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Comment Re:This would be great for SSDs (Score 1) 128

Usually when an SSD fails, you get some stupid small device. Intel SSDs give you a 8MB hard drive named "BAD CONTEXT" which can't be read from or written to, and JMicron drives give you a 4GB drive named "JM-Loader 001".
When this happens, you don't get to see your actual disk sectors at all. Without access to the actual contents of your drive, having a container format that lets you recover data won't help.

Comment Getting the Blue Signed UAC prompt (Score 1) 58

If you want a Blue UAC prompt that indicates the program being run is signed by Microsoft and everything, you can write a program that invokes privileged parts of Windows.

For example, you can call the DISM package manager of Windows to install or remove components of Windows. And when you call it, you get the Blue "Everything is okay, it's all signed by Microsoft" UAC prompt as opposed to the Yellow "This isn't signed" UAC prompt. But using DISM irresponsibly can break a Windows installation.

Comment Exclusives (Score 1) 435

They killed it off early by tying the content to exclusives when you bought a particular manufacturer's TV. One brand got Avatar 3D, another brand got Shrek series 3D, etc. You don't do that kind of thing to attract adoption in the early stages. Also see: Google Plus (invite only!).
Also, if you got Shutter Glasses 3D, it sucked. It was expensive, and even regular glasses could even cause ghosting when combined with shutter glasses.

Comment Re:Bitcoin is hilarious... (Score 2) 296

Bitcoin isn't anonymous, everyone can see the full transaction history for your ID number. They just can't go from ID number to Name. But if you do anything like even post a bitcoin link on a web page, then you've provided enough information to find out your transaction history.

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