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The Almighty Buck

F*ckedCompany.com For Sale - On eBay 139

A reader "This is for real. FuckedCompany.com is for sale! The owner is selling it on eBay. Six hours ago it was at $2.24 with 2 bidders, but now it's up to 40 bidders, at $20,300. See the auction right now. " Somehow, I think this is the logical extension of the eBay philosphy. You can read about it on the Web site as well. Update: 09/11 01:53 PM by CT : Two points: this is a real Web site, not just a domain name. Its actually really funny: you rate companies' chances of survival. But this really is just a stunt to draw press (like this) and traffic (if you happen to click the link above) to a clever site. It's a cute one and an interesting site for gauging people's opinions of companies.
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F*ckedCompay.com For Sale - on eBay

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  • I don't know - you post a comment that is used to update the article text and then you get moderated down for being overrated. I don't want to play any more. :-)

  • He's just doing it for fun...everyone should check out fuckedcompany.com ... its a cool site... its the dot-com deadpool.

    Unfortunately its already slashdotted. It just shows a 404 too many users connected.

  • Perhaps because, at least in part, /. headlines are available for posting on other sites via RDF and it's kind of rude to force other sites to either put obscenities on their pages?

    And I don't see that trying to be a little polite (not that f*ck* is much of a figleaf) counts as "censorship". What information has been surpressed?

  • Now that the bid has reach 10,000,000 $, what do you think he is going to do ? Open a venture cap firm ?

    That would be cool... I can just imagine somebody saying "I've been funded by the ex-owner of F*ckedcompany.com... This proves that my idea is good !"

    9 more days to go with the bid...
  • I thought I would note that EBay is maxed out on this item at $10,000,000.00. Here is a note from someone that retracted their bid (and someone else shortly took their spot).

    Retracted. Bids prior to Sep-11-00 10:15:34 PDT have been retracted.
    Explanation: Oh hell, maxed out Ebay, doesnt look like someone will outbid me now
  • Ah, the writhing stench of collectivism in full bloom - good luck!


  • that PC Data Online quote got my attention, so I went looking:

    AUGUST: #5013 (overall rank) (vs 6415 in July)
    page views: 15m (vs 3.8m in July)
    unique users: 199k (vs 184k in July)

    AUGUST: #2532 (overall rank) (vs 1912 in July)
    page views: 15.9m (vs 11.1m in July)
    unique users: 393k (vs 487k in July)

    Since we know that slashdot does 30m+ pages, pcdataonline is obviously extrapolating average joe window users over the entire population...
    for fuckedcompany.com, things are probably more accurate.

    But the rank pcdataonline shows for fuckedcompany does not correspond with the info Pud included on ebay.. although he is right about it rising fast.

    I know that pcdataonline can be pretty correct, because they got my little hobby site (dslreports.com) about right, both unique users and pageviews as well.. 9m page views and quarter of a million uniques!
  • by brokeninside ( 34168 ) on Monday September 11, 2000 @09:22AM (#788754)

    Why go public when there is ebay?

    OTOH, out of sixty some bids, there have only been twenty some bidders (in other words some bidders have bid more than once, i.e. they've come back to bid anew after being outbid the first time.) There have also been two retractions, one of which had a great explanation:

    Oh hell, maxed out Ebay, doesnt look like someone will outbid me now

    So the question is, how many of the bids have been serious? I'm pretty sure the 'winner' (I don't know if 'winner' is a good title for the winning bidder of this one) could make a good case that since some of the bidding was fraudelent (dweebs dorking around the system just to see how high they can get the price to go), they can back out.

    IIRC, something similiar happened with Sue, the T-Rex. The owner put her bones on ebay and jokers spoiled the auction. The owner eneded up reauctioning the bones on millionaire.com where bidders are pre-qualified.

    I'm also jealous as spit. I've made close to $1,000 this year on ebay by auctioning off my unwanted junk. I should have just started a weblog and auctioned it...

  • seems current bidding is up to 10 million dollars....
    http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem& item=434391456 [ebay.com]
  • It's going for what now????

    oh, and here's the whois..
    [root@bigfreak bounce]# whois fuckedcompany.com

    Whois Server Version 1.3

    Domain names in the .com, .net, and .org domains can now be registered
    with many different competing registrars. Go to http://www.internic.net
    for detailed information.

    Registrar: TUCOWS.COM, INC.
    Whois Server: whois.opensrs.net
    Referral URL: www.opensrs.org
    Updated Date: 26-jun-2000

    >>> Last update of whois database: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 04:45:28 EDT

    The Registry database contains ONLY .COM, .NET, .ORG, .EDU domains and

    PK Interactive, Inc.
    5 West 31st Street 7th Floor
    New York, NY 10001


    Administrative Contact:
    Kaplan, Philip pk@pkinteractive.com

    Technical Contact:
    Registration, Domain domreg@optisoft.com
    816 455 7939

    Billing Contact:
    Kaplan, Philip pk@pkinteractive.com

    Record last updated on 11-Sep-2000.
    Record expires on 27-May-2001.
    Record Created on 27-May-2000.

    Domain servers in listed order:
  • The domain name for sale on Ebay is actually F * ckedcompany.com, not F u ckedCompany.com. What if someone pays $10M for F o ckedcompany.com or F q ckedcompany.com??


  • I wonder if anyone owns fuckedcompay.com. Spell checker, anyone?

  • The other day we got offered a lot of money for the domain name Deliver.com and the toll free number 1-877-DELIVER. We declined the offer because we are considering using the brand to build the world's first completely "Open" company.

    Taking the concepts of transparency and freedom that the open source movement now enjoys, our vision of an Open company is one where the business practices and procedures of the firm are freely accessible to anyone to review and 'hack'.

    The stakeholders of Deliver.com Inc. - its shareholders, customers, and employees - would all have the ability to suggest, debate, and vote on changes to every aspect of the company - from top-level strategy to tax structuring to privacy procedures - all via the web.

    All company data and information - except personal customer and employee files - would be freely available to all.

    Has anyone seen any good writings that explore this type of approach?

    Is this just a crazy idea, or might it work?

    Or should we just auction domain name off?
  • by GeorgeH ( 5469 ) on Monday September 11, 2000 @05:23AM (#788760) Homepage Journal
    It's kind of sad when moderators can't tell the difference between Funny and Informative.
  • by afflatus_com ( 121694 ) on Monday September 11, 2000 @05:23AM (#788761) Homepage
    Posting in case others don't get the joke of what the domain/logo/concept is parodying:
    Fast Company [fastcompany.com] is a rah-rah newspaper that tells how wonderous all the dot-com companies are doing and how successful they all are. F*cked Company is a rather logical nomenclature for FC's antithesis newsletter during these months of cleaning out the dot-com failures.
    Fast Company actually has a feature headline today: "When the going gets tough, the tough get real". Those flipping through the dot-com carnage at F*cked Company may beg to differ.

    "And the beast shall be made legion. Its numbers shall be increased a thousand thousand fold."
  • It's now k$50+, but the reserve still hasn't been met. Where did he set the reserve, 7 figures? 8?
  • Since very few people who are posting seem to realize this, fuckedcompany.com [fuckedcompany.com] is a full website, not just a domain. This isn't YADS (Yet Another Domain Sale).
  • alright, after seeing that email that the FC webmaster sent - yeah. fscking good joke, too.
  • by ( 217783 ) on Monday September 11, 2000 @05:31AM (#788765)
    My company was fucked long before the web site existed. Therefore they are infringing on my IP. I believe I'll ask for it back as soon as we clear all those escaped zoo monkeys out of shipping/receiving.

  • Um....if it's not being enforced by a government agency, the term CANNOT be considered to be 'censorship', in this case, it is simply called 'editing'.
  • Hey, I got featured on F*ckedCompany, and I'm damn proud. Here's the link:

    http://www.fuckedcompany. com//ubb/Forum1/HTML/000403.html [fuckedcompany.com]

    It's not totally about me (I'm just the "burgerflipper" mentioned about halfway down), but about a VC project that I do some consulting for. Anyway, three cheers for the "real" FC!

  • OMG that can't be right!

  • How can 10mil be max if it had this at the bottom???? (Minimum bid: $10,000,100.00) that would tell me it can go above the "I maxed it out" amount specified by this lame ebay user. btw, looks like a couple bids retracted as it went back down below 10million again. -cheeto
  • It's at 25000 now and still the reserve's not met. Any chance they're just doing it for publicity and the reserve's sky high?

  • I can see it now, fuckedcompany.com's new CEO- some kid who snatched it up at the last minute with a perl script...
  • I wonder if Amazon.com is one of the bidders? If not, they should be. They deserve it.

  • how can someone sell something they don't own.
    I thought the courts decided domain names were not property
  • 'Scuse me? Every respectable newspaper practices the censored type of journalism you preach? Look just over the last 2 weeks. How 'bout the phrase uttered by Presidential candidate Bush when he called a reporter "New York Times Asshole"? Bush's words were broadcast, unchanged, by every major TV network, and carried, uncensored, by most newspapers, including my home town paper, the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

    Come vacation at Shell Extension City [shellcity.net]
  • this site is great. great resource for checking out potential clients. the whole attitude of the site kicks ass. they get people to sell out their own companies for points on fucked company. hilarious.
  • Either a Linux zealot buys it and devotes fuckedcompany.com to bashing Microsoft, or a Microsoft zealot buys it and devotes the site to bashing SuSE, RedHat, etc, etc, etc.

  • A few months ago when the game was hot and heavy (I was in the top 100 for a week or so!), lots of people picked (or to use the proper verb, f*cked) f*cked company itself- predicting that they would be swallowed up or simply bust under its own PR weight.

    Sweet Jesus on a pogo stick, some days I'm thankful that ridiculopathy.com is non-profit (i.e. we're too lazy to set up an ad contract).

    www.ridiculopathy.com [ridiculopathy.com]

    TODAY'S NUGGET: Advice: That weird guy you work with is destined to shoot up the place one day. Learn how to get him to spare your life and even position you for a promotion on the big day. [ridiculopathy.com]

  • How is LNUX [marketwatch.com] doing these days???
  • Anyone who had been to the eBay link would see that's how it's written there. Of course, anyone that smart prolly wouldn't post such silly questions here.

  • And I don't see that trying to be a little polite (not that f*ck* is much of a figleaf) counts as "censorship". What information has been surpressed?

    Umm, such as when K-Mart or whoever announced they would card people buying "M" games, or Indinapolis (sp) introduced legislation for separating violent arcade games. That was evil as it was a big bad company violating first amendment rights, but as it's only plucky little Slashdot here, well, it's just an asterisk, so what's the problem?

    Fucking hypocrits.

  • completely wrong, as a quick perusal of "On Liberty" by John Stuart Mill will reveal. Or, for that matter a decent dictionary.
  • The owner says: "I was bored this morning so I though I'd put FuckedCompany.com up for sale on ebay."

    Rumors says: "He was drunk this morning and accidently put the company for sale."

    If you read the description on Ebay, you'll see that it is a bit more legit than a drunken little trip to ebay. According to Ebay (or the description on ebay), the site is a side project of Pud (creator of the site), and he's getting tired of maintaining it. Apparently it's taking more time than he would like it to. But the site seems to be pretty popular, and I can see why he wouldn't want it to simply fade out.

    On a side note, he apparently has agreed to remain onboard for a certain amount of time to help with the transition (to be agreed upon with the buyer).

    So as you see, the "I was bored..." statement on his site is obviously a low-energy statement as a result of his loss of interest in his site. It was a good maketing move too...as it'll raise him a lot more money than he had hoped for, i'm sure.

  • by mholve ( 1101 )
    Did they post themeselves on their site?
  • No no no! It's a regexp! It means one of these: ckedcompany.com Fckedcompany.com FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFckedcompany.com
  • Why bother clearing them out? Just call them your legal department, get them suits, and put them in front of typwriters. I'm sure that within an hour, one will have written up a case that any court in the country will accept under the current screwed-up copyright laws.

    After all, that's how the DMCA got written, isn't it? I can't see any way that could've been written by a marginally sentient lifeform...

  • Anybody know what the current record ebay bid spread is? I mean, hell, this auction started at $1 and is now at $10,000,000. If that's not a record, I'd be impressed.
  • Too bad there are no Bids on it yet.
  • somehow i think the site isn't really gonna get sold. Well either that or this guy is never gonna have to work again (check the bid).

    After 16 years, MTV has finally completed its deevolution into the shiny things network
  • Hey, I own www.yourmojo.com [yourmojo.com] is that worth anything?

    Just wondering if I can buy that beach house yet :)
  • His name is Ed Reed, and he's a college student here at RPI. He's a sophomore and has no intentions of paying

    Cnet's story [cnet.com]

  • No it's still at 9.33mil. As for the guy who bid 10mil, he can kiss my f*cking asterisk.
  • Check out the rules on the eBay site:

    http://pages.ebay.com/help/community/png-user.ht ml#bab

    "Bidding and Buying.
    If you are the highest bidder at the end of an auction (meeting the applicable minimum bid or reserve requirements) and your bid is accepted by the seller, you are obligated to complete the transaction with the seller, unless the item is listed in a category under the Non-Binding Bid Policy (at http://pages.ebay.com/help/community/png-nbb.html) or the transaction is prohibited by law or by this Agreement. By bidding on an item you agree to be bound by the conditions of sale included in the item's description (or linked to from the description) so long as those conditions of sale are not in violation of this Agreement or unlawful. Bids are not retractable except in exceptional circumstances such as when the seller materially changes the item's description after you bid, a clear typographical error is made, or you cannot authenticate the seller's identity. If you choose to bid on adult items, you are certifying that you have the legal right to purchase such items."

    The problem with this is, that I believe nobody has yet taken anyone to court over refusing to honour a bid. So, as far as I know, no precedent has been set. I'd be happy to know otherwise, then I'd be more likely to follow up on the joker that backed out on their winning bid for my 4WD.

  • Well, it's at least innaccurate - the name of the site (and more importantly, it's domain name) is "fuckedcompany.com". An asterisk isn't even legal in a domain name, at that. You can't include a link without spelling it out at least once, so any other munging is pointless at best and hypocritical at worst (if it's not ok to say "fuck", it shouldn't really be ok to link to a page that will sprinkle that term liberally around unless there's a substantial warning of the fact - which is obviously not going to appear on /.). Even if it's only the headline that was munged, as in this case.

    In this particular case I'd say the /. article (in part *because* of the RDF propagation) should spell it correctly without euphemism. The site (which is quite interesting in concept) *really is* about completely fucked companies, not f*cked ones or fscked ones or mildly addled ones. Sometimes a rose needs to be called a rose. If it's offensive to a site receiving the story via RDF, they should probably just reconsider whether they really want to be associated with slashdot, because it's going to happen in future with far more objectionable content than this.
  • A nit over 2 hits per second works out to 200k page vies a day which nets you $1200 in guaranteed (banner paid) revenue. This site gets a lot of eyeballs - but certainly isnt worth 10 mil by any stretch.

    Often wrong but never in doubt.
    I am Jack9.
  • Most likely its set so high that it'll either never be reached, or if it does get reached, he'll be so loaded that he wont care about the site anymore anyway.

    It is kind of interesting to see just how high this auction will go though.
  • K-Mart asking for ID to buy games is NOT censorship. K-Mart is not the government. If you don't like their policy, shop elsewhere.
  • Perhaps because

    Traffic stats according to PC Data, the authority on Internet traffic:
    o Ranked #2250 of all sites on the Internet and climbing
    o 124,000 unique users per week
    o 2,646,000 page views per week
    o Users spend an average 46 minutes per week on the site

  • Of course not, it's obviously a regexp. So it'd be fckedcompany.com, ffckedcompany.com, fffckedcompany.com etc.
  • Current bid: $75,100.00 (reserve not yet met)

    He knows what he's doing.... He's shooting for a price, or no dice.
  • While at this stage I'm assuming the auction is real, I can't help but notice the heart 'gift icon' next to the auction number.

    From ebay's explaination page [ebay.com]:
    "The gift icon highlights items that make especially good gifts..."

    According their explaination - a heart represents valentines day?

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    ... ROTFL ...

  • The stakeholders of Deliver.com Inc. - its shareholders, customers, and employees - would all have the ability to suggest, debate, and vote on changes to every aspect of the company

    So it'd be kinda like an extreme version of the moderation here.
    Buena suerte.


  • His point is that all the information is still there.
    If I tell you to go fuck yourself, and you tell your mother that I said "Go F yourself," have you censored me?


  • You can't fit your refrigerator in a domain name.


  • Jeez. Come on. If a company puts itself up for sale then its domain name becomes seizable? This is much different from someone simply selling a domain name. Of course he has a vested interest in it. It's part of the company.


  • Has anyone seen any good writings that explore this type of approach?

    sounds like a great idea.. you might like this:
    http://www.chaordic.org/chaordic/wha t_des.html [chaordic.org]

  • I am allergic to homework. I swear, but my parents and teachers don't believe me. Anyway...
    Call around NYC or call Allaire and ask who the best cold fusion developer in NY is and you'll get one answer. Plus, his company doesn't do any design at all, all backend.

    Yup. The best in NY can't code his own bulletin board software so he uses Coolboard and then switches to UBB. Wow, two years and no bulletin board backend software!?! If I give him, ten years, do you think he can make me a logo?

    Give me a fucking break. If he was so good, he'd make his own bulletin board software. It's not that hard and you don't even have to use Perl! This guy [thepubb.com] has skills...maybe Pud (or you) can learn from him.

    Do you think that if I warez Cold [] Fusion [] and read this [lycos.com] I can be the second best in NY?!?

    Anonymous Coward, go away. We know you're one of Pud's friends from Syracuse. Oh yeah, one more thing Rutgers 24, Syracuse 21 [scarletknights.com].
  • I've been reading FC for several months. Some pretty funny stuff. He even has a newsletter you can subscribe to -- call it insurance against the slashdot effect, I guess.

    But I've been curious since I first saw the site: how did he get the domain name past Network Solutions? I thought NS had a list of words you couldn't have in domains, sort of like George Carlin's "seven words you can't say on TV".

    Anyone know for sure?

  • by samael ( 12612 ) <Andrew@Ducker.org.uk> on Monday September 11, 2000 @05:58AM (#788808) Homepage
    Take the Money and Run.

    If your idea is a good one, you can always find a new domain name. And you'll have all that extra money to make your idea worthwhile.
  • When you think about it f*ckedcompany.com being bought in a f*cked way and all...

    BTW, my theory has always been that all companies are intrinsicly f*cked in some way... every company I have worked at has been a little f*cked...
  • Right. Anyone got any good guesses as to what the reserve price actually is? I reckon about $1m. That's a nice amount to put aside for a rainy day, even after tax. If it doesn't meet the reserve then he has got lots of free publicity. Nice.

  • As of 11:51 EST, Slashdot carves another notch into the stock of its traffic shotgun. HTTP Error 403 403.9 Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected This error can be caused if the Web server is busy and cannot process your request due to heavy traffic. Please try to connect again later. Please contact the Web server's administrator if the problem persists. *smirk*
  • And the reserve has been met I notice. Interesting way of making a bit of money - Float on the eBay :)

  • Still cheap though...

    Who wants to take bets on who gets it, I'd imagine one of the big internet media groups...


    The only thing that you can be sure of is that it's all downhill for the site from now :)

  • Current bid: $500,000 bucks, 59 bids, reserve met. I guess that puts to rest the idea of it being too high to reach?
  • Check out the About FuckedCompany [fuckedcompany.com] page, specifically his feelings on the profitability of FC.

    Yeah, he might break even.

  • not just the domain. The business is tangable and worth bucks in advertising from those stats he posted.
  • For fun and exposure, yea. I'm guessing he's holding out to place a bid on his own company, at somewhere around $2.5 million, in the last minutes of bidding.

    Or, he is serious and stands to take home some cash....

    Either way, he wins - we all lose (after all, most of us are stuck in piss-poor jobs working for someone else, right?)

  • Don't confuse this kind of censorship with the kind 'we' (that ever nebulous term - are we a collective now or something?) are fighting against.

    Censoring one's self can be considered basic tact, or sticking to editorial guidelines. That's fine.

    A third party stepping in to censor you without your consent is another matter entirely.

    The first is fine. The latter is very much not fine.

    - Jeff A. Campbell
    - VelociNews (http://www.velocinews.com [velocinews.com])
  • I have to commend Pud aka Philip Kaplan for starting a great website where people could vent about the dot-com hype. But, FuckedCompany.com itself would never last because Pud didn't have any technical know-how.

    When the website first started, they used CoolBoard bulletin board software instead of UBB. I suggested that he use UBB or Slash as a better option for web discussion software. He never responded, but after a recent hiatus FuckedCompany.com is now using UBB. I guess Slash was too hard for them to configure. Secondly, FuckedCompany.com had problems with its database in tracking people's picks of fucked companies. I suggested to Pud his forum that he use Linux/Apache/MySQL/PostGres instead of the Microsoft combination. My reasoning was that the open-source software would cost less money. Instead, he deleted my post.

    Pud started FuckedCompany.com to help promote his web design house, PKInteractive [pkinteractive.com]. IMHO, it's kind of late to be getting into the web design business and their portfolio doesn't exactly have impressive names. Why is he selling FuckedCompany.com now? Probably because he doesn't know how to deal with a recent rash of troll posters in his forum that has been disrupting traffic. If you visit the forums and scroll back a few pages, you'll see that Dennis Rodman himself has visited and shared his opinions on race relations.

    What I'm trying to get at it that FuckedCompany.com is a great idea as a counter to the dot-com hype, but Pud has no clue about running a business/website.
  • It's up to $10 million?!?!? Maybe I should put stupid.fuc.kz up for auction!
  • Ok, so it's a publicity stunt, but if he wins the auction of his own site won't he legally owe ebay a percentage of the sale to himself?
  • Did anyone notice the "gift icon" next to the Item Number at the top?

    Yes, ladies, and gentleman, this is just a great gift idea for your little hacker at home. No longer will your little script kiddy need to take down misc. web sites in his spare time! No! He'll have his own web site!

    As a bonus, he's learn how to curse properly when someone floods his network!

  • Now someone's actually planning on paying $9,999,901 for this thing
  • Well, how many large, PAYING corporations need or want bulletin board backend software!?! None, Zer0, Zip, Zilch. THAT's why his firm hasn't developed any.

    Yup. What the fuck do you think Slashdot.org is? A fucking auction site? Slashdot is a website that relies on bulletin board discussion software. Corporations will buy good software. Period.

    I have given Pud credit with coming up with this idea. I have cited numerous examples of how Pud doesn't fully understand the technical aspect of running a business. Now, putting his website on Ebay shows he doesn't know jack shit about business. What's next? Grant Hill putting himself on Ebay? Any legit businessman wouldn't put his business for sale on a system where RIT sophomores can bid $10 million dollars.

    To the second AC. What the fuck does the military have to do with this? If you haven't noticed, the domain "ranger.army.net" IS NOT an official US miltary domain. Who said I'm in the military? Fucking idiot.
  • Guess the reserve wasn't 7 figures after all

    Current bid: $500,000.00 (reserve met)
  • Easy. He bypassed Network Solutions (and most other registrars) and went straight to the (open) source. From the Network Solutions WHOIS [networksolutions.com] ("Nature, it seems, is not without a sense of irony..."):


    Registrar: TUCOWS.COM, INC.
    Whois Server: whois.opensrs.net
    Referral URL: www.opensrs.org
    Updated Date: 26-jun-2000
  • $500,000 and reserver met. Of course that may not be a proper bid but....
  • $500k -- looks like we found the reserve.


  • Right now it's about 10:25 Central, and the price has already risen to $500,000 (reserve met).

    Damn, I wish I was this guy...

    Stephen C. VanDahm
  • ... I had the money. Then I'd let it die a painful death.
  • Haven't seen any writings that explore this - the idea sounds pretty solid though.

    In a world where the ability of a company to succeed is directly related to its ability to co-operate with other players in its industry this may well give it a decisive edge over any competitors.

    Only downside is, if you get it right, you may not have any competitors left.

    - a
  • When I saw the domain name my mind is so warped I read it as fucked company (company as in associates) and thought it might be the who's who of slashdot trolls :)

    Now there is an idea for a website!
  • I'm not sure I understand why people are calling it a publicity stunt. As far as I can tell, items placed for auction on eBay are legally binding; pud has to sell his site to the highest bidder. What makes anyone think otherwise--that he's not in fact selling it?

    Anyways, good for him! At least someone is making money off his Web endeavours.
  • If this is all a pubilicity stunt, I think that he would be stupid not to go ahead and sell it. The bidding is up to $500,000 when I looked a couple of minutes ago.. sheesh.
  • I know. Unlike most Slashdot posters, I actually browsed the link before posting. Just substitute the same way you would for any other thinly veiled reference to "bad words".
  • Read my post again. I already said that most of the value of the site lies in its content, not in its name. Still, he's somewhat at risk, based on my limited understanding of the WIPO rules.
  • That would be an interesting marketing ploy - put your high-profile site up on eBay and get /. to write about it, and use the /-effect instead of banner ads...

    I don't know, if it's such a hot company, he could be taking a great risk by that. What if the bids never got that high? People might think that his site isn't all that.

    I bet that he's got a huge reserve, and the deal's going to go down offline. Why would anyone let eBay skim a big chunk off a multi-million dollar sale like that? Especially when lawyers are going to get their chunk, anyway... an auction doesn't exactly constitute much of a legal contract for the terms of sale that he's proposing, IMHO. This is just to drwa some potential investors out of the woodwork.

  • He's just doing it for fun...everyone should check out fuckedcompany.com ... its a cool site... its the dot-com deadpool.

  • Dude, he's talking about selling the entire site. Did you read the auction description? he said that he will continue with the business. He gives stats and a preview page. He is selling a business, not just a domain-name.
  • Not EVERYONE has to compensate for a small penis, you know...
  • What better way to learn how to deal with these kinds of things then actually build a site and try to deal with it?

    I doubt CT and Hemos were experts when they started slashdot either, but they learned from it. So will pud.
  • by pimp ( 6750 ) on Monday September 11, 2000 @04:54AM (#788867) Homepage
    The value is in this name is not the name, it's the reoccurant traffic it receives. From the eBay link provided in the original quip:

    Traffic stats according to PC Data, the authority on Internet traffic:
    o Ranked #2250 of all sites on the Internet and climbing
    o 124,000 unique users per week
    o 2,646,000 page views per week
    o Users spend an average 46 minutes per week on the site
  • by Numeric ( 22250 ) on Monday September 11, 2000 @04:59AM (#788868) Homepage Journal
    F*ckedcompany.com domain is forsale.

    The owner says: "I was bored this morning so I though I'd put FuckedCompany.com up for sale on ebay."

    Rumors says: "He was drunk this morning and accidently put the company for sale."


    Company: Fuckedcompany.com
    Points: 500
  • at the time of posting... $1,679,098.00

    And now, at $10,000,000. The current high bidder is notable for purchasing previous items in multi-million dollar auctions from sellers such as "pcguru99", "moovieland" and "atlascollectibles".

    pcguru99 sells things such as: an in-car television.

    moovieland sells: a lot of used movies.

    atlascollectibles sells: signed playboy pictures and a whole lot of other "hidden" stuff that needs adult verification.

    Ah, yes... This guy certainly has the looks of someone who will pay $10 million for a web presence. (Though he actually appears to, get this, pay money for his newsfeed, thus raising his credibility somewhat)


  • With all this support of deCSS and the like, representing the entire anti-censorship movement, i am curuous as to why the article was censored and posted as "F*cked..."

    Because the headlines are syndicated round hundreds of websites, many of whom do not want swearing on their site. You will notice that in the body, which is not syndicated, there is no censorship.

    Or maybe I made that up and it's all a big conspiracy

  • Its not censhorship...its decency and respectable journalism. Every respectable newspaper/magazine in the US does it. I believe everyone can make out what F*cked is...

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.