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Submission + - Are Industry Standards really this low?

segafreak writes: "I'm a Software Engineering Student from the UK about to enter my final year. During this summer I have been on placement at a large software company (which shall remain unnamed), and while my experience hasn't been entirely negative, I'm appalled by some of the practises that seem commonplace — minimal or non-existant documentation, prototype quality code being sold to customers, lack of comments in code, and worst of all large projects coded and maintained by a single programmer! Having spoken to several of my classmates, I've discovered the situation to be similar all across the region. So fellow Slashdotters, my question is this: is our Industry really this bad? Or have my classmates and I just been shockingly unlucky?"

Submission + - Koreans advised to "avoid Vista" for now

An anonymous reader writes: The Chosonilbo reports that several government ministries in South Korea are advising users not to install Windows Vista, at least until popular online services can be made compatible. The problem is that ActiveX is pervasive in the Korean webspace, employed by everyone from web games to online banking. Upgrading to Vista is expected to render many of these services unusable. Portions of the popular "Hangul" word processor, a major competitor to Office in that country, are also not functioning under Vista. The Ministry of Information is planning to publish compatibility information for popular websites, and urging users to carefully research the implications of upgrading.

Submission + - Copy-Friendly Businesses

An anonymous reader writes: Via Economist's View http://economistsview.typepad.com/economistsview/2 007/01/copyfriendly_bu.html
A series of articles in the Financial Times on copy friendly businesses — starting with publishing
http://www.ft.com/cms/s/b46f5a58-aa2e-11db-83b0-00 00779e2340.html
"The internet makes copying cheap. Businesses that see their livelihood as dependent on the restriction of copying — concentrated in the recording, film, publishing and software industries — are understandably upset. Their goal is to have the same ability to control their content as they had in an analog world but to keep all the benefits of pervasiveness, cost saving, and viral marketing that a global digital network brings. Its not so much a case of having their cake and eating it too as having their cake and making your cake illegal. Yet there are hints in each of these industries of a different business model, one that aims to encourage, rather than to forbid copying. .. In my next few columns, that is what I will do — study "copy-friendly" businesses, beginning today with publishing."

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