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DoCoMo Eggy: Phone/Video/Email Cuteness 42

Scott_Marks writes: "In the fine tradition of the previously-reported finger-phone, DoCoMo has brought out their Eggy! The Babelfish translation is, as usual, a total hoot." I'm a little confused about what this thing will do to your poor "knitting machine," but imagine a baby-blue Nintendo controller with a built in camera, a small LCD and a nice chunk of RAM, equipped with a Web browser. And for anyone who laughs at the fingerphone, I had a chance to use one of these in October courtesy of a DoCoMo representative in Atlanta, and called home with surprizing clarity. So maybe this little thing isn't so crazy ...
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DoCoMo Eggy: Phone/Video/Email Cuteness

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  • "Surprizing [dictionary.com]" is actually an acceptable spelling.

    Alex Bischoff
  • As featured at the BiMonSciFiCon!
  • the japanese again show us that they can do everything we can do--- but SMALLER!

    I wonder what the pr0n industry thinks of that statement....

  • ISAPI Extension Error: 1

    We killed babelfish!

    Does anyone have a link to an english version... what is this thing? A fingerphone sounds like a windup to me.
  • Well, actually, Babelfish translated it perfectly...

    Jim in Tokyo
  • That's how they say it in Atlanta, you know, like Gomer Pyle. Surprise surprise surprise!
    Bush's assertion: there ought to be limits to freedom
  • Huh, wha.. characters? I can't stop looking at the bobbing monkeys...
    Bush's assertion: there ought to be limits to freedom
  • There's something slightly hypnotic about seeing all those clean, tiny japanese characters (chalk one up for internet explorer).

    ...or mozilla, since that browser also shows the webpage in its full - and to me undecipherable - splendor...

  • we didnt kill babelfish, we killed the site babelfish is trying to translate...... and even that site sorta works still, so we just sorta beat it up a bit
  • Maybe it needs its server cleaned.
  • by nealrs ( 75987 )
    hmm... just like how they minituarized a tv to fit on a watch.... the japanese again show us that they can do everything we can do--- but SMALLER!
  • who laughs at the finger phone? It's the coolest thing I've ever seen! I never needed to use those little phones, don't really like them, but I would buy one of those finger phones in a heartbeat.

    I hope they start selling those here.


  • oops... guess that was "live" and the link no longer refers to video feed, it just goes to pictures of the Xbox and its controller. Guess it would have been helpful for eveyone to know about it ahead of time... someone should have posted to /. ... oh wait, I did!

    A very bitter,

  • There are a bunch of similarly amusing translations at http://www.engrish.com [engrish.com].

    EventNation.com [eventnation.com]
  • a knitting machine is a 'router'.
  • docomo means "anywhere"
  • * When you looked at the page which does not correspond to the browser function of the knitting machine, there are times when correct indication and operation are not done

    They have the Internet on computers now??!!

  • It appears to be majorly Slashdotted, so here's the full info on the page:

    - It communicates with the knitting machine when (1) P-in Comp@ct or fpffffBfI 611s/341s (2) In 32k/64k fpffffBfIfVfS[fY line fpffffBfI coupling cable (3) The fhfbf`[ffVfS[fY and the portable telephone / the fhfbf`[f portable cable inside, sooner or later (selling separately) becomes necessary. You cannot use with 0 portable telephones. There are times when it becomes connection with the 32k depending upon 0 use environment. 0 32k fpffffBfI in case of use it becomes connection with the 32k. The M-stage visual is enjoyed, being smooth, it is beautiful the picture You can see the colorful image information of the M-stage visual, smoothly with high-speed communication of the 64k. Being clear, it can enjoy the beautiful picture, 2.0 type TFT low temperature polysilicon color liquid crystal monitor loading. Also perusal of Internet is possible with simple browser loading. * When you looked at the page which does not correspond to the browser function of the knitting machine, there are times when correct indication and operation are not done. Image and the snap photograph in the can tongue they take In the compact body, real photographing (35 ten thousand pixels) the progressive CCD digital camera built-in which it is possible. It equips the rotary lens which by your can photograph. (270 revolution) As for the picture which you take using the AV cable which belongs, also it is possible to see with the TV. The compact flash memory card (selling separately) to correspond, the picture of the largest 192MB record possibility. Animated picture: Playback of the image which with adoption of the MPEG4, photographed very smooth. Still picture: With touch pen in picture input possibility of handwritten letter. It processes the picture to the can tongue with the frame and the stamp of 9 types. * As for the active compact flash memory card please view the commodity bundled list with the eggy. The picture which you take directly with the mail transmission As for the still picture and the animated picture which you take with the eggy transmission possibility. As for the photograph and the animated picture which are sent even with the personal computer simplicity playback. * Maximum of 3000 letters (full size) to the letter mail function which can be sent. The mail address register where the mug shot attachment is pleasant. * Animated picture playback with the personal computer the Windows Media Player ver7.0 is necessary. Convenience various colorful function The mail address which it has already enabled. In mopera quick start functional correspondence, setting of mopera POP mail can tongue. The touch pen and the can tongue by the cruciform key operation. The digital media integration software " PixLab for eggy " attachment which can compile the picture which it photographed with the personal computer. Commodity specification External size 131 (W) the ~81 (H) the ~39 (D) mm (the projection section you exclude) Mass Approximately 225g (the lithium ion charge pond it includes) Input method Touch panel (software keyboard), cruciform operation key and operation button Indicatory section TFT low temperature polysilicon color liquid crystal (557~234 dot, back light attaching) Camera / lens section 35 ten thousand pixel progressive CCD loading Application circuit NTT fhfRf cPhs circuit (64kbps/32kbps) Transmission speed 64kbps (largest effective speed 58.4kbps) 32kbps (largest effective speed 29.2kbps) On-board function M-stage visual service correspondence and simple browser function, fpffffBfI E mail * 1 * mopera POP mail * Internet mail function, address register function, animated picture * still picture photographing function, animated picture * still picture album function and animated picture * still picture compilation function Record medium Substance memory (approximately 6MB) / compact flash * 2 (memory card, commercial item) Card insertion section Compact flash card slot Type / Type (3.3v) Coupling cable connector section PHS connected connector Power source Private lithium ion charge pond (attachment), private AC adapter (attachment) Operating time / quantity Continual indicatory time: Still picture approximately 70 minutes, animated picture approximately 70 amount Serial radiography time: Animated picture approximately 65 amount Serial radiography quantity * 3 : The still picture approximately 140 Continual communication time: Approximately 70 minutes (at the time of 32k / 64k fpffffBfI and private coupling cable use) Approximately 60 minutes (P-in Comp@ct, at the time of fpffffBfI 611s / 341s use) Charge time Approximately 2.5 hours (at the time of private lithium ion charge, at the time of private AC adapter use) * 1 The type below being the knitting machine, does not correspond to the fpffffBfI E mail. 311s, 311n, 311t, 311m, 311p, 311y, 312s, 312d, 313s, 313p and 411p * 2 Please refer to the operational verification end list which bundled is done in the substance. * 3 Photographing condition: When you use the 16MB compact flash TM and 1 photographing, become " memory full " $dm 30 seconds memory all eliminating, when it continued.
  • I'm supposed to know Japanese and I can't make a lot of sense of it either. OK, my J'ese is pretty rusty, but here's the best I could do with the opening couple of paragraphs:

    Product Overview:

    M-stage visual service interface (EGGY):

    In order to communicate with this machine:

    (1) P-in Comp@ct or Pardio 611S/341S
    (2) 32K/64K Pardio series and Pardio connecting cable
    (3) Either a Docchimo series [portable telephone] or
    [another type of] portable telephone and a Docchimo
    portable cable (not included) is required.
    (4) A portable telephone cannot be used. Depending on
    the particular environment, the connection will probably
    be at 32K [baud rate]. If a 32K Pardio is used, the
    connection will be at 32K.

    Enjoy the smooth, beautiful screen of M-stage visual:

    Thanks to its 64K high-speed communication, the various
    image information of the M-stage visual is displayed
    You can enjoy vivid, beautiful images thanks to the
    version 2.0 low-temperature polysilicon color TFT monitor.
    It's possible to peruse the internet with the included
    easy-to-use browser.

    That was all I could stand of the description, but I think I did a little better with the specs:

    Product specifications:

    External dimensions: 131mm(W)×81mm(H)×39mm(D) (excepting
    Weight: 225g (including lithium-ion battery)
    Input method: Touch panel (software keyboard),
    cross-operated key and push-button operation [meaning
    one makes an "X" next to an on-screen selection and/or
    pushes a button??]
    Display unit: TFT low-temperature polysilicon LED (557x234
    pixels, backlit)
    Camera / lens unit: 350,000-pixel progressive-scan CCD
    Circuit used: NTT DoCoMo PHS circuit (64kbps/32kbps)
    Communication speed: 64kbps (58.4kbps effective speed);
    32kbps (29.2kbps effective speed)
    Included functions: M-stage visual service interaction,
    easy-to-use browser, Pardio email, mopera [?] POP mail /
    internet mail, address book, video / still picture
    photography, video / still picture album, video /
    still picture editing
    Media: Physical memory (approx. 6 Mb) / compact flash
    memory cards (purchased separately)
    Card insertion unit: compact flash card slot (Type: 3.3v)
    Connection cable connector unit: PHS connection connector
    [OK, "communication cable connector" is what they're
    talking about]
    Power: Exclusive lithium-ion battery (included), exclusive
    AC adapter (included)
    Operating time / number of images: Continuous display of
    still images, approx. 70 min; of video: approx. 70 min.
    Continuous video photography: approx. 65 min. Continuous
    still-picture photography: approx. 140 images (when
    using 32K / 64K Pardio and exclusive connecting cable);
    approx. 60 min. (when using P-in Comp@ct, Pardio
    611S / 341S)
    Recharging time: Approx. 2.5 hrs (exclusive lithium-ion
    battery, exclusive AC adapter

    As for translating Japanese, Jim Breen of Monash University has done more than anyone to help readers & translators of Japanese put their computers to good use. His page:


    includes links to on-line dictionary lookup and text translation pages. They both came in very handy in struggling through the scrambled EGGY page.
  • Man, I used to think that all those English manuals from Japanese/Taiwanese companies were just a bunch of random words thrown together, but now I know: they use Babelfish!
  • Even as we sleep, the boys and girls at MIT are probably working on a leggy eggy with do-co-motion.
  • Computers, hell, it looks like they have the internet on knitting machines now. Now that's a breakthrough.
  • And in Virginia I frequently hear another alternate.
    "Yup, that's sir-prisun'"
  • The best online translator is Amikai!
    http://www.amikai.com/ [amikai.com]
  • I wrote knitting machine software, are they going after my market! It's too small to share!

  • The Japanese word "docomo" is best translated as "everywhere", not as "anywhere".

  • Image and the snap photograph in the can tongue they take

    This was one of their headlines... I don't quite want to know what a camera has to do with a tongue...

    Are they saying that the knitting machine will take your tongue? What type of product is this? You buy something for your Nintendo, but you find out that it's actually for a knitting machine. And then the knitting machine lashes out at you and takes your tongue?!

    Help me. I'm afraid of the knitting machine.

  • All I know is I want one... along with all the other whoop-ass-hello-kitty-enabled-mascot-
    friendly-cute-and-cool crap we don't get here...
    Screw you all I'm moving to Japan... I want cruciform key operation. Yoi dekita!!!

    The Bitch
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I don't know how Babelfish got "knitting machine" out of 'this machine'. "serial radiography" is really 'continuous photography'. "can tongue" is apparently a mistake for the word kantan 'simple/ easy' written in katakana--I guess Babelfish mistook it for a foreign loanword, but couldn't make any coherent sense out of it. "cruciform" is really a reference to the cross-like arrangement of the keys.

    It looks like a lot of words were not in the machine translator's vocabulary, so it started coming up with erroneous meanings based on the roots.
  • it looks to be WinCE powered !

    but what CPU is it useing and can you overwrite the Boot ROM ?

    oh well I surpose it'll be an ARM maybe even StrongARM2 ex Xscale (-;

    who did the production work ?

    anyone with the details ?


    john jones

  • If you find it entertaining, go to www.engrish.com. THe site is very happy good, and will nourish the spirits!
  • Thanks for the link! My quote was from memory. Nice to see someone documenting these "engrishisms!"
  • Finger phone, eh? According to the Babelfish translation, I can supposedly "enjoy the beautiful pictures..." I imagine the porn industry's just salivating over this one ;)
  • As for the still picture and the animated picture which you take with the eggy transmission possibility. As for the photograph and the animated picture which are sent even with the personal computer simplicity playback.

    Makes sense to me!
  • Great, now I finally have something to add to my ( furby | cabbage patch doll | tickle-me elmo | beanie baby | pokemon card ) collection!
  • It sure sounds like MojoJojo from "Powerpuff Girls" !
  • by wunderhorn1 ( 114559 ) on Saturday January 06, 2001 @08:52AM (#526732)

    Forget about all that knitting machine talk, I'm worried about:
    Serial radiography


    POP mail can tongue.
    The touch pen and the can tongue by the cruciform key operation

    reminds me of a NIN video I saw once...
    There's something slightly hypnotic about seeing all those clean, tiny japanese characters (chalk one up for internet explorer). Can someone on here who knows japanese give a real translation??

    -the wunderhorn

  • by TheFlu ( 213162 ) on Saturday January 06, 2001 @08:44AM (#526733) Homepage
    "Fukumoto says users can send multiple commands
    to the wristband by tapping their fingers in various rhythms.

    How am I gonna explain this to the FBI when I start
    playing air guitar to Limp Bizkit and I accidentally break into the Pentagon.

    Penguin phone home. The Linux Pimp [thelinuxpimp.com]

  • by Vegeta99 ( 219501 ) <rjlynn AT gmail DOT com> on Saturday January 06, 2001 @09:12AM (#526734)
    Now my knitting machine has a 32/64k connection!
    Image and the snap photograph in the can tongue they take Canned tounge? Awesome! I AM a bit hungry.
    It's powered by a Private lithium ion charge pond
  • by poomba ( 302160 ) on Saturday January 06, 2001 @10:16AM (#526735)
    For Japanese, I prefer this online translator...

    http://www.elingo.com/browse/browse.php3 [elingo.com]

    Obviously, better than Babelfish, but not as funny:

    oe When communicating with this machine (1)P-in Comp@ct or (*paldio*) 611S/341S (2)32K/64K (*paldioshirez*) and (*paldio*) connection cable (3)Either (optional) is needed among (*dottemoshirez*) and cellular phone/(*dottemo*) portable cable. It is not possible to use it with the cellular phone. It is likely to become a connection by 32K according to the system requirements. When 32K (*paldio*) is used, [it] becomes a connection by 32K. The enjoyment of M-stage visual, and smooth, beautiful screen Variegated reflection information on M-stage visual is smoothly seen in 64K high-speed communication. Equipped with 2.0 type TFT low temperature polysilicon color liquid crystal monitor by which [it] can enjoy clear, beautiful image The inspection of the Internet is also possible equipped with a simple browser. - When the page which does not correspond to the browser function of this machine is seen, neither a correct display nor operation might be done. A reflection and a snap photograph can be taken. With built-in progressive CCD digital camera which to be able to be real taking a picture (350,000 stroke source) to compact body it. [It] equips it with the rotation lens of which oneself can also take a picture. (270 rotation) It is also possible to see the taken image with TV by using the AV cable of the attachment. The image of correspondence and 192MB or less can be recorded on the compact flash memory card (optional). Animation: In the adoption of MPEG4, the reproduction of the reflection of which [it] takes a picture is very smooth. Still picture: A hand-written character can be input to the image with the touch pen. The image is processed to easy with nine kinds of frame and stamps. ¦ Please see the table of the commodity this bale about the compact flash memory card which can be used with eggy. The taken image is transmitted by mail at once. Taken still picture and animation can be transmitted with eggy. The personal computer easy reproduces sent photograph and animation. - Character mail function which can be sent up to 3000 characters or less (em-size). Happy mail address book with photograph of face. -Windows Media Player ver7.0 is necessary for reproducing animation with the personal computer. Function of various variegated convenience The mail address which has already been had can be used. It is mopera quick start function correspondence, and setting the mopera POP mail is easy. f^fbf`fyf"â\ZsfL[ÉæéfJf"f^f"È'ìB Digital media integrated soft gPixLab for eggy" attachments to be able to edit image of which [it] takes a picture with personal computer. Commodity specification Externals size 131(W)~81(H)~39(D)mmProjection department oe ) Mass About 225g(The lithium ion chargeable battery contains it. ) Input method Touch panel (software keyboard) and ten character operation key and operation button Display part Low temperature of TFT polysilicon color liquid crystal)(with 557~234 dots and backlights Camera/lens Equipped with 350,000 stroke source progressive CCD Application line NTT DoCoMo PHS line(64kbps/32kbps) Transmission rate 64kbps 32kbps (maximum effective speed 58.4kbps)(maximum effective speed 29.2kbps) Installing function Simple browser function and (*paldio*) E mail for M-stage visual service¦1EThe mopera POP mail Internet mail function, address book function, animation, still picture taking a picture function, animation, still picture album function, and animation and still picture edit function Record medium Compact main body memory (about 6MB)/flash¦2(memory card and goods on the market) Card insertion part Compact flash card slot Type/Typei3.3Vj Connected cable connector PHS connection connector Power supply Special lithium ion chargeable battery (attachment) and exclusive use AC adaptor(attachment) Use time/number of sheets Continuous display time:About 70 minutes of about 70 minutes Continuous taking a picture time:About 65 minutes The number of sheets of continuous taking a picture¦3:About 140 still pictures Continuous communication time:About 70 minutes(When 32K/64K (*paldio*) and the exclusive use and the connection cables are used. ) About 60 minutes(When you use (*paldio*) 611S/341S P-in Comp@ct. ) Charging time For about 2.5 hours(The special lithium ion is charged, and exclusive use AC adaptor is used. ) ¦1 The following models do not correspond to (*paldio*) E mail with this machine. 311S A311N A311T A311M A311P A311Y A312S A312D A313S A313P A411P ¦2 Please refer to the table in which [it] has confirmed the operation as packed up together. ¦3 Taking a picture condition:16MB compact flashTMWhen the memory is deleted and all [it] continues when becoming one piece taking a picture and "Full the memory" by using ð every 30 seconds.

  • Classic excerpt from a 1968 Honda motorcycle operation manual:

    "Beware the oil spot, for there in lie the skid demon."

    In a funny way it really makes the point.

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