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Comment Re:nvidia/ATI should keep their new stuff propriet (Score 1) 309

You haven't paid attention lately then. Graphics cards and SSDs are the few computer components where lots of innovation still happen and where there still is need for, and room for, improvements. They have long been held back by the 1920x1080@60Hz plateau of affordable display panels and the bandwidth limits of HDMI/DVI/DP interfaces but now with the 4K panel boom, FreeSync/G-Sync and DisplayPort 1.3, things are moving again because now once again the graphics card has become the bottleneck. Not even tripple SLI of the very expensive Titan X is enough to run the latest AAA games at 3840x2160@120Hz with all settings at max. You are correct that the past half decade has been fairly boring in this area though, even though some great things have been brewing during this time (G/FreeSync, Mantle/Vulcan, HBM, etc).

Comment Re:The Job Title doesn't matter.... (Score 4, Interesting) 139

You actually kind of proved the point because you are not an engineer/admin anymore, you are now a manager. It's a pretty sad cultural quirk that the target of every so called "career path" always tend to be some kind of management, removing the best engineers from what they do best if they want to have a good salary.

Comment Roccat Kone Pure (Score 1) 199

As someone with small hands (glove size 7), the best mouse I have ever used is the Roccat Kone Pure. The 8200 dpi laser version require a good mouse mat for good precision (I have the Roccat Raivo and I love it) but there's also a 4000 dpi optical version that can be used on any surface. I have tried a lot of mice and for me they are either too large to be comfortable, or just crappy for other reasons (build quality, dpi, etc).

Comment Re:I developed this crap when I hit 35 (Score 1) 55

Same thing for me when I hit around 30, but I wasn't diagnosed until I was 36. In Swedish I have what is called "hidden squint" because you are not actually squinting, but you eyes' resting position is non-parallel. It's easy to diagnose by looking at something, covering one of your eyes for a few seconds, then when you remove your hand you see two pictures that quickly move together to form a single picture again. This means that your eye muscles must constantly use some force to not see double. This happens automatically and you usually don't notice it until the eye muscles get tired. The solution is prismatic glasses. It takes a couple of weeks for your brain to adjust (during this time the whole world looks extremely psychedelic and you feel like two feet tall), but after that it is a wonderful feeling!

Comment I already do! (Score 2) 230

I use Swish (page in Swedish) quite a lot. In Sweden it's common to pay with Swish on flea markets, online auctions, craigslist-like private sales or even to split a bill among friends at a restaurant. It not much harder to use than SMS. In some parts of the world, especially in Africa, paying with the mobile is even more common than cash or plastic cards.

Comment Fugly (Score 1) 196

This is one of the ugliest cars I've seen in a while. It looks like they took a nice car and pumped it up like a balloon. It looks short and obese and no rear doors makes it impractical for day-to-day use. The interior looks great though but Tesla Model S has a much much nicer exterior! The car I'm looking forward to is the Fisker Atlantic.

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