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Comment Re: cost reduction (Score 1) 595


Back in around 2003 when I bought my first Apple product (the awesome iPod 3rd gen) yes, they used to make the high price tag worthwhile by throwing in the adapters, dock, even cleaning cloths, everything you could need. This was a while ago. Not long after that they switched to only including the bare minimum product and charging like wounded buffalo for all the adapters and accessories.

Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 227

It also has the antenna band removed from the back for aesthetic reasons (despite the fact you'd probably throw a case on it), meaning a weaker signal. These are, apparently, the "things we can't live without" (http://www.cnet.com/uk/videos/tim-cook-says-the-iphone-7-will-give-us-things-we-cant-live-without/)

Comment Weren't there security problems? (Score 1) 274

I seem to recall a big panic over some fundamental security flaws in Snaps, something about them leveraging the worst ways X11 is written. Unless it's some convoluted way to try and progress what seems to be the IPv6 of the display server world (Mir / Wayland), isn't spreading this thing to other distros a bit of a bad idea?

Comment Because it's considered "Feminism" (Score 2) 858

And Feminism is now considered a Very Bad Thing by large chunks of the internet (I still like it, but I see/understand it differently to how most seem to).

It's hated for two primary reasons by my view:

1) Some of the newer third wave stuff often associated with Tumblr has gone a bit too far the other way and started to push man-hate, and they're so loud and vocal that they've managed to give the illusion of hijacking the entire movement, which is moderate and supposed to help men as well as women (by for example changing the image of feminine away from something to somehow be ashamed of)

2) Younger generations are less keen to associate themselves with the sins of their fathers i.e. historical misogyny and privilege. As they were born into a world where equality is encouraged and we don't have so much of an indoctrination into the old patriarchy, they feel that those who tell males they're privileged and should be mindful of feminist issues, are actually trying to oppress men and make people feel guilty for being born with the wrong genitals.

Sadly, this has manifested itself in quite rampant hate towards all things interpreted as feminist, which includes anything aimed at females or featuring a female heavy cast (Ghost Busters). One could rightly argue other factors (like whether Ghost Busters is crap regardless of gender) but I do think it gets silly sometimes as I do see a heavily anti-anything-that-smells-feminist bias out there at the moment.

As always I think both sides are simply human and have their own worries and issues of defensiveness. But at the moment are more likely to dehumanise and attack each other, unfortunately, or go on mass sabotage efforts like this.

Comment Re: Loaded Question (Score 1) 166

In theory anyway. A lot of responsive design frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap have classes like ".hidden-xm" which hides things on mobile. The ethos is that you'd do this if you have a matching ".visible-xm" to provide a more mobile-friendly version of the same element. Classic example being hiding a navbar and showing a burger icon instead. But it can also be used in the old lazy "just hide all the things on mobile!" way, so it only has that benefit if the designer isn't lazy.

Comment Re: This is a bad idea. (Score 1) 204

The impression I got was that they actually want to encourage free speech and make people feel safe expressing their views - I don't imagine it's actually an anti Trump voter thing. What they're trying to stop is all the bullying and death threats, and there's plenty of that happening on both sides of the political fence, so it should actually *help* the Trump voters express themselves.

The internet's been especially bad for this ever since all that "gamergate" shit where suddenly if you express any hint of slight left-leaning views you're slapped with that massively overused SJW acronym and all kind of derision for that, if you're more towards the right and criticise actual hard-left views you're "OMG misogynist death eater shitlord from Hell" and there's like nothing in between any more. It's ridiculous. And nerds are the worst for it now. What happened to when we were all about the Star Trek "love and harmony between different cultures and people who hold different views" kind of stuff and could actually talk about social issues and whatnot without hurling abuse at each other? I think that's all Twitter's after. I'm all for it.

Comment Re:Unimportant. (Score 2) 74

Indeed, sometimes that's a good thing (like the stupid cookie law where the ICO backed off and effectively said "you know what, we find it hard work too. Do what you want.") sometimes bad.

I seem to recall Cameron is itching to remove us from the ECHR at the earliest possible opportunity anyway, the only thing standing in his way is the small issue of peace with Northern Ireland (Good Friday Agreement). Somewhat ironic as he's using terrorism as an excuse but I remember the 80s/90s and they seemed a lot better at blowing shit up in our cities than ISIS (or whatever they're called this week).

Comment Seems like time to consider the alternatives (Score 1) 146

Suggestions for alternative password managers that work on all the same platforms? So Linux would need to be included (meaning 1password is out), and iOS and Android as well.

I know there's keepass for the desktop, though I seem to recall the Linux client being a choice of either using some old file format or the Windows version on WINE, and don't know how it'd conveniently sync with a mobile.

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