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Comment The hub was great (Score 1) 92

The Blackberry Hub was the best feature of the BB10 phones, and by switching to Android they lost it (going by the reviews the app gets on the Android store). Good news is you can buy a Z30 for $200 now, but it'll die pretty soon, Facebook doesn't work anymore, and WhatsApp will stop supporting it in the next few months. They got too distracted with the weird hardware stuff (like the physical keyboard, old people would have gotten used to the touchscreen), BB10 is a great OS.

Comment Why are we reading an article about a website (Score 1) 55

Why are we reading an article about a website instead of just going to the goddamn website to see for ourselves? This was typical of the off-line media about 20 years ago, "let me tell you about these crazy internet kids (but never provide any URL)", now even the internet news sites are doing it, what's the point of your article if I can't experience the source for myself? Do they really think I'm going to experience the world only through their description of it and be grateful about it? That may have been what journalism was 100 years ago, not anymore.

Comment Re:AI could with by cheating with insane micro (Score 1) 173

"cheating"? They're not cheating, anymore than you're cheating by using your hands and eyes to play the game. It's an AI vs Humans contest, you don't get to set the rules, especially you don't get to transfer the rules of the Humans vs Humans contest into this. The AI has special abilities, just like humans, they should be allowed to use them. I've seen the AI controlled marines escape swarms of banelings or ultralisks, they already beat humans, and it has nothing to do with "intelligence"

Comment Skip this ad in 5... (Score 4, Insightful) 97

Not another bullshit "this generation has no attention span" article, that's not it and you know it. The 5 second intro is there because some ads (primarily on youtube) are skippable after 5 seconds. If it was 6 seconds, it would be 6 seconds long. This generation doesn't have a "shorter attention span", they just don't like your boring ad, because nobody ever in history liked your ad. The only thing that's different for this generation is that they have the technology to avoid your ad, because it's crap.

Comment The hub, and the native environment (Score 1) 138

2 reasons why I still use the z10 (and just bought a z30 for $200):

- it runs native apps, meaning it has a normal development environment, you write your C/C++ program with a main() entry point and go into a loop that runs your app. No objc or java bullshit. The menu is not running on a virtual machine, which means it doesn't drop frames while scrolling the icons, and it doesn't shit all over your ram.

- The blackberry hub is amazing. It's not just a "notification center", all your emails and texts and chats are integrated with it, which means they are searchable, they open very fast, and you can scroll back and easily find messages from previous days, among other things. On my android, I see the little led blinking, but I've no idea what's happening. I have to check 5 different apps to find a message. I haven't seen anything equivalent in android or ios. It's too bad whatsapp and Facebook are dropping support, they'll still work as android apps, but their real value was the integration with the hub. I had some hopes about the hub for Android, but apparently the android version sucks, and it's not even available to install in non BlackBerry android phones.

Comment Wrong (Score 1) 214

The xbox is not going to become a pc. What they're doing is forcing the low end games that want to be on xbox (like all the trendy 2d indie stuff) to use the UWP apis instead of the native xbox ones, with the promise that they will run on xbox eventually. What they get out of it is that those games will also build for windows phones and the 'windows store' for desktop. The high end console games will still use their native apis, because they need the access to hardware that UWP doesn't provide, but the rest (which is 90% of the games in the xbox store) will be fine without it, so microsoft is hoping to use them to populate their other app stores that nobody cares about.

Comment Of course it is, it's a native code plugin (Score 2) 72

The only reason why this is so "surprising" now is because it was so badly reported in the first place. Originally the announcements made it sound like it's an HTML5 replacement for the bittorrent client, which used to be a separate application from the browser, kinda like Google Docs replaced Word. That's not what it is, this is a native code plugin. When you download it, you get a huge binary file and a .so (on linux, on windows I assume it'll be dlls). This will run native code directly on your cpu with no sandbox from the browser, it's literally like downloading a random executable from the internet and running it, no different from running a standalone bittorrent client.

The question is, would it be possible to write an actual bittorrent client using only apis provided by the browser? Scripts can use "websockets", but can they open them cross-site? And can the bittorrent protocol be modified to accept websockets? That would be an actual breakthrough, bittorrent has become practically unusable because of all the crapware that surrounds it.

Comment You need better content (Score 1) 1839

You don't need to fix bugs or change the user experience. You need better content. You know what that means, people have been complaining about bad summaries, things that don't make sense, things that are obviously advertising, etc. Make that good again, then the users will start to complain about the irrelevant stuff like bugs and user experience.

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