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Comment Consider HotDrupal / Holistic Solutions (Score 1) 456

I'm a hosting newb -- been running my own servers since last century -- but finally had a situation (wife decreed that company website needed updating, so I got into drupal) where hosting made sense. When it came time to move the site from testing using MAMP to hosting, I did the research and went with HotDrupal.com, which is a part of Holistic Solutions.


They seem to be doing things right. They don't overload their servers, they use fast hard drives, they make backups (though of course, I keep my own shadow!), and so on.

But here's the kicker: their tech support is absolutely superb. I mean, as a hosting newb I needed some handholding, especially since there were some unusual configuration issues due to legacy stuff I had to support.

Without a doubt, these guys gave me the best tech support I've ever received in over 35 years in the business. When he's not doing other things, the big kahuna himself, Steve, does frontline tech support.

You know how when you put in a ticket, you keep thinking about the problem, and then the solution comes to you, and then tech support gets back to you a few hours/days later with the same answer? Well, in this case, I was coming up with the answer, logging on, and finding that they'd beaten me to it.

The only ticket they failed to answer to my satisfaction was the one that asked "Where can I send you guys some beer and pizza money as a thankyou?"

Absolutely a no-brainer if you'd doing anything Drupal or LAMP/MAMP/WAMP-related.

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