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Comment solid state cache for a hard drive? (Score 2) 109

So far having solid state cache for a hard drive is an idea which looks great on a paper, but practically everything that has been offered shows the performance - and we're talking about the real workload and the real user experiences - closer to the hard drive than to the solid state device. IMHO, since, apparently, we have a fairly large number of cache misses or some other anomalies, having the solid state cache which is 1000 faster than the traditional NAN-based one won't make too much difference.

On the other hand, having the solid state device which only 10 times slower than DDR would make it excellent virtual storage. you can put 64GB of DDR4 on your server and then get 350GB slab of Optane. For all practical purposes you have 350GB of main memory. Swapping the working sets in and out would happen, for all practical purposes, instantly. But of course that's solution for data center, not for the regular user.

Comment Mexican drug cartel are ready to jump in! (Score 2) 851

I expect to read the news of that kind in a near future. A track was stopped at US-Mexican border. The shipment was marked as a medicine marijuana supplied for CVS by their business partner Cali Cartel. However a careful search found under few bags of marijuana --- carefully packaged Trans Fats!

We're winning the War On Drugs every day, right?

Comment Perl isn't dead, it just smells funny. (Score 2) 283

Just my personal experiences. Back in 90s I was working for BBN Planet, in a group monitoring network traffic within AS1 (which is *us*). I have inherited a set of tools written in Perl which I had to maintain. Prior to that I had some moderate experience with Perl. So, when I started going through the code, I've found it sufficiently obfuscated to give me a head ache. I guess my predecessor was one of those "Perl kids who like to have fun", not understanding that production environment means, among other things, readability and maintainability. OK, fine. Roughly at the same time the administrator of multiple machines running that code (I think it was Solaris) decided to move from Perl 4 to Perl 5. That broke lots of scripts. So I decided to save time, found out what the functional specs were (from those who actually used those tools) and rewrote lots of the code just from the scratch. Because I was under some serious time pressure, I didn't care too much about either readability and maintainability either. Just to get something out of the doors, and - let my successor suffer just as I did.

Well, BBN Planet, as we all know, is a history, but Perl, unfortunately, isn't. At least it is steadily loosing ground to Python and for reason. Cheers.

Comment And here, in USA, it's a quite different story :-( (Score 1) 649

What makes me always amazed about USA: in some respect it is a highly developed country, its science and technology researches are often on a bleeding edge. Yet, at the same time, with all this crap like creationism, televangelists, in general attitude about religion, about sex, and so forth, it is SOOOOO provincial.

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