed with it. Why? simple I fell asleep during Air: End of Evangelion. The only interesting bit is during the Rebirth part (when Asuka really kicks some a**) other than that it's nothing more than just some flashy re-caps of the series and tying up all the loose ends (well sorta).

    I only would reccomend you purchase this if you want to complete your Eva set or you're a die hard fan.
  • When the 'anime' catagory first came to be, I thought it looked a little out of place. Maybe because I'm not into anime at all? It's weird though.. there are many catagories I don't give a hoot about (like the "Star Wars" one) but for some reason this anime catagory stands out as particularly unrelated.

    Every time one of these anime posts appears, there are endless trolls and hostile comments towards this catagory. People respond saying "turn off the catagory" if you don't want to see it. So what's the problem then? Why are people not getting the message? Why does the anime catagory still suffer from trolls? No other catagory has the problem to this extreme. Not even Jon Katz.

    Maybe a poll is in action? Frankly there are rarely any decent comments in an anime discussion that I don't think we'll be missing anything if it goes. Anyone?
  • Well, inside of japan your explanation is true, but outside of japan, in the US and Europe, this term is often used as for somethings that is very close to anime geek.
  • I know anime is corny. That's why most of us enjoy it so much.

    And besides, not all anime is like Sailor Moon or Dragonball Z (two of the poorer examples of the type, IMO)
  • And here, folks, we have an uninformed troll shooting his mouth off.

    Anyone who's seen even one episode of Evangelion knows that it is most definitely NOT for kids. Hell, It's too weird for some adults I know.

    You're stuck in the typical American mindset that animation is just for kids. You couldn't possibly be more wrong. While it may be that way in the States, Japanese animation covers just about every topic and genre, from kid's shows to pornography. Very little is taboo.

    Next time, try learning a little about the subject before you start making broad generalizations. Better to keep your mouth shut and have everyone think you're a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.
  • Do you know why they're not?

    Because American animation sucks. That, and those are KID'S shows. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Anime is hardly just for kids. The subjects run the gamut from the kid's stuff all the way up to some very adult material...oh, what's the use. It's not like anyone's actually listening to me.
  • ...try actually watching the series. You'll find it's thought-provoking and genuinely touching in parts. And before you make a comment about my age, I am 20, and a degree student, and I'd certainly rather watch any anime that some overblown Hollywood blockbustah.
    My gun will be your angel of mercy!
  • The link "IP banned permanently" above, which appears to link to a post on slashdot, in fact points to a site, and is part of the above post.
  • your on crack
    If xtianity were the solver bullet to civilizations miseries, there never would have been miseries. Think about that one oh evangelical-right-wing-red-neck-I-wanna-be-God sheeple. Your 'religeon' (not to be confused with faith) started this wonderful trend toward debauchery, and the axploitation of humanity at the cost of itself, let alone the exploitation of the the planet by your 'ever so enlightened' species. You might read from your literature, but you certainly don't follow it.
    Just Another Pagan Shedding Light in this Dark Age~ JAPSLDA
  • silver bullet even.. must finish the kawfee before letting my fingers out again... :)
    Just Another Pagan Shedding Light in this Dark Age~ JAPSLDA
  • Ummm...I'm not so sure about that. There's a lot of debate whether Hideaki Anno caved in and decided to make the movies because fans were so pissed about the TV ending, or if he planned all along. Nobody's sure, and I don't think anyone ever will be. As for the movies originally being done first and then them rushing to create "acceptible" TV endings, I find that hard to believe. Here's an excerpt from the "commentary" on the translated version of the "Red Cross Book", which was available at theaters when EoE was showing:
    "At first, the remade episodes 25 and 26 were supposed to be released in OVA, but during production it was decided that it would be a theatre release. There is a "EVANGELION DEATH AND REBIRTH" (Shito Shinsei) which consists of the summary episode of the TV series "Death" and the new remade "Air" which serves as a climax. However, since later the content of the remake grew to an unexpected proportion, the content shown in "REBIRTH" was actually 2/3 of the new episode 25. As the first part of the final, "EVANGELION DEATH and REBIRTH" was shown in March 1997. (from Red Cross Book [])

    As the series continues, it does seem like budget concerns were an issue as the series progressed, but the last few episodes of the series do make sense within the context of the show. I just happen to think the last couple episodes of the TV series don't hold a candle to what is presented in End of Evangelion. That is art, and it is beautiful.

    I also haven't seen Death & Rebirth, but I can see where you'd want to have it. I'd like to watch that and get a brief reminder or events and then be able to watch EoE again, otherwise I think I wouldn't get as much out of it going into EoE cold.

    Oh well, hopefully Manga doesn't screw these up (ahem, Wings of Honneamise) and we'll have a nice set. And hopefully ADV re-releases the first dvd with better quality and no overlays. Then life will be good.

  • Just to pimp another really cheap set, Key: The Metal Idol is on 3 dvd's-
    200 min 1st dvd = $29.99
    165 min 2nd dvd = $29.99
    160 min 3rd dvd = $29.99

    Quite a bargain, and the show's pretty good stuff. Kinda explores some of the same themes that Serial Experiments: Lain did, but not quite as good as that. Still, a great deal for a 15 episode series.

  • It's like asking why a play costs more than a movie.

    A play costs more than a movie because your audience is far more limited and you actually have to pay the actors for several hours of work each time they perform.

    Second it costs money to put stuff on TV. It wasn't free. It was in exchange for advertising.

    Fine. I have no problem with them putting advertisements every 15 minutes in exchange for lowering the price of the DVD to the price of production + distribution (under $5). They already place advertisements on the damn DVDs which you sometimes can't even fast forward through every 2-4 episodes that are up to 10 minutes long.

    You got it through your cable service. Now you're getting it recorded professionally direct from the licensed distributors and producers.

    Actually I got it from DirectTV broadcast at nearly the same quality as a DVD. Well, Farscape at least given I can't get much else.

    Are we going to ask people why something that lasted for for SEVERAL MONTHS doesn't cost as much as something that last for BARELY TWO HOURS?

    Several months? My lord, you don't watch enough TV. A day for most stuff. Maybe a week for some of the long running stuff.

    A lot of work goes into anime, though it's funny you should ask because American cartoons cost broadcasters much more than anime does.

    Lets keep things in perspective. We are talking about a medium which consists mostly of static backgrounds, significant amount of reused drawings and very little post processing. Compare that to something like Star Trek which takes an insane amount of money to produce and even that contains relatively small amount of sfx.
  • It's a matter of economics. And it doesn't have anything to do with the cost of producing anime.

    The distributors of anime, like the distributors of any copyrighted material, are monopolists. And monopolists, you should recall from Microeconomics 101, are price-seekers. Rather than accepting the market price as given, and trying to sell as many as possible at that price (which occurs in a competitive market), the monopolist would rather sell fewer units at a higher price, if this is what will maximize profit.

    In the market for a Hollywood blockbuster, there are some who are willing to pay more, say $30, for a DVD, and a bunch who are willing to pay less, say $20. (I'm just making these numbers up.) The seller maximizes profit by setting the price at $20.

    In the smaller market for anime, there are some who are willing to pay $30, and some who are willing to pay $20: but not as many as are willing to pay $20 for the Hollywood blockbuster. There aren't as many lost sales by pricing the release at $30, so the seller maximizes profit by selling at $30.

    This is why in a non-competitive market, as the market gets larger, the price goes down. Remember how much VHS tapes cost back in the day? When only the video stores (who were willing to pay more) were buying them, the damn things cost $80. Now that VCRs are ubiquitous, they're "priced to sell".

    The same reasoning applies to why they don't put more content on anime DVDs. They lose sales by putting only four episodes on a DVD when they could put eight on a DVD; but they don't lose enough sales to make up for what they gain by putting out twice as many to sell to those willing to pay for less material. (Again, I'm making the numbers up, since I don't have a DVD player. I still watch my anime on VHS.)

    'Tis the nature of non-competitive markets. Unfortunately, we haven't figured out a better way to give the creators of artistic works incentive to create, other than granting them monopoly privilege over the reproduction of their work.
  • I've never understand what people disliked so much about eva's original ending. It lacked the giant-mecha-fight-scenes that the earlier portion of the series had, but eva's only superficially a mecha show. The entire story revolves around character, and the entire original ending is devoted tying up loose ends in *character*. It does this remarkably well.
    End of Eva, on the other hand, was fan-pacification attempt. People who watched eva solely for the giant mecha were disappointed with the psychological ending, and so GAINAX gave them what they wanted. All in all, the original ending is really more true to the series; End of Eva is just a bit more fun.
  • ...about bible-believing Christians actually more plentiful on Slashdot than references to "All Your Base..."? Sadly, AYB-gags are a passing fad, while the Christian-bashing is more of a /. pasttime for some.

    Hint: If you want them to stop running, stop shooting.
  • Hmm maybe...

    The processing on Star trek requires computers which cuts manual work done.

    I still think anime is much more time consuming and nerve damaging to produce. But that's just me.

    It could just be the expected audience size. Then again of all the irony England had La Blue Girl in theatres.
  • Its kind of a mixed bag ... I tell ya I could care less about about anime ... I couldn't rant about why / how much I hate it, but we'll save that for another day ...

    However, I have been enjoying the simpsons news, the star wars news [to some degree], the LOTR news, an the star trek news ... so I can only immagine that to some the anime news is intersting...

    It is interesting to note that alot of the science news dosen't make it on the main page, but anime seems to :)

  • Is it just me, or is most of the hardcore christian element running from something ?
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion (or, properly, Shinseiki Evangelion) is a near-future sci-fi Japanese animation about children who pilot giant bio-robots to fight an alien armageddon. It's from from the early nineties. It's one of the more popular series in the US, thanks to the "We like Pokemon and now we're ANIME EXPERTS and will gorge ourselves upon five-year-old English dubs" crowd, which Taco is a part of. Regardless, it's a wonderful series and if you're into sci-fi at all I recommend at least watching the first three or four episodes to get a taste for what real anime (as opposed to Pokemon, Dragonball Z, et cetera) is like.


  • Perhaps it's because many people feel that while anime is great, it'd make more sense to leave stuff like that on a more anime-centric site (after all, isn't that why was created?) Why CmdrTaco feel the urge to post stuff there and here is beyond me. Personally, I think anime related stuff, unless truly groundbreaking, should stay off of Slashdot. I think that he posted the thing also to promote - I could be wrong...
  • I was really disappointed by the quality of the Evangelion DVDs. Honestly, I have a 46" television.. and Eva tapes look the same as the Eva DVDs on it... of course tapes degrade at an exponential rate compared to DVD.. but still I was expecting more.

  • Well.. by time they made these two movies they had no money left.. I mean the end of the series is even pretty weak, lots of flashbacks and silly trip out animation scenes. Lame.. but essential none the less.

  • Well I highly doubt the source was standard VHS... so of course I expect more because DVD can give us a better "translation" of the source.

  • Good list. Here's another entry:

    6. I have been into anime so much longer than any of you, and I know sixteen whole phrases in Japanese, so I think you're all clueless idiots who are ruining it for us Real Fans.

    I don't yet have a good response to those kinds of posts, but I sure am tired of them.

    (And though I don't want to sound like the kind of jerk I'm talking about above, you might be interested to know that "otaku" is more of a general term for any kind of obsessive geek. In addition to anime otaku, there are video game otaku, military hardware otaku, idol singer otaku, tropical fish otaku...and, of course, computer otaku. Like folks who are up at 2am posting to Slashdot...)


  • The Gainax DVDs are available from Gainax and CD-Japan. The original DVDs have been available for a while. Gainax has released them again in box sets named Second Impact. There are three Second Impact boxes, two of which are now available (third's out in May). There are no subtitles or english-language dialog on the Gainax discs. I own all of the released ADV and Second Impact boxes. After the second DVD, the Gainax and ADV DVDs are the same, picture-quality-wise. From what I understand, the reason the ADV DVDs were low quality was that the ADV DVDs were made from the tape masters, while the Gainax DVDs were made from the original cells. Both exhibit jitter to a certain degree, so I don't know how accurate this information is.
  • Now that the series is coming out on DVD almost 1 a month, it's exciting to see that the release date of DVD #7 is May 29, 2001 (a little known fact, find it here: ADVfilms []. The date for the next one has been released even before the April 17th release date of #6 has approached! I'm excited, but then again these DVDs are poor quality compared to other DVDs, but that's another story.

  • I love the series to death, but I agree with you. I've contemplated eventually buying the entire DVD set after 6,7,8 come out, but who is willing to spend $160 for the series @ $20+ a pop when the DVDs are not really that high quality. Gainex could do so much better than ADVfilms.

  • This is no cartoon for kids. The depth of the story line and underlying themes make most anything that comes from Hollywood look like a kiddy pool. In the land of anime, comparing Evangelion to anything for kids (i.e. Pokemon, DBZ, etc...) is like comparing The Matrix to say, Sesame Street. If any one of the children in the target audience for the latter of both were to watch the former, they would be completely confused by the subject matter and probably disgusted with the language/violence. I'd usually say "you should watch this series," but, as you have displayed, your ignorance would probably prevent you from enjoying it, so don't bother. And stop complaining. Clicking on the happy little anime head icon (or here []) will show you that there have been 6 articles anime-related posted this year (including this one). After all the crap about Mir, this is nothing.
  • by Jordy ( 440 ) <jordan&snocap,com> on Saturday April 14, 2001 @04:11PM (#291135) Homepage
    I've always wondered why anime is so expensive. Heck, even things other than anime distributed by ADV Films (Farscape for instance) is outrageously expensive.

    I'm also curious why they put so few episodes on each DVD. Paying $18-35 for something which was broadcast for free on TV just to have to pay another $500 to get the entire story from beginning to end is silly.

    Sure a two hour movie is the same price, but it is typically a complete story, not 1% of a story leaving me with some sense of completion. I personally don't like walking away from a movie with questions about what happens next.

    All I really want is a complete set in a nice box for a single price with DVDs which are filled to capacity so I don't have to get up all the time and watch silly commercials I've watched 12 times before and some brain dead transitions between episodes which breaks the mood.

    Is that too much to ask?

    Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.
  • There are also alot of mixed feelings in the anime community about End of Eva

    I have sat outside viewing rooms at Cons discussing the merits of End of Evangelion (particularly Purest Heart) as a cinematic tone poem. Plenty of well educated people see the final ending as an incredibly executed "thust of non-plot emotion". The montages and music are timed perfecly, the symbolism is well planned and executed; the movie stands as a great piece of Art.

    The problem is, the first part of the series was "children piloting big robots". So if you got into the series because of that, you were pretty much pissed off by End... *particularly* if you like endings that tie everything up, and everybody is happy. This does NOT finish anything plotwise, and is NOT a simple, happy ending, but it is very satifying... *if* and only if you are used to such endings. I.e., if you watch a bunch of "art films". I'm not saying it's "better than a Hollywood movie", just that it is a very different kind of movie, and will appeal to a very different crowd.

    I watched all of Eva because someone kept telling me during the beginning "Don't worry - there's more to it than this". The first time I watched it, we watched all 26 episodes, then Death and Rebirth, and then all of End of Evangelion, all back to back over the course of a long weekend (pausing only around ep. 20 to go do Rocky Horror, and then coming back to finish up). That was a great experience, and I recommend it as a way to get the whole experience.

    And yes, the DVDs suck. I have a HDTV front projection system, and the *average* VCD (legit ones, not "home made") has far better quality than Eva DVD 1. Ick.


  • by Enonu ( 129798 ) on Saturday April 14, 2001 @05:31PM (#291137)
    Every time Taco posts something about anime, I see the following types of posts:

    1. Anime is crap (no reason)
    2. Anime is crap (because they're childish cartoons)
    3. Anime is bad because it's made by the immoral Japanese.
    4. Anime isn't geek news
    5. CmdrTaco thinks he's some anime expert

    To stop this madness right now I'll reply to them all:

    1. Worthless opinion. Clarify it!
    2. You haven't watched a decent amount of anime to judge it.
    3. To the Japanese, Americans are a bunch of fat idiots who bombed then in WW2. Get off your high pedistal.
    4. The term for "anime geek" in Japanese is otaku.
    5. Taco has his strengths and weaknesses in anime as well as everybody else. Take his opinion with a grain of salt.

  • by Raster Burn ( 213891 ) on Saturday April 14, 2001 @03:14PM (#291138)
    The Death and Rebirth movie is just basically a summary of the whole series. If you have Eva on DVD already, there is no reason to get Death and Rebirth. End of Eva is pretty cool though, but it seems to me to be an alternate ending to the series rather than a continuation of it. There are also alot of mixed feelings in the anime community about End of Eva, but it is worth it to see the best fight in all of Evangelion (Asuka vs. ....I wouldn't want to spoil anything!)

Honesty pays, but it doesn't seem to pay enough to suit some people. -- F.M. Hubbard